Первое дело доктора Уотсона

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Первое дело доктора Уотсона (The First Case of Doctor Watson) is a Soviet TV movie starring Nikolai Volkov Jr. (Holmes) and Vladimir Koretsky (Watson) aired on 2 june 1968 on Central Television.

This is an adaptation from the novel: A Study in Scarlet.


  • Director : Vladimir Eufer (Владимир Эуфер)



Article announcing the movie: "Холмс у нас дома" (Holmes at Home) on 2 june 1968


Review: "Первое Дело - Не Последнее" (First Case, not last ?) on 2 june 1968 in "Вечерняя Москва" (Evening Moscow)

  • Acknowledgment: Alexander Orlov.