A 29-Cent Robbery

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Marie Eline (1902-1981)

A Twenty-Nine Cent Robbery is an American silent movie released on 15 april 1910, produced by Thanhouser Film Co. starring Marie Eline as Edna Robinson, the juvenile Sherlock Holmes. Black & White.

Parodical story.

Survival status: unknown.


  • Edna Robinson, the juvenile Sherlock Holmes : Marie Eline


The Moving Picture World, 23 april 1910, p. 644
  • The Moving Picture World, 23 april 1910, p. 644

Tiny Marie Eline, who made a hit as the juvenile Sherlock Holmes in "A 29-cent Robbery," is slated for early use in the production of a classic by the Thanhouser Company. The classic is of the "St. Elmo" order, rare and rich in heart interest, and of a certain age, but of a strength that has held popular favor decade after decade. Tiny Marie's part will not be a leading one, for the play calls for no tots in important roles, but readers can be assured that the part, such as it is, will be shown at its best by the tiny star of "A 29-cent Robbery."

"A 29-cent Robbery" was the leading picture on the first reel with two subjects put out by Thanhouser Company, which event bears date of April 15, 1910. The reel was an experiment: the Thanhouser people were anxious to know if the much talked of "split reel" was in demand. They are now convinced it is, if not overdone, and the releases of this company will be marked by a variety of "split reel" issues. The next will appear Friday, April 29, and be of a strong comedy flavor, as the titles will indicate. They are "She Wanted to Marry a Hero" and "The Cigars His Wife Bought Him." They are welcome "laugh" additions to any program, and the Thanhouser people expect to hear favorably from them.