A Black Sherlock Holmes

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A Black Sherlock Holmes (1918)

A Black Sherlock Holmes is an American silent movie written by by C. N. David and directed by R. G. Philips, produced by Ebony Film Corp. (Chicago), released in april 1918 in USA, starring Sam Robinson as Knick Garter and Rudolph Tatun as Rheuma Tism. 13 minutes.

The plot of the movie is not related to Arthur Conan Doyle stories, but the sleuth Knick Garter (Sam Robinson) is dressed as the Sherlock Holmes cliché (deerstalker, calabash pipe, MacFarlane, Magnifying glass...).

Knick Garter is hired to find Sheeza Sneeze kidnapped by the villain Baron-Jazz.

The movie was the first production of the Ebony Film Corporation. All the roles are played by black actor/actress. The movie still exists and is preserved by the "Motion Picture Conservation Center" from the "American Film Institute Collection" at the "Library of Congress" but is very damaged. Below are photos taken from the less damaged scenes.


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  • Director : R. G. Philips
  • Writer : C. N. David