A Few Facts about Money

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On tuesday 7 december 1886, Arthur Conan Doyle attended and spoke at "A Few Facts about Money" lecture given by H. P. Boulnois at the Portsmouth Literary and Scientific Society (PLSS) meeting held at the Sailor Boys' Room, at the Soldiers' Institute (Portsmouth).


  • President/Chairman
    • General Cox
  • Speakers
    • Mr. H. P. Boulnois, M.I.C.E. (lecturer)
    • Mr. G. LONG, J.P.
    • Arthur Conan Doyle
    • General Drayson
    • Colonel Seddon (Hon. Sec.)
    • Dr. Watrson
    • Mr. Howell

Conan Doyle contribution

Dr. Conan Doyle seconded the vote of thanks to the lecturer.

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