A World's Fair Suggestion

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A World's Fair Suggestion is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Daily Chronicle circa 16 march 1893.


A World's Fair Suggestion

The Pall Mall Gazette (16 march 1893, p.5)


Dr. Conan Doyle writes to the Daily Chronicle to urge the Government to send special representatives to the World's Fair. He says:— All plans for the future of our race which omit the United States are as vain as the planning of an arch without the keystone. No difference of government or manners can alter the fact that the largest collection of people of Anglo-Celtic descent in the world is to be found upon the other side of the Atlantic. If, therefore, the race is destined (as I firmly believe that it is) to become more homogeneous in the future, it is certain not only that this vast block of people must be regarded as a factor in the problem, but that their wishes will have a great deal to do with its solution. The centre of the race is shifting ever westward, until the British Isles represent its extreme fringe on one side, as Australia does on the other. If these world-wide communities are not to eternally oppose and neutralise each other, they must sooner or later be organized into a union of commonwealths which shall be founded upon no artificial treaty, but upon the permanent basis of common blood, and in the main of common traditions. But if this ideal is to be reached, then no opportunity should be lost of reminding the world that, in spite of the one great rift of the last century, the Anglo-Celtic rare is mindful of its common origin. The coming Chicago Exhibition affords an admirable opportunity for doing this... If four regimental bands, representing English, Scotch, Irish, and Welsh corps were to go, together with representatives of the Cape Mounted Rifles, or of the Victoria Rifles, or any other Australian corps, and of the Canadian Militia, it would, I think, meet the case.