An Evil Elemental

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An Evil Elemental is an article published in The Glasgow Herald on 6 april 1923.

The article includes interview parts of Arthur Conan Doyle about the death of Lord Carnarvon.

An Evil Elemental

The Glasgow Herald (6 april 1923, p. 10)


New York, Thursday. — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who arrived yesterday on board the steamship Olympic, interviewed to-day was inclined to support to some extent Miss Mary Corelli's opinion that it was dangerous for Lord Carnarvon to enter Tutankhamen's Tomb owing to occult or other spiritual influences. He said:— "An evil elemental may have caused Lord Carnarvon's fatal illness. One does not know what elementals existed in those days, nor what their form might be. The Egyptians knew a great deal more about those things than we do."

Reuters Agency adds:— In a recent Letter to an American newspaper Miss Corelli wrote:— "I cannot but think some risks are run by breaking into the last rest of a King of Egypt, whose tomb is specially ad solemnly guarded, and robbing him of his possessions. According to a rare book I possess, entitled 'The Egyptians' History of the Pyramids,' the most dire punishment follows any rash intruder into a sealed tomb."


New York. Thursday. — Sir Arthur Conan Doyle described an "elemental" as "a built-up artificial thing, an imbued force which may be brought into being by spirit means or by nature. There was once a mummy in the British Museum." remarked Sir Arthur, "which it was believed was guarded by one of those elementals, for everyone who came in contact with it came to grief. This was the mummy of a queen, and even one of my dear friends, a journalist, who investigated the misfortunes that befell those who handled the mummy was himself stricken with typhoid fever and died. The son of a friend of mine, Sir William Ingram, found the mummy while hunting in Somaliland. Inscribed on the mummy's breast were the words 'May the person who unwraps me die rapidly, and may his bones lie unburied.' This young man was drowned a few days later in a water course, and his body was never found."

Sir Arthur further asserted that modern Spiritualists were even now in communication with ancient Eastern spirits, and said:— "Through my wife, who is a medium, I often get advice from one such on spiritual matters. He lived 3000 or 4000 years ago in Arabia." — Press Association, Foreign Special.


Reuter's correspondent understands that the arrangement with the Egyptian Government regarding the excavations of Tutankhamen's tomb will not be affected by Lord Carnarvon's death, as apparently the contract is made out in Mr Carter's name.