Anne Mary Frances Conan Doyle

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Anne Mary Frances Conan Doyle. Photo taken at Masongill by Bryan Charles Waller (1886).

Anne Mary Frances Conan Doyle aka Annette aka Nan aka Tottie (22 july 1856 - 13 january 1890) was the first daughter of Charles Altamont Doyle and Mary Josephine Foley, and the eldest sister of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Annette was born Anne Mary Frances Doyle. During her baptism, she was sponsored by John Doyle (grandfather) and Anne Conan (great-aunt), so the baby name was given the additional name of Conan. This was the first "Conan Doyle" of the family.

Conan Doyle about Annette

In his autobiography Memories and Adventures (1923), Arthur Conan Doyle wrote about his sister :

« My noble sister Annette, who died just as the sunshine of better days came into our lives, went out at a very early age as a governess to Portugal and sent all her salary home. »
« It was a virulent attack of influenza, at a time when influenza was in its deadly prime. Only three years before my dear sister Annette, after spending her whole life on the family needs, had died of it at Lisbon at the very moment when my success would have enabled me to recall her from her long servitude. »




  • 22 july : Birth of Anne Mary Frances Conan Doyle at 1 South Nelson Street, Edinburgh (Scotland).


  • 23 july : She was baptised at St. Mary's Cathedral, Broughton.


  • She worked very young as a governess in Portugal.


  • Autumn : She was living at the Institution St. Clotilde in Les Andelys, 20 km south-east of Rouen, in France.



  • She went to Brazil.


  • 13 january : She died of influenza at 24 Rua do Sacramento do Lapa, Lisbon (Portugal) while living there employed as a governess. She was 33.