Ardingly: Visit of the M.C.C.

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Ardingly: Visit of the M.C.C. is a cricket result published in The Mid-Sussex Times on 16 june 1908.

Result was a draw.

Ardingly: Visit of the M.C.C.

The Mid-Sussex Times (16 june 1908, p. 8)

VISIT OF THE M.C.C. — Yesterday (Monday) the M.C.C. team began their annual tour of the Colleges of Sussex, and the Ardinians, Collegians and others of the neighbourhood were delighted both with the team and the cricket. The visiting side, a somewhat powerful one, took first innings, and declared it closed after making 274 for six wickets — A. W. Rammell 4, A. Hearne not out 119, Captain H. S. Poyntz 29, R. Dangar 15, F. Holton 69, Sir A. Conan Doyle 0, Rawlin 12, C. C. Hulton not out 6, and extras 20. A. Martin Smith took four wickets for 65 runs. Ardingly College compiled 232 for seven wickets — A. H. T. Smith 59, H. D. Wells 12, R. J. H. Morgan 40, P. S. J. Randall 74, the Rev. H. A. Rhodes (Head Master) 0, C. Cassy 27, A. Martin Smith 6, G. Burgoyne not out 0, R. C. Foster not out 5, and extras 9.