Authors at Play

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Authors at Play is a cricket result published in the East & South Devon Advertiser on 30 may 1903. Match was Esher v. Authors.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Authors) lost.

Authors at Play

East & South Devon Advertiser (30 may 1903, p. 6)

A team of author cricketers captained by Sir A. Conan Doyle, visited Esher, and played the Esher C.C., whose side included S. A. P. Kitcat, the Gloucestershire amateur. The result of the match was a win for the Esher Club, whose innings total produced 158 against 132 of the writers. T. Westray, the well-known hockey player, with 39, was the chief scorer for the winners, other contributions including 34 by R. Howell and 27 by J. A. Peachey, Kitcat being not out with nine. P. G. Wodehouse was the principal contributor for the Authors, making 41 runs out of an innings total of 132. Sir A. Conan Doyle being next on the list with 29 to his credit. In the bowling department H. Pritchard did best for the scribes, taking half the wickets, while T. C. Snaith captured four, and G. H. Swinstead one. On the Esher side, Kitcat and C. B. Peachey divided the honours.