Belly Speaker

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Murdoch Mysteries
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Geraint Wyn Davies) & Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson)

Belly Speaker is the 9th episode of season 1 of the Canadian TV series Murdoch Mysteries produced by Shaftesbury Films / Granada International aired on 20 march 2008. 46 minutes.

About Conan Doyle in this fiction:

  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is played by Geraint Wyn Davies.
  • He is sometimes depicted as a dumb person or interested in women, drunk and boxing in a pub. Willing to copy Murdoch methods. However, he was able to help solving a previous crime thanks to his oriental knowledge.
  • He is called "Mr. Doyle" (rather than "Conan Doyle") throughout the whole episode.
  • He confesses to Murdoch the disease (tuberculosis) of his (first) wife Louise ("Touie"), and his presence to Toronto is to find a remedy for her.

References to Sherlock Holmes:


Plot summary

Arthur Conan Doyle is again in Toronto wanting to participate to Detective Murdoch investigations for inspiration for a new Sherlock Holmes story. Detective Murdoch investigates the murder of Rod Grimesby but is troubled by the confession of the victim's son Harcout, a ventriloquist, via his puppet Mycroft.


  • Detective William Murdoch : Yannick Bisson
  • Dr. Julia Ogden : Hélène Joy
  • Inspector Thomas Brackenreid : Thomas Craig
  • Constable George Crabtree : Jonny Harris
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle : Geraint Wyn Davies
  • Harcourt / Mycroft Grimesby : Gavin Crawford
  • Stanley Paulk : Stephen Jackson
  • Emmy Paulk : Marilla Wex
  • Roderick Grimesby : Duncan McLeod
  • Puppeteer : Eric Woolfe


  • Director : Farhad Mann
  • Screenplay : Larry Lalonde, Philip Bedard, Maureen Jennings (novels)
  • Producer : Jan Peter Meyboom
  • Executive Producer : Cal Coons, Scott Garvie, Noel Hedges, Christina Jennings
  • Co-Producer : Laura Harbin, Shane Kinnear, Julie Lacey
  • Creative Producer : Derek Schreyer
  • Original Music : Robert Carli
  • Cinematography : David Perrault
  • Film Editor : Tom Joerin
  • Casting : Deirdre Bowen
  • Production Design : Sandra Kybartas
  • Art Director : Armando Sgrignuoli
  • Set Decoration : Andrew Kawczynski
  • Costume Design : Alexander Reda