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Brigadier Gerard (play 1906)

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Ad for the premiere in London Daily News (2 march 1906, p. 1)
Ad for the transfer of the play from Imperial Theatre to Lyric Theatre in London Daily News (8 may 1906, p. 1)

Brigadier Gerard is a British play in 4 acts written by Arthur Conan Doyle performed at the Imperial Theatre and Lyric Theatre (London, UK) premiered on 3 march 1906 and performed until 27 june 1906, starring Lewis Waller as Brigadier Gerard.

See a 1905 interview of Arthur Conan Doyle in The New-York Times about his difficulties to place his play to the London theatre managers : Conan Doyle's Hard Luck as a Playwright.



Review and cast in Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser (5 march 1906, p. 8)

Acts / Scenes

Illustration of the last scene in Illustrated London News (10 march 1906, p. 9)

  • Act I. A French Farmhouse (Messroom of the Hussars) (E. G. Banks)
  • Act II. The Comtesse de Roquelaure's Boudoir (Walter Hann)
  • Act III. Talleyrand's Provate Salon (R. M'Cleery)
  • Act IV. (R. M'Cleery)
    • Scene 1 - The Emperor's Study
    • Scene 2 - Same as Act 1


  • 3 march - 12 may 1906 : Imperial Theatre (London, UK)
  • 10 april 1906 : Royal Theatre (Portsmouth, UK)
  • 14 may - 27 june 1906 : Lyric Theatre (London, UK)