Christmas Poem from the Pyramids

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

This poem written by Arthur Conan Doyle and his wife Louisa Conan Doyle was published in To-Day on 15 february 1896.

This was ACD 1895 Christmas card for the magazine.


To-Day (15 february 1896).

Mr. and Mrs. Conan Doyle have sent me the following amusing Christmas card from their far-away home at the Pyramids. The Egyptian sunshine suits Mrs. Doyle admirably, and the genial doctor himself is more robust than ever:—

Mena House,
The Pyramids.

When on us your card you drops
You pass the house of Mr. Cheops;
Then on your left you bring to view
The Bungalow of friend Chefru,
Next door to whom Miss Sphinx has got
An eligible building lot.
These are our pals, and if you call
We'll introduce you to them all,
And let you use our golf links, too,
Straight from our door to Timbuctoo,
And so adieu!

May Fortune's tricks

Leave you unharmed in '96.

New Year. 1896.