Conan Doyle Hits Church

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Conan Doyle Hits Church is an article published in The New-York Times on 17 october 1919.

Report of lecture.

Conan Doyle Hits Church

The New-York Times (17 october 1919, p. 3)

Denies Spiritualism is Work of the Devil — Sees New Church

Special Cable to The New York Times.

London. Oct. 16. — Sir Conan Doyle, lecturing tonight at Wolverhampton, said he would like to know how many of those people who talked so glibly against spiritualism at the International Church Congress had attended seances and how many had had personal experiences. If spiritualism was the work of the devil, he said, then the devil did not know his job.

Reasked what the churches were going to do. If they went on for ever foolishly denying spiritualism, he declared, the spiritualism would form a new church.