Conan Doyle on Spiritualism

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Conan Doyle on Spiritualism is an article published in the Thanet Advertiser on 13 april 1928 including a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Conan Doyle on Spiritualism

Thanet Advertiser
(13 april 1928, p. 6)


In connection with the correspondence which has recently appeared in the ADVERTISER & ECHO on the subject of spiritualism, we have received a letter from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who writes:—

Sir, — Some friend has sent me a copy of your issue of March 30th which contains one or two letters regarding spiritualism, which show the ignorance and prejudice which is now happily more rare than of old.

There are three points which spiritualism claims to have established by actual proof — one that life does actually carry on beyond the grave, which is vehemently denied by that materialism which is the danger of our age; second, that we actually do determine our fate in the beyond by our spiritual development acquired in this life; third, that the grave is not a shut door, and that it is still possible for us to communicate even as Jesus did with two dead men, Moses and Elias.

The attitude of any spiritualist towards Christ is a matter for himself to decide. We are the most tolerant of all bodies, and we hold that a man may belong to any creed or philosophy, save only negative materialism, and be a spiritualist. As a fact, we number in our ranks not only laymen, but also clergymen of every denomination.

As to my own views of Jesus Christ, I have such enormous respect for His teaching and personality that I have been endeavouring to get a special clause inserted in the seven principles of spiritualism to accentuate the point that He is our leader and our example. I do not believe Him to have been a god, and I think it is perfectly clear that He himself disclaimed that position.

Yours faithfully,



Crowborough, Sussex.
5th, April, 1928.