Det Hemmelige Dokument

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Sherlock Holmes (Einar Zangenberg) tied up in the gas chamber. The lady is played by Julie Henriksen.
The Moving Picture World, 13 february 1909, p. 186

Det Hemmelige Dokument (The Secret Document) is a Danish silent movie released in march 1908, produced by Nordisk Film Co., starring Einar Zangenberg as Sherlock Holmes. 890 feet. Black & White.

The 3th sherlockian movie by the Nordisk Film Company of Denmark.

Other titles:

  • Sherlock III
  • Sherlock Holmes i Gaskjeldfren
  • Sherlock Holmes in the Gas Cellar (UK) december 1908
  • Sherlock Holmes III: The Detective's Adventures in the Gas Cellar (US) 3 and/or 10 march 1909
  • The Theft of the State Document (USA) 28 april 1909

Survival status: presumed lost.


  • Sherlock Holmes : Einar Zangenberg
  • Lady : Julie Henriksen
  • ? : August Blom (?)



  • 1. The theft of the state document
  • 2. A visit to the government office
  • 3. The spy and his wife
  • 4. A surprise at the office
  • 5. Letter: To the Chief of Intelligence Department. Dear Sir, I am in possession of the state document no. 0534 which was stolen from your safe. If you will meet me alone tonight at 5 o'clock at the Canal Bridge I will hand the document over to you against payment of 5000 pounds.
  • 6. Letter: To Chief of Government Department. Dear Sir, Kindly forward to me before 7 o'clock tonight the documents and oblige your truly. Colonel Clifford.
  • 7. To Sherlock Holmes for help
  • 8. The spy found out
  • 9. Expect me at the gas chamber at 6 o'clock p.m.
  • 10. The boy Billy gets instructions from his master
  • 11. Plot against Sherlock Holmes
  • 12. Overpowered
  • 13. The bribed servant obtains the document
  • 14. Rescue just in time
  • 15. 6.45 o'clock and the document returned

  • Titles credits : The Great Northern Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, by Bjarne Nielsen (Pinkerton, 1997)