Detective Tales: A Study in Scarlet

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Detective Tales: A Study in Scarlet (PC)

Detective Tales: A Study in Scarlet is a point & click adventure video game (PC) developed and published by Escape Pod, released on 31 october 2022 on Steam.

Co-op game for 2 players (both players must buy the game). One player plays Sherlock Holmes and the other Dr. Watson. Each player will find clues that will help the other one.

The story is adapted from Arthur Conan Doyle's novel: A Study in Scarlet (1887).

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Editor's description

Step in the shoes of Mr. Holmes or Dr. Watson and venture on a journey filled with intrigue and mystery. Use your logic and teamwork skills in order to solve the mysterious murder which shocked the 19th century London. Play it with a friend on 2 devices with an open voice connection.


This is co-op only game in which both roles are equally important. In order to play the game you'll need a friend to play with. Most of the clues are split between Holmes and Watson and the only way to get the full picture is to verbally communicate.


  • Simple controls : Point-and-click at its core. Explore the beautiful scenes, examine areas of interest, collect and manage inventory items, read through your journal, everything by using only the mouse or touchpad.
  • "Old books" vibe : The point of the game is to immerse you in the book about one of the cases of Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson, but instead of reading it, you are an active participant.
  • Mystery : The whole case is shrouded in a veil of mystery. As you progress through the game, you slowly reveal all the pieces of the story which is much larger than it seems at a first glance.


Inspired by the works of Arthur Conan Doyle, the game takes place in 19th century London and follows the 2 main protagonists, Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson, in their attempt to solve a mysterious murder.