Does Spiritualism Really Matter?

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Does Spiritualism Really Matter? is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in the Cape Times (Cape Town, South Africa) on 17 november 1928.

Does Spiritualism Really Matter?

Cape Times (17 november 1928, p. 15)

"An Odd Argument" according to Sir A. Conan Doyle.

To the Editor, "Cape Times."

Sir, — I should, as you courteously suggest, be anticipating my own lectures if I went into points of detail at the present moment, but I would make the general remark that few would share the view expressed by your correspondent that the destiny of oneself and one's friends was a matter of small importance. Of all the odd arguments which I have encountered this seems to me the most strange. Any definite question which this gentleman may submit to me I will do my best to answer on Wednesday night. I would accept this general definition of a Spiritualist as one who holds that the human being survives unchanged in mind or body, have that he expresses himself in an etheric instead of a material environment, and that he has under proper conditions the power of communication. With your correspondent's other conclusions I cannot agree. — I am, etc.,

Arthur Conan Doyle
November 16