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Dr. Conan Doyle on Golf

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Dr. Conan Doyle on Golf is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in the Daily Mail on 5 november 1898.

Dr. Conan Doyle on Golf

Daily Mail (5 november 1898, p. 4)

Mr. Conan Doyle recently addressed the following amusing letter to a member of the Ormeau Golf Club:— "My dear sir, — Pray present my compliments to the Ormeau Golf Club, and wish them from me a very happy evening. I am myself an intermittent golfer, getting very violent attacks at regular intervals. It usually takes me about two months to convince myself that I shall ever be any good, and then I give it up until a fresh burst of energy sets me trying once more. I played in Egypt until they told me that excavators had to pay a special tax. I inaugurated a private course in Vermont also, and the Yankee farmers asked us what we were boring for. If ever the Ormeau Club should wish any part of their links returfed I could undertake in a few games to clear away any sod now existing. — Yours faithfully, Arthur Conan Doyle." — "The Academy"