Duke Ellington Meets Sherlock Holmes (ballet 2000)

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Duke Ellington Meets Sherlock Holmes (2000)

Duke Ellington Meets Sherlock Holmes is an American ballet directed by Gay Nardone, performed by the University of New Hampshire (UNH) Dance Company in 2000, starring Sandi Weinthal as Sherlock Holmes and Kerry Piazza as Dr. Watson.

The show was a jazz and tap production paying homage to Sherlock Holmes through the music of Duke Ellington, who read the Sherlock Holmes stories when he was a child. There was another production of this ballet in 2010 with aerial parts added and new cast.



  • Sherlock Holmes : Sandi Weinthal
  • Dr. Watson : Kerry Piazza
  • Irene Adler : Jocelynn Barsalou
  • Inspector Lestrade : Shara Goldstein
  • Moriarty : Caryn Colocousis
  • Bobbies : Cora Beaudry, Heidi Hanson, Jessie Lawner
  • Villains : Renee Gaylord, Kelly Lesage, Brittany Lynch
  • Vamps : Misa Brautigam, Erin Chamberlain, Christa D'Amico, Jessica Palmer, Marcy Sherman
  • Baker Street Irregulars : Jillian Barsalou, Kristen Green, Karl Maier, Jonathan Peiffer
  • The Gentleman/The Body : Seth Mrowka
  • The Little Junk Band : Jonathan Peiffer (Congo Drums), Kerry Piazza (Bongos), Jillian Barsalou (Clave), Kristen Green (Cow Bell), Karl Maier (Guiro)


  • Director : Gay Nardone
  • Choreographer : Gay Nardone
  • Music : Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn
  • Scenic Design : David Ramsey
  • Lighting Design : Daniel J. Raymond
  • Costume Designer : Ruth Grossen


  • A rainy night in London, missing jewels and plenty of suspicious characters
  • The Mooche: The Company
  • East St. Louis Toodle-O: Bobbies, Inspector, Baker Street Irregulars
  • Street Scene: Holmes, Watson, Bobbies, Inspector, The Little Junk Band
  • Rem Blues: Irene and Vamps
  • Blues Pepper (Far East of the Blues): Irene and Vamps, Holmes, Watson, Moriarty and Villains
  • Sophisticated Lady: Irene
  • Tang: Moriarty and Villains, Holmes, Watson, Irene and Vamps
  • Echoes of Harlem: The Company
  • Just Squeeze Me: The Company
  • It Don't Mean a Thing: The Company