Earl Haig's Spirit Message

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Earl Haig's Spirit Message is an article published in the Daily Mail on 11 september 1928, including a part of an interview with Arthur Conan Doyle.

Earl Haig's Spirit Message

Daily Mail (11 september 1928, p. 11)

Photo caption: A Daily Mail photograph of Lord Haig's funeral, showing over his coffin what appears to be an indistinct portrait, which Sir A. Conan Doyle claims to be that of the field-marshal.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle last night explained to a Daily Mail reporter the circumstances in which he says he obtained a communication from the late Earl Haig through a spiritualistic medium. He said:—

I had a message from a spiritualist circle in Scotland. They said that Lord Haig had said: "Tell Doyle to consult a medium. I want to speak to him." I decided to see one of the best mediums in the world, Mrs. Dowden, a married daughter of the famous Shakespearean scholar, who has adopted her maiden name.

A message came through from Lord Haig by automatic writing. I said to him: "How can I convince your wife that you have communicated with me? Can't you give me something evidential?"

In reply Lord Haig gave me a long evidential message, which came through very quickly.

I twice informed Lady Haig, but received no reply. I was surprised, for Lord Haig was a spiritualist and consulted mediums, and I was under the impression that Lady Haig went with him. Also there was the face of Haig over the coffin in the photograph of the funeral, which appeared in The Daily Mail and was taken by a Press photographer.

Lord Haig undoubtedly wants to communicate. I have shown the message to a relative of Lord Haig, who was much impressed.

Lady Alexandra Haig, a daughter, said:

I feel sure that Lady Haig knows nothing about the spirit messages. In any case she had never refused them. I do not think she believes in spiritualism, and she does not care to discuss the matter of the messages.