English Homes (lecture)

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On tuesday 14 february 1888, Arthur Conan Doyle attended and spoke after the lecture "English Homes: Their History and Development", by Mr. J. Henry Ball, at the Portsmouth Literary and Scientific Society (PLSS) meeting held at the Guildhall, High-street (Portsmouth).


  • President/Chairman
    • Mr. J. Hay
  • Speakers
    • Mr. J. Henry Ball (lecturer)
    • Mr. J. Hay
    • Dr. A. Conan Doyle
    • Mr. A. Howell
    • Dr. J. Ward Cousins
  • Attendees
    • Right Rev. Dr. Virtue (Bishop of Portsmouth)
    • Gen. J. W. Cox, C.B., F.R.G.S.
    • Gen. A. W. Drayson, F.R.A.S.
    • Dr. R. Lydden
    • Dr. C. C. Claremont
    • Capt. R. M. Jones
    • Rev. Dr. W. Stern
    • Mr. George Long, J.P. (hon. treasurer)
    • Mr. W. Weston
    • Mr. J. H. Ball
    • Mr. A. W. Jerrard
    • Mr. S. Pittis
    • Mr. G. M. Bowen
    • Mr. H. Moncreaff
    • Mr. A. Howell
    • Mr. A. G. German
    • Mr. A. Fisher
    • Mr. C. Foran
    • Mr. J. W. Walmisley
    • Mr. W. Inglis, R.N.
    • Mr. J. R. Constanstine
    • Mr. J. M. Ollis, R.N.
    • Mr. A. W. Ward
    • Mr. J. S. Robinson, R.N.
    • Mr. W. T. Pover, R.N.
    • Mr. G. Whillier, R.N.
    • Mr. W. Read
    • Mr. A. T. Mayne
    • Mr. R. West Taylor
    • Mr. A. C. Kindersley
    • Mr. G. Wood
    • Mr. R. A. Conran
    • Mr. E. F. Burton
    • Mr. G. Stanford
    • Mr. C. Burbidge
    • Mr. A. H. Garland
    • Mr. W. Bridges
    • Mr. C. W. Ball
    • Mr. W. J. Evans
    • Mr. A. P. McAllister
    • Mr. J. E. Eyres
    • Mr. R. Wood
    • Mr. J. Everett
    • Mr. R. East
    • Mr. A. G. Mason
    • Mr. G. F. Bell
    • Dr. A. Conan Doyle (hon. secretary)
    • Dr. J. Ward Cousins (hon. secretary)
  • Elected members
    • Mr. A. Fisher

Conan Doyle contribution

Dr. CONAN DOYLE seconded the motion, and spoke of the existing round towers of Ireland, which came out of the mists of history, nobody knowing who built them or why they were built. The Romans, with all their advancement, strangely enough never evolved the idea of a chimney.

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