Fairy Photographs

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Fairy Photographs is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in Light on 18 june 1921.

Fairy Photographs

Light (18 june 1921, p. 396)

To the Editor of LIGHT.

Sir, — In a recent article Mr. Patrick declares that the photographs of fairies, published in the "Strand," are clumsy fakes. These photos have been enlarged and also examined in the negatives by some of the most competent professional photographers in England, who could find no flaw. Mr. Patrick has not even asked to see the negatives, although Mr. Gardner has held them at the disposal of any inquirer. His criticism is therefore worthless save as a monumental example of the irresponsibility and slovenly looseness with which he and his colleague Mr. Whately Smith have approached an important subject. — Yours &c.,

Windlesham, Crowborough.