Fareham v. Portsmouth (article 28 may 1887)

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Fareham v. Portsmouth is a cricket result published in The Hampshire Advertiser on 28 may 1887.

Result was a tie.

Fareham v. Portsmouth

The Hampshire Advertiser (28 may 1887, p. 6)

The first tie in the competition for the above cup took place on Wednesday, at Fareham, between the Fareham club and Portsmouth. The home team went to the wickets first, and put together 76, but their second essay was more successful, the total reaching 102. Portsmouth, in their first innings, scored 93, and 66 for the loss of six wickets, thus winning the tie on the first innings. The following is the full score:—

FAREHAM. — C. T. Pearman, c Doyle, b Andrews, 10, and c and b Jeffkins, 18; H. Smith, b Jeffkins, 3, and c Fowler, b Love, 10; E. Hall, c Andrews, b Doyle, 22, and b Andrews, 20; Rev. A. C. Hayes, b Love, 16, and b Love, 10; Captain Alexander, b Love, 1, and b Love, 0; V. Simpson, run out, 9, and b Andrews, 2; A. H. Jacques, run out, 0, and c Jeffkins, b Fowler, 19; H. Stead, run out, 0, and not out, 6; A. Enery, b Love, 2, and c Smith, b Jeffkins, 0; J. R. Butler, b Doyle, 0, and run out, 4; W. Kiln, not out, 4, and c Smith, b Fowler, 0; extras, 9 and 13; totals, 76 and 102.

PORTSMOUTH. — J. H. Smith, b Pearman, 51, and not out, 43; J. Huxford, c Simpson, b Pearman, 12, and c Kiln, b Pearman, 2; Dr. A. C. Doyle, c and b Pearman, 2, and b Pearman, 0; J. S. Jeffkins, c Smith, b Hayes, 0, and c and b Ferman, 6; E. H. Andrews, c Hayes, b Pearman, 0, and c Simpson, b Pearman, 4; L. J. Allen, b Pearman, 17, and b Hayes, 0; A. E. White, l b w, b Hayes, 0, and b Pearman, 9; Hemingsley, c Simpson, b Pearman, 0, and not out, 1; W. R. Fowler, not out, 4; H. Love, c Hayes, b Pearman, 2; C. E. Matthews, c Alexander, b Pearman, 0; extras, 5 and 1; totals, 93 and 66.