Gus Mager

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Gus Mager

Charles Augustus Mager (1878-1956), better known as Gus Mager, was an American painter, illustrator and cartoonist. He was the creator of several comic strips, the most famous being Sherlocko the Monk (1910-1913), Sherlocko (1924-1925) and Hawkshaw the Detective (1913-1922 and 1931-1925). Both Sherlocko and Hawkshaw are the same character, but the character was renamed for copyright reasons.

He began drawing sports cartoons for Hearst newspapers. By the age of 20, he already had a following when he expanded his repertoire to include clownish animals, and his cartoons, such as In Jungle Land and In Jungle Society, soon appeared daily. In 1904, he created the first of his successful Monk comic strips featuring monkey-like characters : Knocko the Monk. It was soon followed by new figures (see list below).

Other comics by Mager included And Then Papa Came (1904), Main Street, Oliver's Adventures (1926), Obliging Otto (1913) and Millionbucks (1913). Mager continued Hawkshaw until his retirement in the late 1940s.

List of Monk series by Gus Mager (alphabetically) :

  • Bookkeepo the Monk
  • Boneheado the Monk
  • Braggo the Monk
  • Coldfeeto the Monk
  • Fourflusho the Monk
  • Freshy the Monk
  • Groucho the Monk
  • Hamfatto the Monk
  • Henpecko the Monk
  • Kiddo the Monk
  • Knocko the Monk
  • Mufti the Monk
  • Nervo the Monk
  • Peddlo the Monk
  • Pillboxo the Monk
  • Rhymo the Monk
  • Ruffles the Monk
  • Sherlocko the Monk
  • Softy the Monks
  • Tightwaddo the Monk
  • Typewrito the Monk