H. S. Mack

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Hayward S. Mack (The Implet, 4 may 1912, p. 4)
Sherlocko (H. S. Mack) in the silent movie The Flag of Distress (1912)

Hayward S. Mack (20 march 1882 - 24 december 1921) was an American actor who played Mr. Sherlocko, a parodic Sherlock Holmes, in The Flag of Distress in 1912.



The Implet, 4 may 1912, p. 4
  • The Implet, 4 may 1912, p. 4

H. S. Mack.

H. S. Mack, of the Imp Films acting forces, is in a class by himself. He, in real life, is quite undemonstrative and notoriety avoiding. This gives some clue to the kind of parts for which Mr. Mack inevitably finds himself cast in the Imp plays. Be sure that whenever there is a part demanding true humor and quiet acting of the funny kind, Mack will be there. He is familiarly known as "Red Mack." He is popular and industrious: his repertoire is a varied one. He was the wireless operator in the picture, "Rescued by Wireless," now to be seen at the theatres. He, in two or three Imp comedies, gave an excellent modern embodiment of Sherlock Holmes. He is alternately a doctor, a man about town, a distinguished guest, a clergyman; in fact, there is hardly an end to the variety of parts that Mr. Mack plays in his quiet, unobtrusive way.

Mr. Mack is a painstaking actor, as any picture fan who studies his work can see for himself. He is skillful in the art of "make-up" and disguise. Being young, he has a vista of opportunity in front of him of adding still further laurels to his name.