Hampshire Rovers v. Kensington C.C.

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Hampshire Rovers v. Kensington C.C. is a cricket result published in The Sporting Life on 24 august 1896.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Hampshire Rovers) lost.

Hampshire Rovers v. Kensington C.C.

The Sporting Life (24 august 1896, p. 2)

This two days' match took place on the Hilsea Ground, Portsmouth, on August 20 and 21, but rain and the high scoring prevented a finish. The game was left drawn. Score:—

HAMPSHIRE ROVERS. — Rev. A. L. Porter 43, Dr. Conan Doyle 28, A. H. Wood 100, C. B. Hill 5, J. H. Hargreaves 53, T. R. Phillips 5. E. Barrett 18, Lieut. Barton, R.N., 29. C. T. Burroughs 1, L. F. Benny 22, H. H. Fellgate not out 5; extras, 17. — Total, 326.

KENSINGTON C. C. — C. E. Bloomer 2, Rev. J. L. Crawford 78, V. F. S. Crawford 109, L. de Montezuma 65, Mills 2, A. English 6, G. A. Nicholls 4, Salmon 14, G. T. Davies 1, J. Briggs not out 14, C. J. Dux, 3; extras, 19. — Total 317.