Hants County Cricket Challenge Cup

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Hants County Cricket Challenge Cup is a cricket result published in the The Hampshire Independent on 6 july 1889.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Portsmouth) lost.

Southampton v. Portsmouth

Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle (6 july 1889, p. 6)

The drawn game between these two clubs in the first round of the above competition was re-played on Thursday at the Antelope Cricket Ground, Southampton. It will be remembered that the first match was played at Portsmouth on June 14, and after playing an extra hour, the match was left drawn, Southampton at the time requiring 86 runs to get to win, with only two wickets to fall. The composition of the teams was slightly altered, Thorne taking the place of Read in the Southampton team, and Wood, Addison, Corporal Eynott, and Dr. Hill superseding the Rev. Stebbing, Messrs. Hornby, McDonald, and Hinde. The visitors arrived one short, Andrews having wired his inability to play, but otherwise the team was of a thoroughly representative character, it being about the strongest they could get together. The weather was fine, and there was a fairly numerous gathering of spectators. Wild won the toss for Southampton, and at about twelve o'clock went to the wickets with Thorne. The wicket played exceedingly last, and runs came quickly, the first wicket putting on 34 runs. Wild played good cricket for his 31, as also did Thorne (16). With the score at 67 for three wickets, Pinnick and Foxwell became associated, and the pair carried the score to 121 before the last-named was got rid of for 17, which took him some time to put together. Pinnick and Young were together at lunch time, and, shortly after resuming, the Hants "pro" fell to a well judged catch in the long field by Carter. Pinnick continued batting in splendid style, but a bad stroke to point was taken by Smith when he had made 64. He was batting for two hours and a half, and his runs were obtained by faultless cricket with only one exception, and that a very hard chance when he had made 44. Bishop and Annett played well, and the 200 was telegraphed at 3.30. Batchelor and Gubbins put on 24 runs, when the home team took advantage of the new rule and put on the "closure" at 4 o'clock with the total at 236 for eight wickets. Portsmouth sent in Smith and Wood to lace the deliveries of Young and Ruffell. The board only telegraphed 7 before Young disturbed Smith's middle stump. Jeffkins had no sooner arrived than a great shout from the crowd announced the fact that Wood had fallen to a neat catch in the slips off Ruffell's first ball in the over — two for 7. Still another downfall for the visitors, for with the score unaltered, and off the first ball he received Dr. Doyle tell to a splendid right hand catch in the slips by Young — three for 7. Dr. Hill only made a quartet when he lifted one into the hands of Wild at square leg, four for 13. Jeffkins and Bonham-Carter made things look better for their side, and the pair completely collared the bowling, carrying the score from 13 to 141 ere Jeffkins had to retire for "l b w." His innings included two 4's, seven 3's, and three 2's. The remaining batsmen failed to do scarcely anything, only Bonham-Carter offering any resistance to the Southampton bowling. The innings closed at half-past six for 167, thus leaving Southampton victorious by 69 runs. Bonham-Carter played adashing not out innings, which included one 4. fourteen 3's, and eleven 2's. The following is the full score and analysis:—


  • R. Thorne, c Jeffkins, b Wood ... 16
  • T. Wild, c Hill, b Doyle ... 31
  • R. Ruffen, c Hill, b Doyle ... 5
  • G. Pinnick, c Smith, b Doyle ... 64
  • G. Foxwell, c Smith, b Doyle ... 17
  • C. Young, c Bonham-Carter, b Doyle ... 18
  • J. Bishop, b Bonham-Carter ... 16
  • E. Annett, b Doyle ... 1
  • M. Batchelor, not out ... 27
  • W. J. Gubbins, not out ... 11
  • S. Webb did not bat
  • Extras ... 30
  • Total ... 236


  • Smith, b Young ... 3
  • A. H. Wood, c Young, b Ruffell ... 1
  • Sergt. F. G. Jeffkins, l b w, b Foxwell ... 50
  • Dr. Doyle, c Young, b Ruffell... 0
  • Dr. Hill, c Wild, b Ruffell ... 4
  • L. G. Bonham-Carter, not out ... 79
  • Captain Lipscomp, c Pinnick, b Young ... 6
  • L. G. Allan, b Batchelor ... 1
  • Corporal Eynott, b Batchelor ... 2
  • G. B. Addison, c Bishop, b Young ... 0
  • Andrews, absent ... 0
  • Extras ... 21
  • Total ... 167


Doyle 37 11 67 6
Jeffkins 7 2 20 0
Wood 9 0 33 1
Bonham-Carter 5 1 8 1
Allan 5 1 12 0
Smith 22 7 41 0
Lipscomb 7 0 23 0
Young 23 7 58 3
Ruffell 17 3 52 3
Annett 3 0 7 0
Webb 2 0 11 0
Foxwell 4 1 6 1
Batchelor 6 4 10 2