Haslemere v. St. Michael's

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Haslemere v. St. Michael's is a cricket result published in the Westminster & Pimlico News on 26 may 1899.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Haslemere) won.

Haslemere v. St. Michael's

Westminster & Pimlico News (26 may 1899, p. 3)

On Whit-Monday, St. Michael's, Chester-square, journeyed to Haslemere to meet the beam of that town, which included the well-known author Dr. Conan Doyle. The home team having won the choice elected to bat, a wise decision, the wicket, under the influence of the strong sunshine, playing most treacherously later on in the day. Haslemere gave the St. Michael's men a deal of leather hunting before being disposed of, and chiefly owing to a masterly display on the part of Dr. Doyle, who went is first and was the last to leave with 53 to his credit, and also to a vigorous innings of 32 by the Rev. A. L. Keith, compiled the respectable total of 120.

After luncheon the Saints started upon their innings, but on the worn out wicket could do nothing against the slows of Dr. Doyle. The innings proved a mere procession, and closed for the miserable total of 22, of which Johnson was responsible for 11 and Clinton 9. The last named player was deserving of praise, going all through the innings, but unfortunately could not get any one to stay with him. Dr. Doyle's analysis was an excellent one, 8 wickets for as many runs.

Following on St. Michael's did not fare much better than at first, the final score being 41, of which Clinton was responsible for 14 and Dunnett 10. The Saints therefore sustained their first defeat this season by the substantial margin of an innings and 37 runs.

  • Acknowledgement: Brian Pugh.