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Henry Altemus Co.

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Altemus' Printemps Series (1895)

Henry Altemus Company was an American book publishing company established in Philadelphia created by Joseph T. Altemus and his brother Samuel Altemus in 1842 (as Altemus & Co.) and continued by Joseph's son Henry Altemus until 1936. See more detailed infos about Henry Altemus Company.

In 1895, the company published 3 novels and 1 short story written by Arthur Conan Doyle in the Printemps Series (Series #152). All the books of this series had the same cover illustrated by Archie Gunn.

The editor misattributed the story "The Siege of Sunda Gunge" to Conan Doyle. It was included in the Volume 10: "The Hired Baby (and other stories)" .

Conan Doyle published by Henry Altemus Co.