Holborn Home Defence Corps

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Holborn Home Defence Corps is an article published in The Times on 22 january 1915.

Report of a meeting held at the Connaught Rooms (London), where Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gave a speech about the Holborn Battalion of the National Volunteer Home Defence Force.

Holborn Home Defence Corps

The Times (22 january 1915, p. 29)

The Mayor of Holborn, Mr. G. P. Porter, presided last night at a public meeting in the Connaught Rooms, at which it was decided to form a Holborn Battalion of the National Volunteer Home Defence Force.

The Benchers of Gray's Inn are recruiting a special company composed of Benchers and barristers. The Hon. Treasurer of Gray's Inn, Sir William Byrne, has consented to become honorary treasurer. The gardens and squares of Gray's Inn have been placed at the disposal of the corps for training purposes.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who spoke at the meeting, said there was only one thing which would beat the military spirit of Germany, and that was the sporting spirit which was essentially a British characteristic, and which he believed would be the saving of this nation in the present war. It was the spirit which never knew defeat, and which was drawing out old fellows who were just aching to do something for their country.

Any persons intending to join the force should communicate with the hon.' secretaries of the committee, 5, Verulam-buildings, Gray's Inn.