Holmes and Watson (play 2017)

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Holmes and Watson (2017)

Holmes and Watson is an American play, written by Jeffrey Hatcher and directed by David Ira Goldstein, performed by the Arizona Theatre Company at the Temple of Music and Art (Tucson, AZ, USA) between 15 april and 6 may 2017 for 24 performances and at the Herberger Theater Center (Phoenix, AZ, USA) between 11 and 28 may 2017 (18 performances), including 3 patient of an asylum pretending to be Sherlock Holmes.

Following Holmes's "death" at Reichenbach Falls, Dr. Watson is called upon to disprove the many frauds, fakes, and charlatans who have popped up all over the world claiming to be Holmes. Then, a newspaper clipping arrives. A remote mental asylum reports that three men have recently been admitted, each claiming to be the late detective. Each matches Holmes's physical description. But one of them is quoted saying something only the real Holmes could possibly know. Watson travels to the asylum to confront the three patients, convinced that one of them must be the real Holmes.




  • Director : David Ira Goldstein
  • Playwright : Jeffrey Hatcher
  • Scenic Designer : John Ezell
  • Costume Designer : Mathew J. LeFebvre
  • Lighting Designer : Don Darnutzer
  • Composer : Roberta Carlson
  • Sound Designer : Brian Jerome Peterson
  • Projection Designer : Jeffrey Elias Teeter
  • Fight Choreographer : David Barker
  • Dialect Coach : David Morden
  • Casting : Paul Fouquet (Elissa Myers Casting)
  • Associate Scenic Designer : Gene Friedman
  • Production Stage Manager : Glenn Bruner
  • Assistant Stage Manager : Bruno Ingram
  • Assistant Stage Manager : Timothy Toothman



  • 15 april - 6 may 2017 : Temple of Music and Art (Tucson, AZ, USA) x24
  • 11-28 may 2017 : Herberger Theater Center (Phoenix, AZ, USA) x18