Holmes for Rent

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Holmes for Rent (2016)

Holmes for Rent is a British play, written by Jack Plummer and directed by Robin Kendall, performed by the Music Theatre Warwick company at C Venue 34 (Edinburgh, UK) from 3 to 29 august 2016, starring Robert Madge as Sherlock Holmes and Ollie Yeats-Brown as Dr. Watson.

The play is an adaptation of the Christian Blex's German language musical "Sherlock H." It was first performed as part of a new work funding initiative run by Music Theatre Warwick and then re-cast and reworked for the Warwick Student Arts Festival.

An argument between Holmes and Watson turns Conan Doyle's fiction upside down. With all the classic characters, this music hall adaptation questions Moriarty's true identity. The play boasts an alternative ending with a different villain each night.


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  • Director : Robin Kendall
  • Playwright : Christian Blex, Jack Plummer, Robin Kendall
  • Composer / Pianist : Christian Blex
  • Producer : Ellie Fitz-Gerald
  • Choreographers : Ellie Fitz-Gerald, Rachel Elfassy-Bitoun
  • Assistant Director : Lou Scholes, Josh Stiggear
  • Costume Designer : Charlotte Beesley
  • Assistant Producer : Nic Miller
  • Stage Manager : Freya Jefferies
  • Set Designer : Eleanor Blackley
  • Lightning / Sound : Clara Shrager
  • Marketing Manager : Greta Bendinelli
  • Marketing Assistant : Chris Arnold, Ellen Whyte