Is Conan Doyle Right?

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Is Conan Doyle Right? (1923)

Is Conan Doyle Right? was an American movie in two parts (2 reels) written by Cullom Holmes Ferrell and directed by John Joseph Harvey released in USA in 1923 produced by The Nine-Ten Corporation (910 Film Corp.) and distributed by Pathé Distributors. Status: Lost.

It is unclear if Conan Doyle was filmed or played by an actor or just shown on photos.

Description by Pathé Picture: « Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a very distinguished Englishman, says this life is merely the vestibule for the Hereafter; that we take up life in the next world just where we leave it off here; that he is in constant communication with those who have passed on ; and that their message is one of Hope and encouragement to mankind. Sir Arthur is honest in his beliefs; there are others who are not, who seek to profit from the tears of the bereaved. This great two reel picture shows up the fakers and the crooks who seek to commercialize Spiritualism. Everybody in your community is either for or against Doyle's beliefs. It's the biggest topic and the biggest little picture of the day. Play it up and PROFIT. »