Is Spiritism Anti-Christian?

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Is Spiritism Anti-Christian? is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in the Daily Mail on 24 november 1919.

Is Spiritism Anti-Christian?

Daily Mail (24 november 1919, p. 8)

To the Editor of The Daily Mail.

Sir, — I observe that Mr. Coulson Kernahan [who stated in a letter to The Daily Mail that in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's new book the Founder of Christianity is described as a medium] is shocked at the idea that Christ and His disciples were psychic in the modern sense. Will you allow me to quote a conversation with Mr. Gladstone, extracted from the interesting book of reminiscences published recently by Mrs. Tweedale?

"Then, quite suddenly, Mr. Gladstone began to prove to us that the old Biblical scribes were convinced Spiritualists. From his intimate knowledge of the Bible he quoted text after text in support of his contention. 'Here He worked no wonders because the people were wanting in faith' he compared to the present-day medium's difficulty in working with sceptics. When Christ asked, 'Who has touched me? Much virtue has passed out of me.' He but spoke as many a modern healer speaks on feeling a loss of power. 'Try the spirits whether they be of God' is what all Spiritualists of to-day should vigorously practise.

"Conan Doyle in his book, 'The New Revelation,' touches upon those facts... and I remembered the impressive talk I had so many years ago with Mr. Gladstone. As Conan Doyle truly says, 'The early Christian Church was saturated with Spiritualism.'"

This should reassure Mr. Kernahan, unless he includes Mr. Gladstone also in his heresy-hunt.

Arthur Conan Doyle,
Windlesham, Crowborough, Sussex.