L'Heure des assassins (play 2023)

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L'Heure des assassins (2023)

L'Heure des assassins (The Assassins Hour) is a French play, written by Julien Lefebvre and directed by Elie Rapp and Ludovic Laroche, performed at the Théâtre du Lucernaire (Paris, France) from 25 october 2023 to 21 january 2024 and toured in France (see performances), starring Ludovic Laroche as Arthur Conan Doyle.

London, 31 december 1909. On this New Year's Eve evening and the inauguration of the new Somerset Theater, the musical success Peter Pan is programmed. While the public settles into the room, a small group of privileged people meets on the top floor of the building, in the private home of Philip Somerset, the owner of the place, a wealthy English businessman who made his fortune in the United States. Among them, Miss Belgrave, Somerset's beloved sister and singer, Arthur Conan Doyle, famous novelist father of Sherlock Holmes, the playwright George Bernard Shaw, Bram Stoker the theater administrator known for his novel Dracula, John Hartford, the American businessman with controversial morals and Somerset's right-hand man, and finally the beautiful Miss Lime, his personal assistant. As the bell rings to announce the start of the show, Somerset is found dead on the balcony. Impossible to raise the alarm, the private room was locked...




© Photos : Lucernaire.



  • Director : Elie Rapp, Ludovic Laroche
  • Playwright : Julien Lefebvre
  • Assistant Director : Mathilde Flament-Mouflard
  • Set Design : Elie Rapp
  • Lights : Dan Imbert
  • Costumes : Axel Boursier
  • Set Decoration : Les Ateliers Marigny
  • Video : Sébastien Mizermont
  • Production : Le Renard Argenté, Lucernaire
  • Partners : Pascal Legros Organisation



  • 25 october 2023 - 21 january 2024 : Théâtre du Lucernaire (Paris, France)


  • 12 april 2024 : Théâtre de Chartres (Chartres, France)
  • 16 april 2024 : Théâtre de Dreux (Dreux, France)