Le Bal des Momies (play 2019)

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Le Bal des Momies (2019-2020)

Le Bal des Momies (Mummys' Ball) is a Belgian play, written and directed by Patrick Chaboud, performed at the Magic Land Théâtre (Schaerbeeck, Belgium) from 29 november to 21 december 2019, and extra dates on 2, 3 and 4 january 2020, starring Philippe Drecq as Sherlock Holmes and Barnabé De Keyser as Dr. Watson.

After the investigations on the Ripper murders, Dr. Watson decides to rest on a cruise on the Nile aboard the "Karnak" steamer with a woman he loves, Lady Babington. During a stopover, he sees Sherlock Holmes embarking the boat, in holidays as well. Before the boat departure, Inspector Callaghanm from Scotland Yardm also embarks to investigate mysterious deaths of archeologists in the Valley of the Kings. The drama starts when a murder is also committed on the boat...


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