Letter to Harry Price (28 december 1924)

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 28 december 1924 to Harry Price about spiritualism, William H. Mumler, Howard Hulme, Houdini and the Crandon case.


28th December, 1924.

My dear Sir,

Many thanks for your good humoured reply. I am so sure and so wholehearted on this subject that I daresay I seem aggressive to those who have not had the same conviction.

At the same time when a man has been tried and acquitted of an offence I don't think it is fair to charge him with it. I am sure that Mumler was perfectly honest.

I hear that the spiritualists have nipped in the bud one Hulme who was appearing in the north as a photo medium. He was a fraud.

I am writing an article on Houdini and the Crandon case. It is a really bad incident and needs showing up. It should be the last of him as a Psychic Researcher, if he could ever have been called one.

With best wishes for 1925.

A. Conan Doyle