Letter to Harry Price (6 february 1926)

From The Arthur Conan Doyle Encyclopedia

This letter was written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 6 february 1926 to Harry Price about spiritualism, Mrs. Deane and a séance.


15 Buckingham Palace Mansions
6th February, 1926.

Dear Price,

You will think me persistent but I should tell you that I had a test sitting with Mrs. Deane this morning, brought my own plates, marked them at once, and got three psychic results out of four. I only keep on at you for I am anxious that you should not start your new venture with conclusions which are really quite mistaken. My medical eye searched her for any sign of the constant drinker also, but I found none.

She is to give me — for my museum — the shining leather wrist guard which these Magic Circle people glimpsed in her bag and which they imagined to be a plate carrier. On that occasion the man Seymour gave his word that the plates had not been tampered with, but they were all found to be marked. I think there is room for a very good exposure of this Occult Circle who seem to have no scruples of any sort.

With good wishes.

A. Conan Doyle