Librairie Charles Delagrave

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Librairie Charles Delagrave is a French publishing house based in Paris, founded by Charles Marie Eugène Delagrave (1842-1934). In 1865, he replaced M. Tandou in the publishing company Dezobry and Magdeleine. The company was quickly successful, recognized and awarded in various exhibitions throughout the world (Paris, Philadelphia, Antwerp, Melbourne and Barcelone). Specialized in books for primary, secondary school, university, and cartography by Levasseur. In 1896, the company was renamed Librairie Charles Delagrave. Today known as Delagrave Edition.

Conan Doyle published by Delagrave



  • 02.1927 : Extract of chapter 2 of The Hound of the Baskervilles in Les Maîtres de la Peur (by André de Lorde and Albert Dubeux) as La Malédiction des Baskerville
  • 12.1927 : Une Étude en Rouge (same content as 1903 with cover by J. P. Quint)



  • 02.1933 : Une Étude en Rouge (same content as 1903)