Liss v. Haslemere (article 11 may 1898)

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Liss v. Haslemere is a cricket result published in The Hants and Sussex News on 11 november 1898.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Haslemere) won.

Liss v. Haslemere

The Hants and Sussex News (11 november 1898, p. 5)

The opening match between these clubs was played at Haslemere on Saturday, and a very pleasant game resulted in a win for the home team on the first innings. In a second innings Liss made 61 for the loss of four wickets, A. Betsworth scoring 31 not out, and A. J. Christmas 15. The following were the first innings' scores. —

Liss — E. D. L. Power, b Conan Doyle, 2; A. Christmas, c Madgwick, b Hutchinson, 0; Alf. Betsworth c Mitchell b Hutchinson 10; T. A. Bridger, c Fagent b Hutchinson, 12; T. S. Jackson, b Hutchinson, 0; E. Bowley, b Conan Doyle, 4; R. K. Cardew, c Mitchell, b Hutchinson, 5; J. Holland, b Conan Doyle, 8; S. Hooper, b Hutchinson, 0; E. Brome Witts, not out, 0; W. J. Wills, c Mitchell b Conan Doyle, 0; extras, 3; total 39.

HaslemereDr. A. Conan Doyle, run out, 8; J. F. Doyle, c and b Bridger, 0; H. Madgwick, c Jackson b Holland, 24; R. J. Hutchinson, c Bridger b Holland, 4; W. Fagent, c and b Bridger, 3; C. Wilkison, b Holland, 7; J. Madgwick, b Holland, 7; Mitchell c Christmas b Holland, 1; B. Bicknell, b Bridger, 0; Creed, not out, 1; A. Fagent, b Holland, 4; extras, 5; total 64.