M.C.C. at Coventry

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M.C.C. at Coventry is a cricket result published in The Sporting Life on 27 july 1903.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (M.C.C.) won by 5 runs.

M.C.C. at Coventry

The Sporting Life (27 july 1903, p. 8)

Further proof of the effort that is being made to popularise cricket in the Coventry district was furnished on Saturday, when the M.C.C. met Coventry and North Warwickshire, the club, that has produced Frank Loveltt, whose excellent display with Warwickshire has been so favourably commented on. The match was played on the splendidly kept ground at Stoke, and was witnessed by a moderate gate. The M.C.C. team included Sir A. Conan Doyle, the eminent author, Mr. A. C. S. Glover, and three professionals. The home team batted first on a slow wicket. There was only one player on the C. and N. W. side who made anything of a stand in the first innings, and that was Hugh Rotherham, the Old Uppinghamian and captain of the Coventry Club, who contributed 21 not out. The whole side were dismissed for 37. Brown took six wickets for 25 runs, and Wainwright four for 10. The task set the M.C.C. was certainly not a very formidable one, and they just doubled their opponents' score and a little more. Sir A. Conan Doyle leaded the scoring with 22 not out. Brown put together 18, and H. Hawkins contributed 12. In their second venture the homesters fared better, scoring 71. The principal scorers were H. Rotherham, who was again at the top with 29. F. Kerby 20, and W. Bartlett 21. The M.C.C. replied with 36 without the loss of a wicket, Murrell being credited with 32 not out. Thus the visitors won by ten wickets. H. Hawkins, for the M.C.C., took three wickets for a like number of runs. Full score:—

COVENTRY AND NORTH WARWICKESHIRE. — M. Lorrimer c Brown b Wainwright 3 and b Brown 3, F. Kerby b Brown 0 and b Brown 20, J. B. Saunderson b Brown 1 and b Brown 2, H. Band c and b Brown 0 and st Murrell b Wainwright 1, C. J. Hill b Wainwright 6 and b Brown 1, H. Rotherham not out 21 and b Doyle 29, E. Rotherham b Wainwright 1 and b Brown 0, K. Rotherham c Hawkins b Brown 1 and c Doyle b Hawkins 0, H. A. Loveitt c Doyle b Brown 0 and c and b Hawkins 0, Hyde b Wainwright 2 not out 0, W. Bartlett b Brown 1 and b Hawkins 11; byes, &c., 1 and 3. — Totals, 37 and 71.

M.C.C. — H. Hawkins c Loveitt b Hill 12, A. C. S. Glover l b w b Hill 4, Murrell b Hill 8 and not out 32, C. E. Stevens b Hyde 2, Brown run out 18 and not out 32, E. Holt st H. Rotherham b Hyde 0, Sir A. Conan Doyle not out 22, F. T. Paine b Hyde 0, Wainwright c H. Rotherham b Kerby 3, F. Neville Jennings c and b Kerby 0, H. Smith Turberville b Kerby 0; byes, &c. 7 and 4. — Totals, 76 and (for no wicket), 36. Innings closed.