Many Faiths at a Peaceful Conference

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Many Faiths at a Peaceful Conference is a photo published in The Graphic on 8 october 1927.

The photo reported the meetings held on 3 october 1927 at the City Temple of the Fellowship of Faiths gathered together in common "Tributes to Christianity" with notable representatives of eight different faiths, including a Buddhist, a Protestant, a Theosophist, a Spiritualist (Arthur Conan Doyle), a Jew, a Mohamedan, a Zoroastrian and an Hindu.

The meeting being organized by Kedar Nath Ras Gupta.

The Graphic (8 october 1927, p. 44)

Many Faiths at a Peaceful Conference: Eight living world religions were represented at a meeting held this week at the City Temple, where the speakers gave addresses on what Christianity means to their different faiths. Sitting (from left to right) : Anagarika Dharmapala (Buddhist), Dr. F. W. Norwood (Protestant), Dr. Annie Besant (Theosophist), Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Spiritualist), Rev. A. Green (Jew), Standing (from left to right) : Dr. A. D. Jilla (Mohamedan), Rev. Theodore Smith (Zoroastrian), Mr. S. N. Mallik (Hindu), and Mr. K. N. Das Gupta, the organizer of the meeting.
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