Mr. Conan Doyle and America

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Mr. Conan Doyle and America is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published in The Daily Chronicle on 1 january 1895.

Mr. Conan Doyle and America

Sir, — I observe some impressions of America attributed to me in The Daily Chronicle which are quite unauthorised and largely incorrect. I formed no such sweeping opinion as to the institutions of the two countries, and I saw many points in which I thought that we had much to learn. As to the better feeling between England and America I was convinced that it was on the increase, and I believe one of the chief obstacles which it has to encounter is the irritating criticisms made by travellers, who generalise upon a short experience, and who fail to allow for the fact that conditions which are dissimilar to our own must evolve different types and different methods.

Yours faithfully,

Davos Platz, Dec. 27.