Mrs. Stewart's Mediumship

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Mrs. Stewart's Mediumship is a letter written by Arthur Conan Doyle published in Light on 2 february 1924.

Mrs. Stewart's Mediumship

Light (2 february 1924, p. 69)

To The Editor of Light.

Sir, — In an article in Light some few weeks ago, I pointed out some weak points in the case made by the investigators of the "Scientific American" against Mrs. Josiah Stewart. I explained at the same time that I had never tested this medium myself, and that I was merely commenting upon the face-value of the report before me. Since than I have had the opportunity of reading the details of an investigation held by the leading Spiritualist authorities of the United States some eighteen years ago, in which they come to the unanimous conclusion that Mrs. Stewart's phenomena were fraudulent. This seems to me to be quite final and entirely justifies the "Scientific American" in its conclusions.

Yours faithfully,

Arthur Conan Doyle.
London S.W.1.

It should he stated that Sir Arthur's letter is in no way influenced by the letter of Mr. Malcolm Bird, since he was unaware at the time of writing it that Mr. Bird was in communication with us. — Ed.