Neue Fälle für Sherlock Holmes (play 2014)

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Neue Fälle für Sherlock Holmes (2014)

Neue Fälle für Sherlock Holmes (New Cases for Sherlock Holmes) is a German play, written by Cornelia Wagner and directed by Saskia Leder and Kerstin Krug, performed by the Filmtheater company at the Theater Nero (Erkrath, Germany) from 7 september 2014, starring Lars Lienen as Sherlock Holmes and Markus Veith as Dr. Watson.

Mrs. Hudson and Dr. Watson are worry about Sherlock Holmes, as he withdraws to his room, bored and consuming drugs. He only get some relief when he two new cases come in a timely way : the first case is about a murder in which the son is accused of the killing of his father ; the second case is a bout a king and a mysterious Irene Adler.

The play is a mix between 2 short stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle: The Boscombe Valley Mystery (1891) and A Scandal in Bohemia (1891).


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