No St. Vitus Dances

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No St. Vitus Dances is an article published in The Pall Mal Gazette on 8 april 1912.

No St. Vitus Dances

The Pall Mall Gazette (8 april 1912, p. 7)

After solemn deliberation the International Dancing Professors and Masters, in conjunction with authors of dance music (says the "Daily Chronicle" Paris correspondent), have awarded prizes to two new dances. One is quite topical, in view of the present epidemic of crimes, as it deals with Sherlock Holmes. It is entitled "Sherlockinette."

The other is termed "Triple Boston Mondaine," and is described as suitable for high-class society, being very "artistic, elegant, and supple."

The jury rigidly excluded a whole series of dances which belong to what may be described as the epileptic variety.