Ordnance Survey v. Portsmouth

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Ordnance Survey v. Portsmouth is a cricket result published in The Hampshire Advertiser on 17 may 1884.

Arthur Conan Doyle's team (Portsmouth) lost.

Ordnance Survey v. Portsmouth

The Hampshire Advertiser (17 may 1884, p. 8)

The match was played on the Southampton Ground on Thursday. The Survey won the ... ... but the effort only realised 60. William Tindall being the only batsman to reach double figures, ... ... due to the excellent bowling of Fowler and Hemingsley. The Portsmouth Club fared but little ... and the last men were in before the small score of 60 could be reached, the visitors being eventually dismissed into an exciting finish for 67, or 7 in the good. J. Le Grand bowling exceedingly well throughout, and the ... of the Ordnance Survey was both close and good. Captain Creswell was especially brilliant at point. The Survey in their second venture played up with much determination, and at the call of "time" had accumulated the fine score of 140 for the loss of J. Calder hit in brilliant fashion for his score of 55. Score:—

ORDNANCE SURVEY. — G. Bagshaw, c Hemingsley b Fowler, 2, and c Pase b Hemingsley, 3; E. Coward, l-b-w, b Fowler, 8, and b Hemingsley, 6; Capt. Creswell, b Fowler, 7, and b Cotton, 16; J. Calder, b Fowler, 9, and b Cotton, 55; W. M. Tindall, c Agate, b Fowler, 15, and b Fowler, 12; E. Shrimpton, c Agate b Hemingsley, 7, and b Cotton, 7; W. Butler, b Fowler, 3, and b Fowler, 24; W. Fellows, c Agate b Hemingsley, 0, and not out, 5; Major Bolland, not out, 4, and l-b-w, b Fowler, 0; J. Le Grand, b Hemingsley, 0, and l-b-w, b Cotton, 0; E. Bennett, b Hemingsley, 0, and not out, 0; Extras, 5 and 12; Total, 60 and 140 for 9 wickets.

PORTSMOUTH.Dr. Doyle, b Le Grand, 15; G. Hayter, c Creswell, b Le Grand, 0; J. Agate, b Le Grand, 2; B. Cotton, c Shrimpton, b Tindall, 13; H. Street, c Creswell, b Calder, 8; F. B. Hallatt, b Calder, 4; W. R. Fowler, c Bolland, b Calder, 3; W. White, b Le Grand, 1; W. Vaughan, not out, 7; W. Pate, b Le Grand, 4; R. Hemingsley, c Creswell; b Le Grand, 2; Extras, 8; Total, 67.