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The Psychic Press and Bookshop (1927)
Frontispiece, The Psychic Press and Bookshop (1927)

Pheneas Speaks : Direct Spirit Communications in the Family Circle reported by Arthur Conan Doyle, M.D., LL.D. is a book written by Arthur Conan Doyle first published by The Psychic Press and Bookshop on 21 march 1927.

The book presents several communications that Conan Doyle had with spirits. In the first part, the spirits are relatives (brother, mother, editor, etc), and in the second part with various spirits including one called Pheneas who brought important revelations.


Pheneas Speaks


It is no easy task to edit such a volume of home-circle communications. They are in their very nature so intimate and personal that one has a hesitation in presenting them to the world, and yet some of the teaching is so helpful that it was clearly meant for a wider circle. It is impossible, however, to confine the account to such passages, as to do so would be to lose that setting of beautiful comradeship which concerns itself with the smaller things of life as well as with the greater, and turns the Communicator into a dear brother as well as an august teacher. Our family life would lose something very precious and essential if the bright presence of Pheneas were withdrawn. This, however, is a calamity which, we are assured, will never occur.

Great excisions have to be made in this record. A large part of them consist of prophecies as to the immediate future of the world. All this must wait until its publication should seem advisable, and may form a second volume in the future. Let it be briefly stated in regard to them that any earth changes are remedial, and introductory to the happiest era which has ever been known.

Apart from these excisions, there are many minor ones which contain matter which is too personal for publication or too remote to either, interest or instruct the reader. Only about one third of the entire script is included in this record.

It is now five years since the great gift of inspired writing first came to my wife. In her intense honesty and deep modesty, she somewhat retarded it at first by holding back her impulses in the fear lest they should come from her own subconscious self. Gradually, however, the unexpected nature of the messages, and the allusions to be found in them showed both her and me that there were forces at work which were outside herself. Sentiments were expressed. quite foreign to our own. Information was given which was sometimes mistaken, but in many cases, as will be shown in the text, was absolutely correct, including many prophecies as, to world events, which were later fulfilled. As to, the mistakes, it is well that the reader should realise, if he does not already do so, that even a high spirit is not omniscient, and that the knowledge which he has is conveyed to him, and so to us, in particular ways which may lead to misunderstanding. It is for this reason that the recipients, of such messages should always test each assertion with their own God-given reason, and apply to them all the usual safeguards of common sense.

Our first written communications, dating from early in 1921, were from relations and friends who had passed beyond the border. Occasionally also we had visits from strangers who were attracted by what they called "the light" — a common other-world description of the psychic atmosphere of a séance. This family intercourse, and the incidental interventions have been treated shortly, as they are of secondary interest to the reader. Footnotes have been freely used throughout to enable the reader to understand the situation. Here and there a name has been changed, which is better than that use of alphabetical letters which takes the human reality out of any narrative.

On December 10th, 1922, Pheneas, my guide, came through for the first time, and from then onwards he took chief control, though by no means to the total exclusion of the others.

In April, 1924, the writing mediumship changed to semi-trance inspirational talking. The Medium never completely lost consciousness. but her hold upon her own organism was slight. The eyes were tightly closed, and never opened until the power had left her. This has been the usual method of communication up to the present day, and careful readers will observe how the messages increased in power as fuller control was gained.

I repeat that the sentiments expressed by no means represent those of the Medium or of myself. Speaking for both of us, I may say that though we share the admiration which the whole world feels for the life and teaching of Jesus, we neither of us realised Him in the vivid overwhelming fashion which was characteristic of some of these messages. I have personally often felt strangely unworthy of the role allotted to me of broadcasting things which seemed to come from so high a source, and were worthy of a far more spiritual messenger. I have found it impossible for this reason to transcribe many of these communications, but their general tenor is not affected by the omission.

I would stress the fact, however, that much of the teaching is absolutely foreign to my wife's conscious convictions, or to my own.

It has pleased our Guide not only to give glimpses of the life in the other world, but to touch upon the conditions which we may personally hope to find. I hesitated to include any of this, but I reflected that there was nothing to show that such conditions were not common to many others, and thus there is no special merit claimed by their attainment. They are interesting as very closely corroborating other descriptions of the other world which my wife has, I am sure, never read of, so that they could not have lingered in her subconscious memory.

Our three children, Denis, Malcolm, and little Jean, whom we call "Billie", were respectively thirteen, eleven, and nine when the Mediumship began, and it covers the gap between childhood and early adolescence. I explain this as it accounts for the tone and substance of the messages which the Control has sent them: sometimes playful, sometimes practical, always loving, like a wise and tender elder brother.

To all of them he has been a guiding star in their young lives. There are some no doubt who would feel that such intermediate relations take something from that whole-hearted Communion which should exist between man and his God. This is the argument which the Unitarians use as to the worship of Christ, and it is one which should, I think, be very seriously considered. But the Christ conception brings an unthinkable God within the limits of our finite brains, and in this way enables us to be in mental touch with some concrete image instead of a mere vague outreaching of the soul. The same argument applies, as it seems to me, to all those higher Spiritual beings who may exist between ourselves and the level of Christ. They are the steps of God leading ever upwards, the lowest step no less part of the whole than the highest. Protestantism abolished the old saints, many of whom no doubt may have well deserved such abolition, but they placed nothing in their stead. The old idea that a Francis of Assisi, or a Vincent de Paul was near us, taking an interest in our actions, and ready to respond to an appeal seems to me to bring actual religion into our everyday life in a very practical and intimate way. We do not neglect God by honouring one whom we look upon as nearer to Him than we are ourselves.

That is the view which I take of such high Spiritual Guides as Pheneas. If our thoughts turn to him in everyday life it is that he stands for everything that is high, and that he is a near and a familiar figure. Let us compare a man's position under the eternal with that of an Indian villager under the British Raj. When he is in trouble, or claims redress, he does not make a personal appeal to the king. He turns to the king's representative, who may be no more than the local police inspector. If the matter is more than can be dealt with, it goes back to the local magistrate, to the district commissioner, to the provincial governor, to the viceroy, finally to the high authorities in London.

So it seems to me a very human and reasonable scheme that our immediate Spirit Guides have others behind them, and yet others, extending in an infinite hierarchy through such a great Spirit as the Christ up to the unthinkable centre of life and of love, and that the lowest vibration may, if needful, be transmitted to the highest. Such teaching has come from the beyond, and seems to be borne out by all that I can learn of the true functions of such a teacher as I have described.

Let it not be thought that such Communications are easy, and that we can at will get what we desire of help or knowledge. There have been months on end when we have longed for Pheneas, and sat awaiting him with every condition favourable, and yet he has not come. Then at another time, unexpected, unannounced, in the midst of conversation, in the course of a meal, he will suddenly, with altered voice and sweeping Oriental gestures of greeting, make his presence known. He is always a high gentleman, however, and never intrudes at a time when his presence might put the Medium in a difficult position.

Any further difficulties which the reader may find, or explanations which he may seek, may perhaps be dealt with in the script itself, or in the notes attached. We shrink from the sending of it forth, for it is all very sacred to ourselves, and yet we appreciate the satisfaction which it would be to us if we knew that it brought comfort or knowledge to others. We would beg the most orthodox reader to bear in mind that God is still in touch with mankind, and that there is as much reason that he should send messages and instructions to a suffering and distracted world, as ever there was in days of old. No doubt the picture presented of a coming world which is arranged upon the same general lines as this one will seem revolutionary, and possibly repugnant to many readers. Those who are psychic students, however, when they have passed the kindergarten of physical phenomena, and gone on to the vital messages beyond, will find with very few exceptions that the same sort of life is depicted. The reader who desires fuller information upon the point is referred to the works of Swedenborg, Andrew Jackson Davis, and George Vale Owen; also to many more recent volumes of personal posthumous experience.

Crowborough, December, 1926.

I. Some Communications Received Apart from the Pheneas Messages

As specimens of the Family Communications received in the early days of mediumship, I take the following [beginning at July 21st, 1921]. My brother-in- law, the distinguished novelist, E. W. Hornung, had passed over a short time before. Getting into touch through my wife's mediumship, with my eldest son, Kingsley, who passed in 1918, I asked how it was with Hornung.

Are you in touch with Willie Hornung?

Yea, he came over all right to us.

How is he?

He is heavy and tired. But he will improve. Already he is better. His mind is more open. [He had been intolerant about Spirit Communion in his lifetime.] He is sorry, and he realises things now.

A long pause.

I am Willie. I am here. I am so glad to be here. Arthur, this is wonderful. If only I had known this on earth, how much I could have helped others. However, it is too late. I am with Oscar.∗

  • ∗ His son.

It is so glorious. I am working and feel so well.

It is so nice to be free from my asthma.

You are happy then?

It is a wonderful life—so high and fine in all ways. Worth living for. If only people knew!

There is such heaps and heaps I want to say to you, Arthur. First of all, to tell you that I love you all. I have learned a lot since I came over here.

Is your present work literary?

Yes, of a kind. It is most interesting. I prefer it to my work in the world. It is so much more vital. It really counts.

Could I finish any of your work here?

Not much, thank you. It does not matter. We will leave it so.

I wrote a preface about you in your posthumous volume.

I saw it. For a time it is better not to speak to my people about this.

You remember that Oscar sent messages?∗

  • ∗ The son had sent evidential messages through us, but the parents had turned them down on religious grounds.

Several times. But we would not listen.

Oh, the pity of it! Oh, the pity of it!

If I had my time over again how different I would be. But it is too late.

The knowledge was not given you.

No, but I'll progress here. I am doing so.

Well, I always admired you.

Yes, I know you honestly admired part of me. It's hard to break off. It is such a joy to come back the first time.

You are very welcome.

Thank you, dear old fellow. My love to all.

What's the use? They won't believe it.

Never mind. Plod on. You will win through. Right is might.∗ Goodbye. God bless you!

  • ∗ This was very characteristic. He was fond of little jests and inversions of this sort.

Some days later E. W. Hornung came again.

This is good.

I had been hoping to get through again. I feel rather selfish, for there are so many others who wish to communicate, but they made me come.

Would you come to the medium, Miss Besinnet,∗ and show yourself?

  • ∗ A famous American materialising medium who was visiting the Psychic College in London.

We have seen her. She is a fine medium and a good source.

Is my teaching right?

It's fine what you say and just right and true—all of it. I am in the third sphere—homeland. I am glad I am in it.

Shall we come there?

Rather. I have learned much over here. I am longing to be really close to you both.

So do we.

That's so lovely. I wanted that to complete it. The pity is that we can't see each other face to face.

The Medium had a dream of a lovely place.

Yes, it was your future home. We felt it would do her good to see it.

She finds it hard to realise.

She must believe it is true. She will one day live in it with you and your dear ones.

It is a very sweet place—full of charm. There is water near and great peace.

You have no idea how much we are round you all, or how we associate ourselves with your daily lives.

How about Innes?∗

  • ∗ Innes was my only brother, fourteen years younger than myself. He died as Brigadier-General and Assistant Adjutant General of the 3rd Corps, so worn out with his war duties that he had no reserve power to meet the pneumonia, contracted just after the Armistice.

Fear not. He will come through very soon. He is still resting. He needed it very badly, they tell me. He told me he had seen you, Arthur.

I was aware of it. It was like a vivid dream.

We are, of course, all together, but he is not doing much yet.

I am so glad you have taken this up.

I am fearfully interested. I hate to think of not having had it all this time, but now I am going to make up.

Have you active amusements?

Rather. And I am no longer handicapped by my horrid old asthma. You would not recognise me. I am much improved in appearance.

Any good my telling Bute?∗

  • ∗ A relative.

None whatever. He is even worse than I was. He will learn in time. But a little too late.

Could you help in psychic photography?

I'm not sure that I can.

[Hornung came again, some months later. I take his conversations in sequence, but there was much between.]

Hullo! I'm Willie. This is good.

You enjoy coming?

Isn't it natural that I should, considering that I have been cut off from you all so long. I do so love getting through to you, but I am so new at it all. Jean∗ has two fine guides—one a very high guide who has come to help her in this work.

  • ∗ The medium.

So many are here.

By the way, there is a fellow here who played cricket with you upon earth. He has just come over. He has never seen or heard of this earth telegraph and is greatly interested.

Can you get the name?

Names are terribly difficult. You see a name does not represent any sort of an idea. It is an indigestible chunk. You can't suggest it to the Medium's brain. But I will try.

[The Medium then wrote a sequence of letters which made no sense, but ended with CINI.]

If that is a name it is an Italian name. I never knew an Italian who played good class cricket.

Well, he is here and sends his regards.∗

  • ∗ This was most evidential. Paravicini, who played for Middlesex, had died two days before, and neither the Medium nor I were aware of it. I can't remember playing with him, but it may have been so.

After our first American tour Hornung came again at a séance. I had a message from him through a medium at Toledo, and I had actually seen his son Oscar plainly materialised.

I am Willie Hornung.

Hullo! I have not touched you since Toledo.

It is true, old man. We were there.

Should we go to America again?

Yes, rather. The seed needs sowing in many places.

You know that I saw Oscar?∗

  • ∗ I saw his materialised form with every feature clear as plainly as ever in life.

Yes, he was awfully pleased that you saw him then, and that you are always so ready to get into touch with him.

He is getting on so well over here in many ways.

What about Cynthia?∗

  • ∗ A living relative.

I fear it is no good, old chap. She is too much in the grip of the church. Alas! She will be so dreadfully sorry.

God bless you a thousandfold and keep you in His care—all of you in this blessed home, the centre for all of us on this plane.

From that time onwards we heard occasionally from Hornung, always in the same characteristic strain, but presently the advent of Pheneas displaced the other Communicators. I will now give some specimens of Communications received in those early days from my brother-in-law, Malcolm Leckie, D.S.O., a splendid young doctor who gave his life under heroic circumstances at Mons. His messages are characteristic of his own sunny, lighthearted and modest character.

Dear old chap. It is good to be here.

We love to have you.

I don't often come because there are so many others who need it more.

I am so happy, and life is very full here and so interesting. I go on with my medical work, but it is much more vital, and means much more to me now. I am helping some on your plane. At Guy's Hospital there is a good man whom I impress with my greater knowledge. He will be well known some day. Names are so difficult. You will be very happy when you come here.

We would be glad to come if we could all come together.

No, you are needed so badly where you are. You are greatly privileged in carrying the banner — Christ's banner.∗ We'll see to your health —never fear.

  • ∗ This is the sort of message which honours but embarrasses us.

Ask about anything, dear old fellow.

What about Spirit healing?

It is great—ever so great. Spread the news. The world needs it so.

You would have called it quackery.

But I know better now. They [the doctors] will get past that, and we will be able to work through them then. If only they would have open minds, and receive this great truth and knowledge.

What about this drought?

We are so sorry for you—on the top of the war. Humanity has had much to bear.

They will not get down to the truth.

Yes, you are right, Arthur. We all feel that. But times are changing. Soon you will see proof of that.

What about your mother?

She is so young looking, and very happy. She is full of laughter here. It is good to see it. We are helping to prepare your home. We know just what you both like. It is already looking sweet.

At his next visit he said—

It's I, Malcolm.

I should so much like to send dear old Pater all our loving birthday greetings. We have all been with him so much.

Kingsley is Denis'∗ special guide.

  • ∗ The elder of my two living sons.

He loves him devotedly, as we all do. He is sent direct to do good work in the world. He is a great trust. Guide him well. He is encircled with power which will lead him ever upwards, helping, strengthening and guiding him. We love him and you greatly. Malcolm and Billie∗ are fine.

  • ∗ My younger living son and my younger daughter.

In your old world you do need bucking up so badly.

Can we believe all this?

We tell the truth, dears. We could not do otherwise,

You died like a hero.

I simply did my duty.

[A step was heard at this moment outside the door. I knew it was Mr. Leckie, Malcolm's father, who was not in sympathy with Spirit Communion.]

That was Pater.

Yes, I saw him. It is such a pity that he can't sit too, so that I could have the joy of speaking to him again.

Shall we say so?

Yes, do, from me.

Other messages from Malcolm Leckie will be found later in their due sequence. I would now give some early messages from my son Kingsley, and from my brother Innes. Neither of them were in sympathy with Spiritualism in their lifetime, and both of them came back through several mediums to deplore the fact. The same applies to my mother, some of whose messages are given.

July 31st, 1921

[Kingsley is here.]

The power is good. It could not be better.

There is so much I want to say in so short a time:—

Where are you?

I am very close. I can see you all clearly.

How fine that is.

Yes, it is great. I hear you clearly. You will be able to see us soon. Jean's mother is here. She thanks you for those flowers.∗ We are a great party, all one and so happy.

  • ∗ These had been put on the grave.

The Mam∗ understands all about this great truth now, and only regrets she didn't when with you.

  • ∗ My mother, A.C.D.

She could not know.

[Here my mother broke into the dialogue.]

Yes, but I ought to have trusted your judgment, my own son.

Poor dear Mammie.

Not poor now — just the opposite.

You did all connected with my affairs just as I should wish.

[Noise was beard of Billie at the door.]

That's my Girlie.∗

  • ∗ This was my mother's typical word.

We live in our own homes.

This is such a help. The bridge is found for us all.

Leslie is all well, living near us, working out his own line. Barton∗ is not quite in sympathy. He does not approve. He will grow in strength. We all do. It comes.

  • ∗ Inclined to rationalistic materialism in life, though a most excellent fellow. Leslie was my brother-in-law, a distinguished officer of Engineers.

[A friend, Lily,∗ intervened.]

  • ∗ Lily was a high soul upon earth and my wife's intimate friend. She died in 1916,

Jean, you are awful at not believing. It is really wrong, old girl. It is not your subconscious self. Do, for Heaven's sake, get that out of your head. Trust more. We are too close to allow any intruder.

Were you at my meeting?

We all were. We always come to hear you whatever we may be doing. You did good work. You influenced some good people there who will help the movement greatly, so it was a rich. evening in many ways.

[Kingsley returned.]

It is a joy to be with you. I am always near him, Jean, helping and building him up. The sun shines ahead. Let the reflection come now. Our loving arms are round you all, and God is in His place.

Why do you not call me what you did in life?

I do in my heart still, but somehow it is so difficult to get any names through, especially what we feel in our hearts.∗

  • ∗ The Medium of course knew perfectly the name which the Spirit failed to convey.

How about Innes?

I was with him to-day. He is getting on well, making great progress in every way.

Will you help in psychic photography?

Yes, I am keen on that branch of science. It will go far in proving immortality. The Medium is tired. Good-night. God's blessing he on you both.

[My brother Innes came for the first time.]

I am so glad to be here. It is so grand to be in touch like this. Arthur, we have been with you at both your lectures. You did better work than you realise.

Can you see John?∗

  • ∗ His son.

Rather. I am always with him and my dear ones. Thank you so much for your love towards him. It makes me so happy. He is going to be a grand man. I'm so proud of him.

You were his age when you came to me.

Dear brother, I remember it all so well. We will see heaps of each other in the time to come—such a happy time awaits you all. No more partings then.

I saw you in a dream.

Yes, but it wasn't a dream. We were really together. We often are when you are asleep. That is our meeting time. But you can't bring it back with you on account of your earthly work.

August 2nd, 1922

A stranger came. He said—

Soon great things will happen—so that the whole world will see for itself how true all this is. No one will laugh then. Only regret will be felt for the foolish stupidity of the ignorant. I wish I could tell you what it is. It would gladden your hearts, and give you greater courage.

For God's sake, Sir Arthur, strike hard at these people—these dolts who will not believe. The world so needs this knowledge. If I had only known this on earth it would have so altered my life—the sun would have shone on my grey path had I known what lay before me.

October 10th, 1922

On this day an undeveloped spirit came who said he did not believe in God.∗ I talked to him and said we would do what we could to help him.

  • ∗ The prevalent idea so often put forward by our clerical opponents that an evil spirit should be avoided seems to me most immoral and un-Christian. If a thing is evil one should strive to make it less so.

Then Lily came—we told her we had tested the spirit.

Always do so, dear ones. He heard you. You have helped him. He is coming again, he says, to talk to you. He says you are the only humans who have ever helped him since he died. We will help also. He is earthbound, so you can help him best. He has not been over very long. He will soon get on. He has a good circle working for him. [His family, no doubt.] The light will soon shine for him also. He is standing near and heard you. He is very pleased.

Don't hurt the medium.

The Spirit: Friend, thank you with all my heart. I will not abuse your trust.

Lily: Bless you both. So many of us are here to-night. Mother was called away, but she has come back. She stands by you, Jean, and strokes your face. Trust us always in all matters. Our love is so great for you, that it surrounds your daily life, and if you leave yourselves open, we can then guide and help you more.

Your own guide puts an atmosphere all round you whenever you are to be used as a channel between the two worlds—Look upwards only all the time.

Shall we go to America to spread this teaching?

Go, and God's blessing go with you every mile of the way.

Shall we take the children?

You could not leave them. They, too, in their own way work well for the cause. We saw that in Australia. They sowed good seed for the cause. We will see to all arrangements. Never fear. All will be arranged for the best for you all. You are ambassadors for God, and humanity, in the world, so never worry about the trifles. Trust everything to us. We know. We can see all right, but when we are together don't lose a second. Trust us, dear old Arthur. We will help you all right. You will find it quite easy. The veil is thinner all the time because of the perfect unity.

What do you do in your world?

We develop our gift for music, and we look after the orphan children, loving and mothering those whose hearts have been starved upon earth. Far, far more to do here than on the old earth. Nothing in people round ever jars. It makes everything happier and more complete.

Tell us more about your world.

It is lovely. I never saw any home on earth to compare with ours. So many flowers, a blaze of colour in all directions, and they have such wonderful scents, each one different, and all blending so deliciously.

Can you see other homes?

No, it would spoil the peace if one could. Nature only sometimes one wants. Every home is an oasis, as it were. Beyond is wonderful scenery and other sweet homes, full of dear sweet, bright people, full of laughter, from the mere fact of living in such wonderful surroundings. Yes, it is beautiful. No earthly mind can conceive the light and wonder of it all. We have rooms as on earth, but so much lovelier. The colours are so much daintier, and the fabrics so much more delicate. The whole scheme of the home life is so much more radiant. Flowers cover my home. Such roses. Jean saw a piece of her future home.∗ Bless you, dears. God's great love fills every heart with its own desire.

  • ∗ In a dream vision.

October 11th, 1922

I had given the undeveloped spirit an appointment for eight next evening. He came.

I hope you are happier.

You have helped me already. Please go on helping me. You are the only being who has since I left the earth. And I do need help so very badly.

We will see you through.

Bless you for saying that.

Can you hear us?

I hear every word. I see you too in this wonderful and sweet home. I want to say that I did not believe in a future life. And now I know I was all wrong, and I am all at sea in finding myself over here.

Perhaps we can make it clearer to you.

Please say anything that will help me, friend. I am ready to listen, for my eyes are opened. It is all grey. Yes, that's the awful part of it. One's surroundings are so horrible.

I hope you will soon get out.

For God's sake tell me how.

You believe in God then?

Oh, I do, I do. I see it now for myself.

You'll soon come along.

Bless you for saying so. I'll try.

[I encouraged him and explained things to him.]

That would indeed be great. May it be better soon.

Will you pray with us?

I'll say a prayer with you now. [We prayed.] I just didn't care. But oh, how deeply I regret it. But your words have encouraged me more than I can say. Bless you a thousand-fold for all you are doing for me.

Can you tell us of yourself?

Not now. Please help me in my present plight. My mind is open now to any idea. It is no longer closed.

Be unselfish. Try and help the other unfortunates.

You encourage me so. I shall feel less lonely if I talk to you as often as you can spare the time. Thank you with all my heart.

Tell us of your surroundings.

In good time that may come. Let me get right first. Already it is easier. A little light seems to glimmer through the darkness.

[My mother came.]

You have already done that poor man great good. There are many like him through that dreadful materialism. Dear one [to me], don't work too hard. [I smiled because this was characteristic.] Don't laugh at me, you naughty boy.

I'm much younger.

You were thought once to be my wife.

Yes, wasn't it fun. God bless you, my own dear son, and my own beloved Jean.

October 19th, 1922

The grey spirit came.

Oh, I am so much better, dear good friends. I am trying very hard to go up-hill.

What about God?

I begin to see how wrong I have been in that direction. My mind is learning many big truths. I have seen my own dear mother, who passed over many years ago. She says she has waited for me.

Did you not see her before I spoke to you?

No, not until then. I was in too dark a place for even her to penetrate.

You must help others.

I have already been able to help one poor lonely soul over here, and he is better too.

When did you die?

I have lost all sense of time. I don't know how to say how long it is since my death.

Who was king?

Oh, George. I will tell more later on if you will only keep in touch with me.

Your mother can do all that.

Yes, but you can help me so tremendously. Some day I hope I will be able to repay you in some small way for all you have done for me.

Do you mind my coming to you? I could not resist speaking to you. I want to tell you how I am coming on. It is all thanks to you. Oh, I am so much better and happier. I have travelled far. All thanks to your guidance. Yes, thank God, my mother has reached me. Before, the darkness was too deep to penetrate.

Are you level with our people?

Not yet. But before long I will be in their wonderful homeland. Let me just say this. God bless you and the medium, and this dear beloved home of light.

[We learned from this spirit that the vibrations are so different between different grades of spirit life that he could not see our own people when they were with him in the Circle, but only a light. They, however, could see him.]

June 1st, 1922

[My mother came. The children being present.]

Oh, my dears. I am so glad to be with you all. God bless you, darlings. Why, of course it is I, Jean, my beloved. I am so glad, dearie, that you brought the lambs∗ to-night to meet us. My son, you are tired. It grieves me to see you so. Do rest more. But I know Jean will see to that. God bless her for taking care of my dear, beloved son. There are many here all drawn by a great love.

  • ∗ This was a characteristic phrase

Were you at Miss Besinnet's?∗

  • ∗ We had a séance with this great American medium.

It was Jean's mother and Lily, but I was there too. Uncle Henry is here. All the uncles and all the other Catholic relatives are very much in sympathy with you now in your work.

[To the children.] Bless you, my treasures. Your guides are very noble souls, high and lofty, and when you try to do your best in your daily life you please them beyond words, and make their work easier. Their names would convey nothing to you, but still you will know them very soon.

Yes, Denis, he sent the name [Sebastian] through to you. He is so sweet a spirit, beloved by everyone over here, and Denis takes after him. He is so proud of the way the boy is developing. You, too, Malcolm, dear one, have so lofty a guide, noble and very high of purpose. He loves you greatly, and wants you to realise his presence in your daily life. You have the power to reflect his greatness upon earth, live up to his beauty of character, and make the place you fill in the world great. God bless you!

Bless the sweet child [Billie]. She is greatly loved by all over here. She has two guides, one a child, and one a very lovely spirit who has been over here some time, and whose joy it is to work upon the earth plane by training, and by influencing those whom Christ has given him charge of.

[Another spirit came.]

I am John Delane.

What, the editor of "The Times"?

Yes, of course. This is grand, Doyle. Really I am so glad to talk to you, old friend.

You surely mistake me for my grandfather?

I knew him, but I know you too. You see we can make friends from this side.

What do you think of Northcliffe's work?

It has been very good on the whole. He is an honest man. But it has all been too much for him.

Will he be here long?

Not on your plane.∗ He will continue to do good work for the old country when he gets over here.

  • ∗ This came true; he died within a few months. We had no reason to think that he was mortally ill. I may add that the name and reputation of Delane were quite unknown to my wife.

Do you edit a paper now?

There is no need here. We know everything. It is like wireless in the air, and all so much bigger and larger and so splendid. It is great, this life.

Do you know Hornung?

Yes, we have met once, but we are both very busy, and we have not much in common.

Sir, John Robinson?

Yes, rather. He is so fine. A greater man over here than down below.

Wemyss Reid?

No. I have not come across him yet. But if you wish it I will endeavour to get into touch with him.

James Payn?∗

  • ∗ These were three old friends. Robinson was editor of The Daily News. Wemyss Reid of The Speaker, and Payn of Cornhill Magazine.

Yes, we are in close touch. Our homes are close together. Our sympathies are close. That is why. It is the rule over here. Nothing jars over here. There are no cross currents. I am interested in many things, mostly human now; the progress of human development. above all the regeneration of the earth plane. I am one of those who are working for the cause on this side, hand in glove with you.

A pleasant home is being prepared for you! Not only by your own people, but by all those others over here who sympathise. They are working at it too, and it is beautiful beyond words, so glorious and peaceful, and sweet and flowers—flowers—everywhere. And water, and trees—such trees!

[The Medium.] Is it for me, too?

Why, what a silly woman you are to ask such a question!

It is for you, too, that it is prepared—all from love of you both, and of all those around you. A complete whole. God's blessing rest upon you all in this dear and beautiful home.

Will all be well with the movement?

Yes. Never fear. The light will be the greater for the darkness you have passed through in fighting for truth. It will come very soon, as God wills it. Nothing can stand against that. No powers of darkness can stand for one minute against His light. All the crowd working against it will be swept away. It has been a pleasure to come and to know your dear home circle. Thank you so much!

[Kingsley came. Children present.]

Dears! Dears! Dears! Bless you all, oh, so much. I am so often with you, but you do not know it. I am continually in the house, and in the garden. I watch the children play, and sometimes play with them, but unfortunately they do not know it.

Denis. Where are the snakes with you?∗

  • ∗ Denis was a great lover of snakes.

In their own place, old chap. We are so proud of you, Denis, and the way you are developing in every way.

Have you games?

Yes, old boy. Much more than on earth. You have your work on earth to do before you can come here—God's work. Prepare yourself all the time, Denis, darling, for that. We love you greatly, and watch over you all the time.

What about Malcolm?

Bless him, the dear fellow. We are with him continually helping and guiding him. We want him to realise that and to help us all we can. He has a great chance to do very great work in the world. He must always have that thought before him to help and inspire him to make a great effort to achieve what he can do.

The children will be well guarded. All is well. Trust more, dear. They are guarded. The power over them is so strong.

Denis will be clairvoyant. The whole family is very mediumistic.

[At this point my elder sister, Annette, who passed thirty years ago, took control.]

Yes, it is I, Annette. Tell the children that I love them all so much, and it is one of my most precious duties and joys looking after them, and helping dear Jean in her training. They are so beloved, and will do you both great credit, and will bring joy to your hearts, and a golden light to your life. God's blessing rest upon you all, my dears.

Where are you?

It is difficult to explain to you the conditions over here. I am where I would most wish to be, that is with my beloved ones, and where I can keep in close touch with you all upon the earth plane.

You will be out of our reach.

Never, dear Arthur.

Have you food over there?

Not in your sense, but much nicer. Such lovely essences and wonderful fruits, and other things besides which you don't have on earth. Much awaits you which will very much surprise you, all beautiful and high, and so sweet and sunny. Life was a preparation for this sphere. It helped to prepare me for it. Without that training I should not have been able to enter this glorious and wonderful world. The earth is the training ground where we learn our lessons, and this world is our great reward, our true and real home and life—the sunshine after the rain. Good-night all, my great dears, whom I love so. Please remember that I am continually in your beloved home, working with you and through you, and guarding you all.

November 15th, 1922. [With my sister D.]

[In the new flat.]

Of course it is I—Mammie. My darlings, it is such a joy to me to be with all you dear ones in this dear new home. Bless it and you, and all who enter its doors. You see I am so happy to get into touch with you that I use too much energy I suppose.∗

  • ∗ She was writing too swiftly.

D., my darling girl. I am so glad to talk to you once more. Try this yourself. You will have the power also. I see you as plainly as if I were sitting in this arm chair.

Oh, do go on, Jean, dearie. Time is so precious, and there are so many here wishing to talk. I do so wish you could see me.

Oh, Arthur, my boy, my own beloved son, this world is so wonderful. All that you are telling the people about this life is true, true.

My one regret is that I did not fully realise what you were doing when I was with you, but now I know, and I am overjoyed at being able to work with you from this side.

Poor Cynthia, so good and kind, but alas! her Church is filling all her thoughts and her life to the exclusion of all other ties. You can do no more, my son. Leave the rest to God.

D. might learn to write.

Oh, my dear, that would be such a joy to me. We will keep in close touch then, and I can help and advise her as I long to do, and will do.

What about the undeveloped spirit?

I know. Yes. He is getting on. I want just to tell you this, that I am happy, happy beyond all the words that I could use. There are no words to describe the wonder and joy of this life—the peace of it is past all understanding. Oh, that men could know what lies ahead of them, what there is to work and live for. All would be so much easier for them then. They could endure more if they knew. My child, there are oceans of things I want to say but I must not tire you, my lamb.∗ God's great blessing rest upon you all, and keep you in perfect peace. All is well. Good-night.

  • ∗ Characteristic

December 28th, 1922

[Alec, a nephew by marriage, killed in the war, came, accompanied by my son, Kingsley.]

Kingsley. I had to come. Alec was so anxious to come. He is beside me now. I am with you all the whole time. Tell Mary∗ she must keep up her music. She will be so glad when she comes over here if she has used her gift to the highest and fullest. Let that inspire her. Tell her I am with her continually. Alec wants to speak.

  • ∗ My elder daughter — my wife's step-daughter — Kingsley's sister.

Alec. This is good. I do wish you all had better eyes and could see me. The power is going, so be quick. I was at the Cenotaph, and so was Kingsley. We went together with some of our dearest. pals. I don't know if I was photographed. But you go to Mrs. Deane and be photographed, and I will be with you. Then you will know how close I am with you in all that you do. My work over here, thank God, is to look after my people. I only wish I could give you all some of my happiness, it is so great.

January 18th, 1923

[I am here. Mother.]

Did you see the flowers?∗

  • ∗ We had put some on her grave.

Yes, I saw them, and I loved you both for buying them for me. I loved also those from your dear home.

Dear ones, your tour in America will be a very great success. Strength, enormous strength, will be given to you, dear. [It was.] It makes me so happy to see you both. So it will be for all eternity. Jean, darling, if I had planned my future I could not have thought of such perfect happiness, such joy. You cannot fail. The power behind you is too great.

February 11th, 1923

[A dark soul came. Made a motion of doubt and despair when we asked him if he believed in God. I consoled him.]

I was a very old man.

How long over?

It seems an eternity. This is a wonderful home. If I had had such a home I would have been different. I will come again. Thank you so much, my new good friends.

What name?

Just a "dark soul."

You will soon be right, I hope.

With God's help.

[Oscar Hornung came.]

You remember the London sitting?

Rather. I loved hearing the children's voices. I know you saw me. I'll show myself again to you both.

I have never seen your father.

And you won't for a long time.

Your mother will learn, I hope.

It won't be very long, I am thankful to say.

Of course I know Cyril.∗ I am very fond of him still. We'll be with each other a lot when he comes over here. Tell him not to worry about anything. A lot of happiness lies ahead of him. Things will be better for him than they have been for years.

  • ∗ My brother-in-law.

The power is not so strong to-night. The vibrations of last night are still in the room.∗

  • ∗ Some people, who were rather material, had been there. Soon the atmosphere will he cleared again.

Who are the children's guides?

When the time comes you will know. All of you will know and see your guides one day.

Bless you all. We will be at your side. With this great knowledge at your heart you are greatly helped. Therefore help others all you can. Look ever upwards, and just try your best day by day, and that will lead you here in the end, right up to this glorious world.

February 13th, 1923

[The dark spirit came.]

I feel that I have now someone who is interested in my condition here, and that is a great help to me. With your help and encouragement no doubt I shall progress into something better.

What was your creed?

I never thought of such things. That is why I am here. It is very grey and lonely. I only hope you will never find yourselves here.

Could you tell us of yourself?

Not yet. I should like to very much later. I was a snob in life. I wish I had known more people like you, real humans, not just society fluff.

My father was pretty high up from a social point of view. My mother also. They passed on many years ago.

Have you seen them?

No, not yet. They did believe in God. Thank you for keeping this appointment. What you have told me heartens me beyond words.

There is mercy for all.

Thank you for your help. Now I will go ahead. There is something to live for after all. Bless you all. I do already feel happier.

Are you still there?

Yes. Do you think I want to go? Rather not.

Can you see our people?

I can see a wonderful light round you. That may mean them.

Don't hurt the Medium.

No, I promise you on the word of a previous gentleman.

Did you live in London?

Yes, for the season. I shall never be able to repay you for this.

[Shortly afterwards this dark spirit came and thanked us for helping him.]

The mist is not so thick.

Are you on the earth surface?

I cannot tell.

[A second stranger said.]

This is the first time I have been back, and I have been over many years. I want to say that Spiritualism is changing the world. The whole tone of life will be changed as a result of its teaching. God bless you all!

[A friend came.]

What about our wireless experiment?

Of course we know it and are pleased. We can't use it yet. Conditions are not ready yet.

Our side is not fully prepared. In a very short time we shall be ready. There is only one link missing in the chain. There is a big band over here working entirely upon it. They and we realise how very important it is to the human race.

[Kingsley, speaking of this, said:—]

We have a very wonderful instrument over here, but it is not quite perfect yet. There is one vibration wrong which will not work with your waves.

Will it soon be right?

Yes, we hope before very long. It will first come through an outside source, and will cause a great deal of talk in London.

[My mother came.]

My son. My beloved son. Who else should come if I, your own mother, did not

Any message for Denis going to school?

Only this. He must trust always in God, and know that so many dear ones are always round him guarding and guiding him very closely all the time. Kingsley, too, has special charge of him. He has arranged many things for his welfare and happiness. You need not worry about anything concerning him. All is well, and God's blessing goes with him all the time. I lay my hand upon his dear head and say: "Never fear anything—only in your thoughts look upwards to all that is beautiful, happy and noble. Go in great strength to school, knowing that all will be well and happy. Work in the world awaits you. Prepare yourself for it. Live up to the great privilege which has been granted you to do this noble and uplifting work for the world. God bless and keep you in His loving care."

[To Malcolm—my second son:—]

Tell the dear laddie that we love him very much and watch the development of his character with close attention. He has a noble and very dear guide who loves him greatly, and he asks me to tell him that he will watch over him very closely through the term. He says he wants him to try very, very hard to have a high and gentle influence—an influence that will be felt through all the school.

Malcolm's guide made a great name for himself at his own school when on earth. He was greatly loved for his high moral standard, and left a great reputation behind him. And he is most anxious that Malcolm should follow in his steps. God's rich blessing goes to him, and our love.

There are twenty-two people here round you to-night, all loving you greatly; some you have never met in life.

October 12th, 1923

[Mother came.]

I am a thousand times more joyous than when on earth. I want to say this, dear, that the world is nothing, and all that is in it is only a make-believe. This is the real life where we can express ourselves to the fullest, where love prevails, and where all sorrows flee away.

We have all been helping in Japan.∗

  • ∗ There had been an earthquake with great loss of life.

Are there many spirits present?

More than the room will hold.

Mrs. Blatchford∗ is often with you. She is in your circle. Not now. She is with a daughter who is not well. [This proved to be true, and is highly evidential.]

  • ∗ The deceased wife of Robert Blatchford, the well-known Publicist.

Listen to me, dear one. There will be great changes shortly in the spiritual life of the country. There will very soon be a great and good man who will come to help you in the fight. He is almost through the mists now, and will soon be at your side.

October 29th, 1923

[A half-hearted spirit came.]

Do you believe in God?

Yes, in a way.

[I gave him some advice.]

Thank you for what you have said.

Are you the dark spirit we used to know?

No, he sent me. He comes down here to help us. I will try to go ahead. Money is the curse of the world.

I don't want to leave the warmth and happiness of this wonderful place —but I will go, as you say I must, but may I come again, and will you promise to help me?

You can stay here.

You are indeed good and kind. I will if I am permitted to do so.

December 30th, 1923

[A strange spirit came.]

Do you believe in God?

I did not until I came here, and then my eyes were opened.

I am two above the earth plane. I simply thought of money. I realise that now to my cost.

You will be all right in time.

Bless you for saying that. It is not so dark now.

[Mother came.]

I should like you both to have a little holiday. You should take care of your health.

My darling, I carried off some of the flowers you put on my grave, and had them in my home at Christmas in memory of my own little girlie.

Then you keep Christmas?

Very much more here than on earth. It is so happy for all. A time of great rejoicing and love everywhere.

Is Lily there?

I see her every day. She tries to fill your place until you come. Her home is near. Your home is very, very near, and so glorious.

Like this one?

No, ever so much more beautiful and graceful, and so full of flowers and all that is lovely, and then we have our own atmosphere.

February 4th, 1924

[Rev. Vale 0wen and wife present.]

I am Ellis Powell.∗ This is great to meet you both again. The work is going on splendidly. Far greater strides have been made than you have any idea of. Very soon you will have evidence of this.

  • ∗ A well-known Spiritualist and Great Scholar.

What about that big man?

He is hovering on the verge. He can't quite make up his mind to come out into the open.

[To the Vale Owens:—]

They are to go on with their noble work. All will be well with them. In all ways. They are blessed from the other side.

[From Mrs. Napier.∗]

  • ∗ A friend recently dead. This lady had been told the truth of Spirit Communion before her death.

I want to thank you with all my soul for what you did for me on earth the night you dined with us. I cannot tell you how happy I am with all those I had lost. Now I am living.

Do you approve our work?

Yes, in every way.

Will you help the work?

It is my great joy to do so in a very humble way. You have got a most wonderful bodyguard round you.

Please give Lady Cowan my love.

May 25th, 1924

[Mother came.]

So happy, darling. We live in a most wonderful home. This life is very wonderful, so full and happy and peaceful. Such bright faces everywhere, all living at their best. We long for humanity to realise what lies ahead of them. The earth life would be so much easier to live, for hope would always be in everyone's heart. Tell the people, Arthur, not to fear death, but to live with it in their thoughts, knowing that if they just in their daily lives try to live straight, clean lives, they will look back with thankfulness when they reach the portals of death—the entrance gates to this wonderful existence. Tell them that Love is the keynote of life —let your hearts radiate out tenderness for all who need it. If there is love and unselfishness, sunshine will illuminate the whole world, and every shadow will flee away.

[Willie Hornung came.]

We realise things over here, and would give a great deal to have our time over again. We are blind on the earth plane to our great chances. If humans only realised that self does not count, then how different lives would be.

What about this new house idea?∗

  • ∗ We wanted to find a place near to nature.

It is most important. We want you to go to see it again, and we will impress you then with what we want you to do in the matter. It is a wonderful place. The atmosphere is perfect. You were led there. For some time we have had that place in our minds for you. We shall arrange it all for you in such a way that it will seem quite easy.

[A famous medium, who was present, said that while Pheneas was addressing him, he saw a bright light all round the Medium, and that it filled him with such awe that he wanted to kneel.]

[A fresh spirit came.]

The vibrations grow thinner and thinner until we shall soon get so close that they will cease to exist.

Who are you?

I am a friend who is working with you. Yes, I believe in God with all my soul, for I have seen His glory. I am one of your guides. You have many.

Your name?

I am a man who made good. I was a rotter upon earth.

I would like to say that when I came over here I realised with sorrow and humiliation the mistakes I had made—the lost chances. I saw that my earth life represented nothing but failure. I was stricken to the very soul for many years. I struggled upwards. It was a hard fight. But as I got nearer to this wonderful world I saw a light in the distance, and round this light I began gradually to see figures, and there were my dear ones waiting for me. Then I joined them in a glorious—such a glorious—home. My task was done. I had made good. My one desire, my one prayer was that I might do some work for God and for humanity. So they let me help you. And they told me I might come and speak with you. May I call you a friend?

I am proud to be so called.

God bless you all! May His angels surround and keep you till we meet.

II. The Coming of Pheneas

December 10th, 1922

[J.C.D. and A.C.D. My mother came.]

I am so happy, my beloved son. We all know and love you for the thought. [We were about to lay flowers on her grave.] But not while you are so busy, dear ones. I can't bear you to tire your dear self.

What about the undeveloped spirit?

Your guide says you did him untold good. He has progressed far. He is almost here. His mother guards and helps him onwards and up. Your guide is such a high soul! He loves you beyond words. You are often with him at night. He helps and instructs you over here. The name is Pheneas. He is a very, very high soul, sent especially to work through you on the earth plane. He died thousands of years ago in the East, near Arabia. He was a leader among men. He wants me to say, dear one, that there is much work before you.

In this world?

Why, of course, my darling, it is here on this grey earth that you are needed. Your guide is here. He places his arm round you and kisses your brow and blesses you, and blesses you both.

It gives us such joy over here to see the love light always round you in your own dear home. It is our earth centre. We are happy in that sweet atmosphere. Bless and keep you all, my dears. Your guide is here.

I am proud to have such a guide.

[Pheneas speaking.]

We are brothers. Your wife is invaluable to us. We use her a great deal.

Do I work on right lines?

You are right. Go on as you are doing. You are doing far more than you have any idea of. It is far-reaching, the effect of it.

Shall we go to America?

It is God's will. It is ordained.

The children too?

Yes, emphatically. Yes. You are all needed, each in your own way doing work for the cause.

What about the Medium's guide?

We are old, old friends, so it is grand working together. He is so dear and sweet a soul, beloved by all who come near him. Julius, his name.

This has been a happy evening for me. I have often wanted to come to you, for you see you are so much to me, and it hurt that I meant nothing to you. Now we are close. It will be easier for me to work through you in consequence.

[The Medium asked if she did wrong in being angry with persecutors of the Cause.]

Quite right, my dear soul. We, too, were furious, so how can we blame you for being so. But they too will know the truth very soon. It will be the biggest thing that has ever happened in the earth's history. But great blessings will follow. All the shadows will flee away.

December 15th, 1922

[J.C.D. and A.C.D. Pheneas came.]

You beloved brother—your new brother.

I said good morning to you.

I know. I have heard you.

Look after G.V.O.

I will. He is in God's hands. You need not feel responsibility.

Shall I write about Stacey?∗

  • ∗ This was a young clergyman who needed help.

Wait a while. Things will change. Very soon. [They did.]

Did you get into the photo?∗

  • ∗ I had got two faces, vague and misty, in a spirit photograph by Mrs. Deane.

I tried to.

Was the other Julius?

No, not he, but someone else who helps you greatly—who takes care of you physically.

I should thank him.

You need not. He sees your gratitude.

I fear I give him trouble.

No, you are quite sensible.

Come with us to the United States.

Yes, but a much stronger guard than I will be with you upon the whole journey. They are very, very high. They are amongst God's chosen band. I have only this to say. We bless you, we bless the medium, we bless this house, we bless all belonging to you, we bless your home, we bless your beloved children, we bless this circle of light of which you are the centre. God's power be upon you and yours.

[The Chosen Band of whom he spoke were afterwards independently seen and described by a medium in Los Angeles.]

December 28th, 1922

[Pheneas speaking.]

It is I.

Can you hear me?

Most assuredly I do. Every word. Every thought.

What about Major Bates?∗

  • ∗ This was a spirit communicator reported from another who seemed rather and used an Apostolic name.

He thinks he is in one of the high spheres. The disciple theory filters through to each plane, so that in the lower spheres a teacher might use the name. If he is so self-satisfied he is not on the higher spheres.

Can I do more?

You could not do more. Never fear. just go ahead. We are all at the back of you. We planned your coming here. We know the dear place and we love to see our dear ones in it. This is a great centre for us and those on the grey earth plane. God bless each and all.

March 8th, 1923

[J.C.D., A.C.D. Pheneas speaking.]

I am an Arabian.

The best of races.

Thank you, dear friend. Naturally, I think so. I lived at Ur.∗

  • ∗ It is stated that the lower part of Mesopotamia was settled from Arabia. Vide Browne's Story of the Jews, p. 22.

Did you live at the time of Abraham?

Before then.

Do you know Mrs. Carpenter's prophecies?∗

  • ∗ This lady had some information about the future.

Quite well. It is all part of the scheme to dilute [sic; deluge?] the world with this knowledge.

Ought I to spread it?

Not yet. We will tell you when. Tell no one. There is so much I want to say, but the time is not yet.

You can say as much as that, but do not tell the exact source yet.

Never fear. Soon the things which are done in God's name which are cruel and wicked will not be able to exist. All shams will be swept away by then, and only truth will live. Love—love—love. England won't be like the present England then in any way.

I am able now to keep in much closer touch with you both. Lily is very, very close to you always. It is her special duty to look after you and the children. God bless you, my dears. This has made me very happy. Keep peaceful. All is well.

I fear the world is hopeless. Even after the fearful war, humanity is no better. It must change, and a new world be built up on real Christianity. This which you are preaching is the foundation of what is coming. All cruelty will vanish, because mankind will know and realise things then. Love will prevail, and so God's Personality will live everywhere instead of darkness. Go right on with the work you are doing, for many more must learn.

October 20th, 1923

[The long interval was due to our absence and constant preoccupation in our second American tour.]

I am your guide, Pheneas.

What is the Arab salutation?

From the forehead. My best of brothers. Call me by the name you think of me by. I was with you at the Californian séance when they described me.∗ I was with you, working with and through you.

  • ∗ A medium had described a very noble Arabian figure behind us.

On my health?

I will make you rest.

[N.B. — Three days later I was knocked down by a bike, and had to lie up.]

You are to do what we say. Rest will not be time wasted, but gained. You attempt too much all the time. Let things wait. No harm will be done. You are to walk a mile morning and afternoon. whatever the weather is like. No tea. No work before eleven, nor after six. Dr. Westcott will work on you at night. Take bismuth twice a day. The hut is good. Don't have the 'phone there. The tired feeling will then quickly go. You must. Yes, it is vital.

January 19th, 1924

[Before the boys returned to school.]

I am your beloved son's guide.

[To Denis:—]

I shall be with you continually, my own dear boy, helping and strengthening you in every way. Now I want you to realise this—that to win great things you have to make an effort, so try hard to look upwards. Realise this, too, that you also have great work to do upon earth. Prepare yourself to be worthy of the privilege. Brace yourself up in all ways, and remember the love of many unseen dear ones is always round you, so you can never, and should never be lonely even when far from your beloved home. God's blessing rest upon you all through the weeks. Try hard, dear boy, to win what we have put aside as a great reward for you.

You each have a strong guard round you. All will be well with you if you only do bravely what comes to you on life's road.

You each have certain things marked out for you, and if you each try to do your real best in them, there are certain very great joys and happinesses in store arranged for you when you come to your wonderful home and life over here. Then how thankful you will be that you did make the effort and did not miss these things which will gladden your hearts so much. Try, my beloved boys, with all your might to be pure and to be strong. Do what you have to do with all your strength, and be happy, realising all that lies ahead of you, and of how blessed you are above your fellows in your great knowledge.

[Denis] Why should one sometimes feel troubled?

That is just what the whole of life's training is for—and in return one has the tremendous happiness and rewards which await humanity over here. Be worthy in every way to deserve it. just try in your daily life to do your simple duties as they come—that is all that is required. You will be greatly helped in every way. Never fear or doubt.

Sebastian is my spirit name, my beloved boy. Kingsley is very busy on an important work far from here.

Gird up your strength to do all that we have set our hearts on this term. We are more proud of you than I can tell you, my beloved charge. You more than fulfil all our hopes. We were so happy that you realised our presence and nearness.

The veil is ever thinner, so we can help you more and more.

We meet often over here at night.

I was an Oriental—an Arabian—and I lived some time after your father's guide.

You come over here at night. It is a joy for us to take you. We do so because you are doing so well on the earth plane.

[Denis] Do I go to Loon Lake and Jasper in my sleep?∗

  • ∗ Places we visited and loved in America.

You go to both, but so quickly that they blend into one. I never knew a brother love another more than Kingsley loves you. There is a glorious home awaiting you all over here.

March 8th, 1924

[J.C.D., Denis, A.C.D.]

I am your guide. It was my deputy who was seen near you at the service. I was preparing a very great work which is to be done before long on the earth. The time passes, so I had to be there to superintend. It is part of the awakening to prepare peoples' minds, to clear away some of the cobwebs from their clouded brains, so that the light when it comes, will shine through.

Is our idea right about the future?

Yes, it is. Of course, dear friend and brother. I shall be by your side.

About America?

We will let you know later about that. Those over here who are working with you have two or three plans in their heads. As soon as they have worked out their future scheme of action we will at once let you know, so that you can make your plans accordingly.

You are very well looked after, so have no anxiety. We all need your help, so of course great care will be taken.

[Then came a wonderful gesture of soothing and peace.]

[Another spirit came.]

Do you believe in God?∗

  • ∗ We always ask this as a safeguard, as advised by St. John.

I do. I do. I do.

Who are you?

You talk to a man who used to know Pheneas as a boy on earth many thousands of years ago.


Near Arabia.

Pheneas was a magnificent man when on earth. Honoured by all who knew him.

He is a great power over here.

He is here now. He stands by you. But he wished me to make your acquaintance.

What name?

That may come in time.

We will call you Pheneas's friend, and mine.

That is grand.

In this room at this moment are some very high spirits.

The light is great. Even I can hardly bear it.


I should not have said "even I." That was not worthy. Christ would not have said "even I." Nor would Pheneas.

You meant no harm.

No, I didn't. Truly, truly I didn't.

Very great power is collecting round you at present.

Because of what lies ahead of you.

May I be worthy.

The day will come when all men can see. Some will then be stricken to their souls, others will be uplifted, others ashamed, and others will fall on their knees with joy. The truth will be written large in the Heavens so that all can see.

What practical steps should I take to spread this truth?

We will tell you when and how to move.

It is advisable meanwhile to use your own judgment and to speak with those whose minds seem to you to have a window which may admit light.

Sunday, April 6th, 1924
Written in Winchester Cathedral∗

  • ∗ We were kneeling, in the dim cathedral when the urge to write came upon the medium.

[Pheneas writing.]

Beloved. Before long the real spirit of God will come into this – His house. All will be changed and the people will come then. It is an empty shell now. Soon it will be filled with God's radiance.

You shall be guided.

Peace be with you and yours, and God's sun shine over you all. The shadows already are falling upon the earth. Signs will come more and more rapidly, so that the eyes of the people will soon be opened. Their unbelief will fall as a dark garment from them.

Look upward always. God is in heaven and all is well.

April 19th, 1924

[J.C.D. was taken by spirit control (Pheneas) and spoke.]

He said:—

That all would ever be well with us. That great changes were at hand.

After some hesitation he said that the time was not yet ready for me to speak.

When I did, it should be bit by bit.

He said that God would be manifest upon earth.

He said people would be softened. All hypocrisy and pretence would vanish. Spiritualism would come into its own.

It was all most wonderful and impressive.

April 27th, 1924

[Pheneas speaking.]

Each of you has his work ordained [for that time], to help and guide those who know nothing. You must all prepare yourselves for that great responsibility, to be worthy of the glorious work God has selected you for.

The period will not last very long, though it may seem long to those who go through it.

What could the children do?

They could even now teach many clergymen.

Mr. A. says it will be mental.

He knows nothing.

What should we do exactly?

You will be instructed.

Listen to this. Years ago in Jerusalem was a man, and he was great, and the world would not know him. But the day is at hand when all the world, all colours and creeds will bow to Him, and every knee will be bent.

You will love the work when it comes. You will be happier than ever. So will all your circle. Your psychic powers will be developed then, and you will yourself see as you have great psychic power, but we do not encourage it, for we are sure you would rather work for others.

At your lectures your halls are crowded with earthbound spirits.

[In reply to the usual test question.]

I believe in God, for I have seen His glory. We shall go with you to Bromley,∗ beloved brother. All the time you are working for the cause.

  • ∗ I was lecturing there next day.

We guide you always. It is best not to press things, but to leave them in our hands. We have our plans all arranged, and as the time approaches we impress you, and you will have no trouble or doubt. The difficulties will be smoothed away in all directions.

[This was so.]

May 31st, 1924

[A.C.D., J.C.D.]

Great things are approaching. All that has the slightest glimmer of spiritual life in it will be cultivated, either in this world, or in the higher or lower spheres.

God will come into His own at last, and all shams will fall away and all wolves in sheep's clothing be exposed. The last will be first, and the first last in the eyes of all men.

But all the sects will react to it.

Every sect is done for. The people know too much. The churches have failed in the past, and people will turn to those who have been in direct spirit communication.

The Medium knows this. She senses it. Her powers will develop greatly. She is, as it were, a small bridge between two enormous countries. There is a deep chasm, but you can clasp hands over it.

Take all this down. We are most anxious to have a record, as it will be invaluable.∗

  • ∗ I lodged a complete record at my bank.

Through this knowledge they will have consolation. They have been like sheep, rushing about in all directions, beating their foolish heads against a blank wall in their attempt to find the door of death. They all missed it, and died stunned, but Spiritualism is a great, wide open gate, which leads to all that is glorious.

We must keep close, for people can't do big work without hope and confidence, and anticipation of great happiness. We are always in close touch with you.

June 15th 1924

[Family—Cyril, our clerical relation.]

[Pheneas speaks.]

We have been waiting for you to sit. Time is short, and there are few channels for us to tell so much that is important. Don't lose an opportunity. I want to say this. A new world will arise—new in all ways. Then all the shadows and darkness of the present world will be extinct. If humanity knew how different the world could be. Waken up their sluggish minds. You are helping all the time.

Everyone has their part to play. What a thing to live for! What a privilege! The veil will be rent, and all shall see their dear ones. It is essential that you should teach them that the dead are alive.

[To Denis:]

A new spirit is coming to help you. He is lofty. He will help you while you are at school until you are back with your people. He is a wonderful guide. He will help you greatly. He comes for that special purpose. He is a wonderful spirit. Have no fears. All is well.

[To Malcolm:]

Remember—God's blessing rests on you. Live up to that in all ways. You are meant to do work for Him. Try to work towards that. You are going to have a great opportunity. We are pleased with your progress. Go on. You have a fine guard round you. You can be great. Billie is grand. She, too, will have a lot of work to do when the time comes. All the children are blessed in their knowledge. Look forward with infinite peace of heart and soul.

The sunlight is on the path, and your shadows are all past.

How shall we know Christ?

How could anyone fail to know Christ? Yes, the chosen will see Christ. Every soul will see Christ eventually. Every soul will grow until only the Christ Spirit will be there.∗

  • ∗ This corresponds with St. Paul's saying that every man has a Christ in him.

This message has already gone to a certain number. We are now using every channel, but don't want it preached. We want it to come to full tide. It is essential that you sit more often.

The big man I told you of is held back by worldly weakness.

There are many leaders doing good work.

There are noble saints in all creeds.

[At this point the light became too low for me to write.]

Pheneas went on to say that among the Chosen would be many savages, and others who had been good men. They had a better chance than bigoted theologians. The state of the churches was a scandal, and a cause of deep shame and sorrow to those on the other side. They were really against God rather than for Him. Where was the warmth of love which should exist in them?

July 5th, 1924

When the great change comes to humanity then all creeds and churches will cease to exist, for the people of all nations will realise how they have utterly failed them in their hour of need. All, all, every colour and sect and nation will turn to spiritualism, and so the world will be changed, and the shams will be swept away for ever. Then comes the Millennium. When you come over here to the land of your dreams you will find that only love prevails, and the sun shines, and all, all is beautiful, and the heart is never hurt. From here you will see the progress of the world under the new conditions. it will all be most interesting and wonderful to behold. The crop is nearly due, the seeds are almost all in, the rain is now to come, and then the sunshine. It is the greatest thing that could possibly happen for humanity. God bless you and your beloved soul's mate, your boys, your girls, all those you love, or who have ever been kind and loving to you.

Is it Pheneas?

Yes, it is indeed, my most beloved brother. You must take care of yourself. To-morrow keep warm, and rest, and we will work upon you.∗

[N.B.—I had a chill.—A.C.D.]

[To my wife:] There is no need to worry or be anxious about him.

Can you hear us?

Yes, and I can also see you all.

[I told him of the Brahan Seer.∗]

  • ∗ He was a Scotch prophet of the fifth century. "The Prophecies of the Brahan Seer" are now published.

Thank you. It is most interesting. That has no doubt been all made up to him.

One always gets level?

Always, always, always.

How about Cynthia?

[Here Pheneas departed, and presently another took his place.]

He has gone to enquire, but he left me to keep the vibrations open for him. I am on guard. I am Johanna. I work for Pheneas. He is indeed a very, very high spirit.

Not Johanna of Arc?


Has she ever been near us?

She has several times. Your book and your interest in her brought her to you.

She is a very great leader and force over here for the proclamation of this great truth upon the earth. She is one of those who will meet you upon your arrival in this glorious world of life.

[To Denis:]

Go on trying in all ways, my very dear boy, and you will be glad and thankful afterwards, besides making many of us very proud and happy about you over here. God bless and guard you, one and all, in this dear home circle.

July 8th, 1924

[Pheneas speaks.]

My beloved ones—You had closed down by the time I got back. Johanna is my right hand.

Cynthia is progressing, they told me.

She will soon be all right?

Yes, it depends upon her own efforts.

I want really to say many things to you. So much that is of importance to the world has been decided upon here of late.

Oh, my God, what a good thing it will be when the dross—the dross —will be swept off the earth. The make-belief, the poison, the sham gods that have been created, the theology which has arisen like a great cloud between humanity and God, the Father and his children. That has got to disappear.

The face of the earth must be cleaned.

Not only the lower humans, but the earthbound spirits must be cleared off the surface of the earth. The whole thing must be pure, new soil for humanity to grow in. The atmosphere must be new. Otherwise it would be like taking a new, frail, delicate plant, and putting it into old, worn-out soil. So that is one of the reasons why even ground which seems only to hold nature must still be renewed.

It will be wonderful afterwards—far more beautiful than it has ever been in the world's history.

The time is coming when Christ will proclaim Himself.

Will He preach Spiritualism?

He won't need to preach it. The world will see the truth of it, and bitter will be their regret.

How shall we know Him?

The world could not fail to recognise Him. This time He comes into His own. It is not like last time, when He was obscure.

How about many other sects having the same idea of future happenings?

We want light in the house. It matters not whether a servant, a slave, or a wise man pulls up the blind.

As sure as the dawn comes to-morrow, so surely comes the New World.

July 17th, 1924

[Pheneas speaks.]

We are glad you have come to the New Forest.∗ It is a good place for you. Nature is wonderful there. Her vibrations are more unspoiled in the New Forest than anywhere in England.

  • ∗ We had taken a furnished house for two months.

[Here Pheneas begged us to darken the room more. I had to write in the dark.]

When the light is wrong it is like a wrong note in a chord. It breaks the harmony.

The power of the love of the angels is round you all. We long to have you with us on this side.

I want to tell you this. Christ will only announce Himself as Christ when he comes in His glory. Only a chosen few will know of Him when He is here as a human being.

This is a good house.

We would not have allowed you to come into it if it were not.

The owner, then, is a good man?

Apart from him, and he is a good man, there was somebody who lived here many years ago who was a saint upon earth.

I have been reading that Christ will manifest through many different people.

Is that so?

He will be here as an individual. But through His presence on earth there will radiate out from Him to those who are themselves spiritual and Christ-like in temperament, a still greater power and spirituality. In that sense your informant was right. Christ is like a battery which sends out power to smaller batteries, which can give brighter light from this reinforcement from the main battery.

What about these messages from another circle which are sent me? They want me to write a preface?

Your name must not be put to that. It would do harm. Their communications are from a pompous soul on this side. He has too much brain and not enough soul, as is the case with so many good men upon earth. The subjects show that it does not come from a very high source. Surely this world needs help in a practical way at this time. Humanity needs balm and comfort and inspiration, and not talk of dead things.

Still it is useful for them. They are being prepared for something better. It is like opening up a new soil, taking off the grass and the old surface, then you will get to the real soil underneath. They are being prepared, these people.

What about the spirit control?

Brother, I am sorry to say I don't know much about him. We have more vital work to do.

There are many things I want to say to you.

[Then followed long, detailed descriptions of coming events.]

And what of England?

England is to be the centre to which all humanity will turn. She is to be the beacon light in this dark, dark world. The light is Christ, and all humans will strive to get to that light in the great darkness.

Should I publish all this?

We will let you know about that. I advise that you prepare your material and have it typed, but not in final form, so that you can add what is to come. Then it would be ready when it is needed.

Do not do it through the press, but as a continuous thing which people can take home and read. Publish at the lowest possible price that all may have it.

But it would startle people.

No, they will already be startled by other things. It will have a soothing effect.

What about Scandinavia?∗

  • ∗ I had planned to lecture there.

Our plans are not yet fixed. We are very much of two minds. We feel that you are needed more here in England.

England leads the world, and if England quickly accepts this then it paves the way for every other country.

You dissipate your power by going away now at this time. While the iron is hot you should strike in this country.

But I shall lecture here this winter.

We want you here, not there, but we may arrange it so that you shall not go.

I am in your hands.

We see further than you can do. We are like people with a telescope. We see ahead with longer sight.

I will take your advice.

You always do. That is why you are so helpful to us. Good-bye, and God bless you.

[Before this last remarkable sitting a spirit came, who said:—]

I only know you through someone you have helped. It was my mother. You helped her by giving her other world knowledge when she was broken-hearted. I was killed in the war. My mother and I have once been in direct communication. She is going to pass over soon. She knows a great deal, and is happy now, but she owes it all to you originally. I know your brother-in-law, Leslie. I was an officer in his corps—a Royal Engineer. Leslie told us all about the sitting.∗ He was amazed. It was all quite new to him. I will look for Barton. In return for what you have done for my mother I will help him.

  • ∗ I had for the first time got in direct contact with him at a séance.

August 9th, 1924

[Pheneas speaks.]

Oh, I am so happy here.

The light is all right.

I am full of love and joy. I love our talks. I was with the Medium this morning.

I had a message. I am in close touch with the Medium all the time.

Do you alone influence the Medium?

Sometimes it is her own guide.

There is a man in France who will come to the fore, and will be a great leader in this movement in that country. He has brains, and position from a worldly point of view. You do not know his name.

The earth is in a very strained, tormented condition at present. It is like a pot boiling over with the lid on it. It may thrust the lid up.

You can do nothing at present. You will know when the time comes.

What about the Churches?

They have pulled themselves down. They have not kept in touch with the spirit world. They have proved themselves utterly wanting, and when put to the crucial test will offer people a stone instead of bread, and the people will see that they have been worshipping false gods. In a flash they will realise the emptiness, the soulless teaching of the religion which their theological teachers and leaders have been offering them in the past. They will turn to this light—a light from the other world.

Will the Medium be at my right hand?

Of course she will. You must see it, friend, from her point of view. She does not think herself so essential, and therefore she has fears. She will be close to your side, as she has been in the past, in the fight for the spreading of this great knowledge and comfort. She will come into her own with you and with her dear ones.

I wanted to tell you these things to-night.

I am so glad you feel glad that I come to you and feel stronger for it.

Could you please describe yourself?

I am tall. I am broad. My eyes are large and brown. Features are what you call regular. I dress in flowing robes, as I stand by you now in this room. The colour is hard to describe. There is green and there is gold, and a wonderful shade of mauve. God bless you! [Three times.] And the children, and may His Angels have close charge over you and all under this roof.

August 18th, 1924

[A.C.D., J.C.D., Billie.]

[Pheneas came, and saluted. Medium complained of warmth. Window was opened.]

Is the light right, Pheneas?

[Three hand claps.]

God bless you! [Three times.] This is a good house. A man lived here many years ago who was a Spiritualist at heart. He was born in the house – in this room. He has watched you from over here. He guided you here, and he says it is his house, and you can stay here as long as you like. It is his home, and he is glad to have you under his roof.

Will you thank him?

I will. He is so delighted that you like the place, because he loved it. [God bless you!] That was he talking. He was a Spiritualist before there was any such name; but he was a very spiritual man, and a medium.

[Former occupant took control.]

I am under my own roof, and I intend to take great care of you all while you are under my own roof tree. The house was built by my grandfather.

And you love the Forest?

I adore it. I lived here for years.

I hope you are happy.

Happy is not the word. It is bliss.

Are there forests in the other world?

Yes, beautiful forests. Full of everything that is lovely in the way of flowers, trees, animals and birds.

Shall we be young again and find ourselves in such a forest?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Everything beautiful is repeated.

Is there an exact reproduction?

There is a reproduction of the New Forest, but without any ugly elements. You could find Boldrewood, or the Queen's Beeches. But you would find more flowers about, and no ugly buildings.

I will tell Mr. Vackell.

Yes, tell him that, for it is true. There will be no motor cars or noise to disturb the wonderful beauty there.

This is the Medium's true home.

What do you mean?

I mean that her heart and soul are here in the Forest. That the vibrations are attuned to her.

May I ask your advice?

You are now talking to your guide, who has been standing by the late owner of this house. My hand is on his shoulder as I talk.

Advise me.

Our plans are formed. You will soon be instructed. It will be quite simple, and will work without difficulty.

Then we need do nothing?

We will impress you as to the line to take, which will lead into the ways of peace.

You are good to us.

It is essential that you should live while on this earth in the right surroundings, so that we can reach you most quickly and easily. And – and the Medium's soul should be like that [a grand upward gesture] and not like that [downwards]. She is so intensely sensitive an instrument that the vibrations play on her like a thing attuned, therefore the key-note must be right to produce the harmony with us.

I quite understand.

It is so important now, when there is so much for us to communicate to you.

Our being so far from London would not matter?

All that matters is the upliftment, the power, the combination, and the spiritual forces. Distance is nothing.

We have the flat in London.

That we provided years ago. The medium was made to look at the very place, and did not know it.

Now listen to me.

Is it still you?

It is I—I—I.

Do you believe in God?

With all the soul that is in me. But you were right to ask. My soul is not big enough to contain my love of God.

I love coming. This is my earth home. I often say, "I am going down home," much to the envy of many others. You know, as I told you some time ago, your fighting days are over. You are through.

I don't feel it.

You will see all the stragglers coming in soon, conquered by truth.

I don't feel it.

We can hear the tramp of them on the road.

I have just read "The Witness."

Yes, we highly approve of that book. It will do a great deal of good.

Will you come to meals sometimes?

Will you put a chair for me?

Yes, on all high occasions.

Thanks. How envious the others will be—envious of course, in a good-humoured way.

I should like to do that. I am glad you mentioned it.

God bless you! God bless you! I love being with you. I am one of the family in the home circle.

God bless you—and you, little one. We are very pleased with that little one. She is coming rapidly towards the homeland in her actions. I will guard over you in this house as long as you sojourn in it. That is a word the Medium never uses. She is very tired to-night.

You do her good.

I know it, because she is attuned to the spirit world, and therefore when she comes in touch with it, she is revitalised.

We love her. We have chosen her for this work. God bless her. [Four times.] God bless you all, my own dear family. Good-night!

August 24th, 1924

[We were all sitting with Mary round the dinner table when Pheneas suddenly spoke. The servants having left the room, I had been reading about his teaching. He came to endorse what I had read. He said:—]

Mankind has long been on a road which sloped down-hill. It often seemed bright enough, but it was really going downwards. Soon it enters a tunnel, black, black. When it comes forth from the tunnel it will break into roads in various directions, some up, some down, to the darker spheres. Some human souls are so crusted over that there is hardly a spark of God left in them —gross, gross. These would have to work up through sphere after sphere until at last they would reach the sphere of Love where indescribable happiness prevails.

Oh, do not lose a day in getting this knowledge across. Poor humanity has much to suffer. But there is no other way. All knowledge is turned by it to evil ends.

What matter about Mars?∗ It is all trivial, trivial. Soon they will have other things to think of.

  • ∗ Mars was at its nearest at that time, and the papers were full of it.

Be unselfish. That is everything. Look up and forget self.

I am often with you. I would speak, but I fear to intrude.

You cannot do that.

Very well, I will speak oftener, but you must promise me that if ever I am in the way you will say so. I will not be hurt.

September 4th, 1924'

[Pheneas speaking.]

I was in Mesopotamia, but I felt that the Medium was tired and needed me. Her life is so busy.

You lived down there when on earth. Will it not be sad for you if any evil comes to it?

So long as spiritual needs are served nothing else matters. Would you like to know of Scotland?

Yes, it is my birthplace.

After the change I see a time of peace when those who should own the land shall be back upon it, and the valleys will be full of sheep, and the barren hillsides will be peopled, and happiness will reign.

That is very like what the Brahan Seer said.

He is now a high spirit. He is over here, and he is specially working for Scotland.

We look out for signs.

I know you do.

I was with you, and heard all you said with Lodge.

He is a wise and good man.

It was good of you to put a chair for me I was not there, but I was told of it by my representative. Of course I do not need a chair, but it was nice to think that I could have it if I wished.

I wish we could do more for you in return for your kindness.

You devote your life to the Cause. So does your wife. What more can you do?

September 5th, 1924

[Pheneas speaks—alluding to some unsuccessful sitting].

The vibrations were wrong.

Any one coming must come with humility, gentleness of mind, and soft vibrations, otherwise it tangles the wires of communication.

It is a great honour when you come. We appreciate it.

Are you there?

All the time.

There is a great deal going on in America at present. You need have no fear whatever of the ultimate outcome.

The evil forces are very strong, but the forces of light, and of Christ, are stronger. Truth always prevails.

Some are centres of evil like a whirlpool with its eddies, dashing humans to destruction.

I am so tired. Why am I so tired to-night?

Because we all are.

I would have you sit with the trumpet when the conditions are right.

I should not always use that means. I would use the Higher. But I am anxious to develop mediumship in all directions.

It is like widening a railway line when you wish to run more traffic down it.

You lay extra rails.

Well, we are in your hands.

I will always direct you.

I should like to come again soon when my roadway has not so many obstacles.

I love you all with all my heart. You are my earth family. When you are tired, I am tired. I am going to bring an extra helper to give the Medium greater power, and guide her. We have great work for her this winter. Many will be brought in her path for guidance. All difficulties will smooth out as a hill does when you approach it. God bless you all.

September 10th, 1924

[Pheneas came, but seemed unhappy and could not get started. He said:—]

Wait half an hour. Wait till the boys come.

[In exactly half an hour the boys came in. We then sat again. Pheneas came through. He said:—]

I was with you to-day. Why did you not think of me when you went over the new house?∗

  • ∗ We were looking for a house in the New Forest where we could find nature's vibrations.

I did.

I wanted to impress you. It is easier when you appeal to me.

I did not appeal.

We like the house. We are in touch with those who know about it. We will, however, make further enquiry.

What about former tenants?

They seem all to have been third-sphere people.

Is not the house too isolated? Should I not be working among men?

What are distances, with modern means of locomotion, compared to vibrations, and the sweetness and peace of soul?

You should drift along now, and be happy, and all will be smoothed for you.

No one else shall take the house till you have settled.

Work will come to you soon which will be very easy and congenial, so that you should not tire, and should be all ready for greater work which will be placed upon you very soon, and which you should easily bear.

Meanwhile be restful.

There is a Cross which was in two pieces, and will soon be buried.

I don't understand that.

There will be a memory of it. There will be no further need for it. In the new world there will be no shadows. The cross idea will have passed. The new religion will be all beauty and sweetness. It will be based on universal knowledge of the spirit world.

But it will be Christian?

Yes, but the memory of the Cross will be gone. People will have seen Him in His glory, and all that will not be wanted. It will be the thought of the glory of the Christ that will pervade the world, and not the thought of His ancient death.

There will be a great change in the manner of life in the world. It will be simplified and uplifted. There will be no more hypocrisy in religion, or in daily life. People will live for real things, not shams, for God and for their neighbours.

There will be very, close and constant communication with the spirit world. It is essential for us—apart from you—that you should be in the right vibrations, so that we can come easily to you.

The line must be left clear. This is all important.

Where, then, shall we go?

I should advise you to let us choose a spot which shall be in all ways desirable.

We would like your opinion.

We have not turned the one you inspected down. It is grand in many ways. We could get at you all ways. But there are the human elements which rise from the ground like a fungus.

We are watching this. Decide nothing until we form our opinions. Then we will let you know. I want you to go to-morrow. I will be with you. I shall not decide yet. Let us three sit together and commune.

And Billie?

Billie too. She is beautiful.

We want this boy [Denis] to be trained as a speaker. We like him to live with that thought in his mind—to be a helper in the great fight.

He is to stand by your side and help you in all ways. He was born for this.

We want the other to train also. He has the voice, and the strength, and many noble qualities which the woes of the world will bring out.

God bless him. May he remember in daily life that much is hoped from him.

I am so sorry if I have stayed too long.

You can never do that.

[He Fingered the Medium's dress.]

I used to wear a long thing like this when I was on earth.

Tell me when to go. I won't be hurt. I am one of yourselves. I am here much oftener even than the Medium knows.

I know you love me, for we always know truth over here.

Good-night. God bless you all, and those two dears upstairs.

October 1st, 1924

[Pheneas came suddenly. He spoke of a barren sitting for physical phenomena last night, and said it would interfere with his coming. "You cannot run two trams on the same line." He said the Medium might sit for drawing. "That is a branch line." He said the scientific world would presently learn of an instrument opening up a new line of science. It would be a combination of colours, of high vibrations, and an electrophone.]

With all my soul I believe in God. This world would be a dark pit without God. All blackness, and no after life.

Have you seen God?

I have seen the reflection of His glory.

[I asked Pheneas about a script where a child saw God. He said it was an impression on her mind of some great leader.]

But Kingsley did see the Christ?

All your circle will, if they just cultivate those qualities which are essential in a soul which goes into His presence.

What are they?

Tenderness above all. Humility, unselfishness and the love for Him. Just the love of a child who trusts a tender mother. A gentle, tender spirit radiating out to all on earth is the entrance key, the passport to Christ's presence. We want you to reserve your energy for work ahead of you.

Is that my book?

You have the idea up to a point, but it is not complete. More is to be added. You are on the track. Don't hurry it. We don't want your brain so occupied that we can't get at you and impress you.

Things are already working, but the human eye cannot see it. In a storm you only hear a far-off rumble at first, and then it comes on and on till it is roaring overhead. There is a very fine man coming shortly into your life. He will be a great help to you and the movement. He is fearless, clear-headed, a good speaker, a born leader among men. A number of unseen spirit people are in the room to-night.

October 8th, 1924

[Pheneas spoke.]

He said that he had only been my guide since I took up religious work.

He had been especially sent for this.

He had not visited the world for centuries. This was only the second time since his death.

He would not speak of the world's affairs save to say that all was going well.

He said the psychic vibrations were not good, and it was hard for him to get through. Very thick and heavy. He then gave a beautiful address to the boys, who go to Eastbourne to-morrow. They were to remember how privileged they had been, and act as examples. There was work for them to do there.

He remarked that high spirits could usually only touch earth through intermediate spirits. He was allowed to touch it direct.

October 8th, 1924

[Pheneas speaks.]

We have gained greater power over the earth conditions of late. Mr. Withall∗ is all right. He had the essential thing, which is to know the conditions here.

  • ∗ Mr. Charles Withall, a life-long worker for Spiritualism had recently died.

This is a good place. [Our flat.] We like you in it.

We are pleased with your health. We had a council meeting yesterday, according to your time, which was held in a great hall. In that hall were gathered the greatest scientists—spiritualists—and lovers of humanity. Also some very wonderful forces—messengers, or rather Powers—from the higher world linking all these worlds together, forming the great central force which is to influence the earth.

There will come a wonderful dawn of infinite peace, when all the shadows will have flown away—the calm after storm, the harbour, peace, a renewed people, God's radiance over all, and the sun of happiness in all hearts. Good-night, and God bless you all abundantly.

November, 1924

[J.C.D., A.C.D., Billie.]

Pheneas said not to worry about the low forces.

Go your own way, doing your best, and leaving all in God's care, who will never allow His children to be hurt.

The slightest human sound breaks the current. Do not speak.

The vibrations are better. I am happier. To-day we had a meeting about you, for it is all-important, lest we break the private telephone. We have arranged that you shall be in a most wonderful spot, where the vibrations are untouched by human auras. We will bring this place to your knowledge very soon. In the meantime a certain number of loving workers on our side have been set apart to deal with Psychic questions.

Leave it entirely in our hands.

You know our love and our care. We have proved it.

You know we are so happy the way things are going—our plans, our work, have been successful beyond all our highest hopes.

God bless you, dear child. [To B.]

The dawn is very near. The sun has nearly risen. Humanity will shortly come to a great cross-road, and on the sign-post will be "Tenderness" and "Cruelty and Selfishness" on the two arms. And each will automatically follow their own sign, for they must be true and honest at that moment.

Can we trust all you say?

We could not descend on the earth and say what is not true. The truth is God.

Untruth is the lower force.

I wanted to talk to you, dear and beloved brother, because I have been in the East—I love the East, the warmth and atmosphere, but not the shadows. But there are shadows everywhere. There won't be after your world has become clean. All will then be sweet and happy.

Tell the boys—my missing links—that I love them, and watch over them. God's love will radiate out through and in humanity—His tenderness, His sweetness, and His sympathy.

The little soul seeds which have a touch of divinity in them, which remain in the sieve, after God's hand has shaken it, will live and blossom forth into what God originally intended this earth to be.

May God's blessing descend upon you, and His radiance be round you. The dark forces are now matched against higher powers over the earth plane, in face of whom they cannot exist. God is in heaven, and all is well. God bless you! We will meet face to face when the veil is rent, and the rebirth of humanity takes place.

T. will live in a home which is covered with lovely jessamine, not far from yours. His soul's mate is already in it, and has prepared it with loving care. He will be intensely happy, for the grey shrouds of the old theology will have dropped from him, while all that is true and good remains, and he will live in God's radiant sunshine. [T. was a clerical friend.]

[The following came after my sitting with Mrs. Leonard, when Kingsley spoke of the future.∗]

  • ∗ At this séance with Mrs. Leonard, my son, Kingsley, showed acquaintance with all that Pheneas had said, but differed on some points.

Most dear brother—God bless you! I was standing by you all the time. K.C.D. was delighted—chuckling. He was made very happy. Many relatives were round who shared it. You know K. is a very noble soul, and he is progressing at a great rate. He does not know all that has been arranged for the world. When a General is forming plans for a great war he does not take every lieutenant, captain and major into his confidence. He tells them roughly the work they are required to do, so they can fit themselves for it. K.C.D. is a very trusted messenger between his Colonel and his people. I know more. I see, because I have been told by those higher than myself from whom all life originates.

[I spoke of the book.∗]

  • ∗ My novel of psychic things — "The Land of Mist".

We are so happy. Please don't go ahead of us. Let us get ahead. Give us time to see to the machinery.

Very well. May I use your name?

No, you must never mention me till the script comes out, which won't be long. I am so happy here. You have your own vibrations. Nothing ever enters your door to bring grey or evil vibrations. Therefore I find you and the Medium in a big space, as it were, so that I can be comfortable, and talk in a bigger atmosphere, which helps the vibrations.

I'm very pleased to be here again. I want to tell you that we are pleased beyond words at the way things are going. God's hand is approaching the world. Evil forces are dismayed at the strides with which we are encompassing the earth with our power.

My God how lovely it will be to have you here! Out of the mud! Out of the mire!

My medium has a garden full of beautiful flowers, representative of the sunshine that she has brought into the lives of many by her tenderness. She loves flowers. And the animals, and so her name is beloved in their world. And life will be very wonderful for you all when you come over here – in a material sense apart from the beautiful spiritual world you Will live in. You need not trouble about the density of humanity.

It will be happy work. You will be feeding a hungry multitude with bread that is satisfying, and that is joyous work; it is not fighting. You have too much of that, you deserve rest.

[I asked about the Chalet.∗]

  • ∗ We were in negotiation for a chalet in Switzerland for Christmas.

[He laughed in triumph.]

You've got it. We are forming a ring round that spot, and getting very wonderful vibrations there.

It is the place that I meant.

It will be pure nature.

We are very pleased about a certain document which has been discovered. You will see it published shortly.∗ It has to do with the Great truth of Spirit communication.

  • ∗ This may have been the Cleophas Script.

You have both been through a windy, wild night, and you were foot-weary and tired from the fight for truth. The daylight seemed a long way off, as if it would never come, and psychic truth never be understood.

The ground was so heavy and thick. The feet at every step were weighted. And now the soil is nearly firm, a wonderful light appears in the sky – a dawn, a resurrection. Life, full, rich, radiant, takes possession of what was nothing but a skeleton before. and blossoms out into God's own beautiful and wonderful sunshine. Instead of deep gloom, it rises radiant in a sunrise which will never set—the sunrise of God's love permeating all humanity upon the earth plane. And God's Will will then be done on earth as it is in heaven. It will be the end of the Lord's Prayer.

In the cathedrals there is going to be a clearance of all ritual , of all forms, of all ceremonies. They will be simple meeting places between humanity and God.

November 12th, 1924

[Pheneas speaks.]

Clairvoyance will come to you.

I've been a long journey—very long and very important.

Where did you go?

I went to the East, and I went to America. Great preparations have been made in both parts by the forces of Light.

I can't say more about that at present.

I left my lieutenant in case you needed me.

How good of you!

I would never leave you so long as you are on this earth. I am always in touch with you, either directly, or by my representative. You are helping me in my own progression.

I was standing on the right of you on Sunday. That service mark's an epoch∗ The Spirit world is jubilant over it. It will have far reaching effects. Things are going magnificently. I shall be very glad if you would prepare yourself for some work for us, which will be on entirely new lines.

  • ∗ The Queen's Hall armistice service.

What lines?

You will know when it comes. They are congenial.

How can I prepare?

Look after your health. You are like an instrument that a great master has to play upon. The strings must not be stretched to breaking point, or the master will not be able to play the full chord.

It is only your health—your superabundant energy must be kept in check. There was an upheaval to-day in Austria.∗

  • ∗ This tumult in Vienna was in the papers next day.

The vibrations are very low, so I cannot speak with you much.

I suppose we are tired.

Yes, and the vibrations are thin.

It is the place.

We did better in the Forest. I will come and visit you in Switzerland. Sometimes your wireless is not satisfactory, the batteries are low you can't hear. So it is with me. But I am glad to be with you once more.

You might try music for the vibrations.

God bless You! God bless you all! I would like to come again soon. I have much to tell You. Very soon I am going to take you both with me to a house which we are very anxious that you should inhabit. There is a wonderful atmosphere in it. The vibrations round it are unspoiled. It is the place that you will go to for soul refreshment during stress and storm. We sent a search party out for an earth dwelling that would be suitable for you both to reside in, and they have found this, and I have been taken to see it, and I strongly approve their choice.∗

  • ∗ This proved eventually to be a cottage in the New Forest which amply fulfilled all the promises.

Are you pleased?

Very pleased.

God bless you! I go now. Good-night.

November 13th, 1924

[Pheneas came through in greater exultation than I have ever known him.]

Oh, I am so happy. We are all so buoyantly happy! Because everything goes so well. The edge of our vibrations has struck the medium, and that is why she is so happy. The end of the long pilgrimage is near. Your brother is so busy over here rushing about. We all laugh at him, he is so keen, but all your people are in a state of delight.

Why can we not love everyone?

You cannot get magenta and crimson to blend. If you two think of a thing I feel it also and make the triangle complete.

I come then and love to talk. Honesty is a great and true quality. You cannot harmonise with everybody—as in the case of red and magenta.

Miss Stead is a very good woman. Don't worry about the treatment of Mrs. Deane. Those responsible will be dealt with. God does not allow an insect to stand in His pathway.

November 22nd, 1924

[Pheneas speaks.]

All is well in all ways. To-morrow there will be strong forces with you at your meeting. You will do great work.

I know it would be good to take the shop.∗ You must have a perfectly free hand in running it. Let no one find money save yourself. It must be run on high good lines of Spiritualism only. We have to simplify everything nowadays, so keep to your own standard. Don't mix it.

  • ∗ We were thinking of opening a central bookshop for psychic subjects only. This has fulfilled all that Pheneas prophesied.

That's our shop.

It will be a great centre, like a spring which suddenly pierces through the dark brown earth—a spring of living knowledge. Many will drink, and their souls will waken. It will be the fountain of life to many.

His Will be done upon earth as it is in Heaven.

The Spirit world is approaching rapidly to this dark earth. The space is lessening between God's radiance and the shadow of evil.

Animals will be saved from all future suffering and when the spirit first touches the earth that particular suffering will at once be eliminated. Following that, God's messengers will inform humanity of the secret of life in all that God has created, and they will no longer destroy that life which is sacred, as it is created by Him.

I will come to you again. It is very important that we keep in close contact. The line must not be broken at this important stage of the events.

God bless you! I like this place. There is peace here, and beautiful vibrations. We all love it. God bless you [five times]. I am always within call. If you send a call to me I will always come to banish anything which may stand in the way of your peace of soul, or spiritual progression.

The same applies to the Medium. No evil shall come near our work.

God's blessing rest on you and all you love.

Many of the holy days which the so-called Christians celebrate really in Christ's—eyes are not so holy because they had not the rich results which some other occasions of His life had, when many souls were brought to the knowledge of God's infinite love. Those were the truly holy days.

I knew that I had a great deal to say to you, and that was why I fussed about the light.

I will massage you whenever you are tired, and need Spiritual magnetism. I can always do it through the Medium. She is a Medium of rare and wonderful vibration, through whom I can work in perfect harmony of one accord. It is like virgin soil. You put the plant in, and it grows a beautiful specimen. So with our power, the vibrations between us of harmony are complete. Therefore I can come to you without fear of any outside force polluting or touching my channel. I will send a special guard on your holiday so that it may be beneficial in all ways.

We are coming to Switzerland. It is your preparation of physical strength, so that you may do the work You are called upon to do. We would like you to be guided by us when you are there. It is essential. Please don't go ahead of us, but work a little behind us in all matters of daily life.

In the future—very near future—there is to be a great strengthening of a being who is at present deliberating upon this vital and all important subject. He will come out and help you.

We need the Medium as a bridge for mourners, and for those who are heavily laden.

New crops come upon. earth. They have been dandelions in the past. Soon they will be lilies and roses. No weeds. No poison berries. No evil shadows.

Can these future happenings be averted?

Can a wave be stayed when it is curling to break?

[He spoke beautifully of tenderness to all, and to the dumb animals.]

God's love embraces all equally.

[We should have a fine time in Switzerland, and the journey pleasant. We should meet a man who would play a great part in Arabia in the crisis.∗]

  • ∗ This I could not trace; I naturally meet many people.

[There were very few rocks on our path now. The rocks would become pebbles, and they would become sand, and then the golden shore lay beyond.]

December 24th, 1924 [Switzerland]

[Pheneas speaks.]

They keep Christmas better in the other world. The Christ visits all centres. Each represents love—tender love for Him, and that is the bond. He loves all your circle, and would have each one of you an outpost for him in the enemy's country—a shining light to those around, an advance guard. Don't fail Him. Don't let Him come to one of the outposts and find the guard asleep—asleep in the daily life.

At present our plan for the world is like a fine and wonderful machine that is being put together. The parts have been assembled. They are being put into place. When all is ready, then the power is insulated, and the world's journey has begun which will lead it into heights and scenes and glory unimagined. It has been standing in the mire rotting.

Now God bless you all! And this wonderful spiritual awakening which is coming to humanity. No more suffering. No more sorrow. No more self. Only a giving out in every human heart that remains. And no dumb creature shall have anything but love and tenderness and understanding.

And both arms will be held out to lift up, to comfort all who pass along the same road of life—both arms. Love will prevail.

It is definite. Those on our side are working, working, working. They feel that they have not a minute to waste. The stir, the bustle is tremendous. They work because they feel that their efforts may yet save many, who in their daily lives are walking straight into that blackness.

The people have to become more spiritual.

Does this apply to Switzerland?

It is like this. If you do up a house, and you spring clean, paper and paint fifteen rooms, you don't leave two just brushed and dusted. You clean and paint, even if they are not quite as dirty as the others. The whole world must be cleaned for God. So Switzerland must be cleaned where it needs it. They need cleaning much less than the Latin races. They have not so much of the poison in them. Where it is it must be eradicated. It would never do to leave one centre of disease in a body.

I speak metaphorically.

Long words don't matter. We use short ones over here, which are better.

I was telling you about the microbe centre. We don't want any in the new world. They would spread about the beautiful new world. Therefore where the poison lies, the pruning knife must come and cut out the bruised and poisoned part, and let fresh life take its place, Life full of simplicity, full of

God's tenderness and understanding, and kindness, and unity with His children.

This is a good atmosphere. We brought you here.

The house is very psychic. There is a beautiful atmosphere in these heights.∗ It makes the veil very thin. It was like living in a house with thick walls, and now we come to thinner walls, as we go higher.

  • ∗ Grindelwald is over 3,000 feet high..

Should we go higher?

You do very well as you are. No height could make it much thinner. I can if I get my right vibrations, get through at once. It is like a private telephone. We are anxious that you should allow us to inspire the Medium, and instil into your mind certain points, which we are very anxious should be put right through your book.

All humanity must have appreciation of art in Nature's beauties, because that is an expression of gratitude to God for the gift. A human is like an octagon with eight sides, an appreciation of all the different qualities and gifts. God bless you! I should like to say one thing before I go. We want to tell you that there is to be a prolonged disturbance in a place that has always been regarded as safe—we have a strong battery placed there. On a given date much generation of power will be released to batten down the evil forces which dominate and permeate the earth's surface.

I know nothing of the Swaffer meeting.∗

  • ∗ Mr. Hannen Swaffer was about to hold a meeting at the Queen's Hall to show the strong evidence of Lord Northclifte's return. His book "Northcliffe's Return," deals with the same subject. My wife and I knew, of course, all about it.

I can't be everywhere.

Throw overboard all that is not needed, so as to have a clear space to carry a valuable cargo. Get your ship trim. The finest coal on board for the journey is health.

This is the place we found for you. We wanted you out of England while things were so uncomfortable.∗

The weather was awful.

Before starting a journey prepare yourself for it—build up. Don't work. We will see that you do it, but at our own time. We have prepared a time for you ahead, when you can do it at perfect peace. Don't anticipate it. Please do as we ask. We have it all arranged for you. We have prepared the vibrations and the time. All is set.

Your work is all mapped out to the finest point absolutely. We need your strength. We rely on it. Don't weaken it. Build. God's blessing surround you all—this house is beautiful. The Lunns are beautiful people.∗ There are no bad vibrations in it or near it.

  • ∗ My landlords.

January 12th, 1925

[Pheneas greeted us.]

God bless you! I was away the other day.

We thought you had left us.

Never. Such a little never.

Then all goes well?

Better than our brightest hopes.

Tell every sufferer that death is life — the opening of the door to life.

Then one should not grieve.

There is no need to grieve, for the time is so short. The parting is not long. I want to tell you something else, There is not going to be much trouble about the League of Nations. They will automatically fall into the position of a jury, representing the spirit of God's love, sympathy, and tender anxiety for mankind. In the new world, that is.

January 20th, 1925

[Pheneas speaks.]

When you come over I will have a holiday, for I also have been overworking. I mean to take you to Arabia. I want to show you my old life, and my people, and all that went to the making of me. People can never love like brothers unless they understand what has gone to the formation of each other.

I see that Arabia once was the centre of life.

Ah! you are coming on. You are learning. I can show you much in Arabia which will surprise you.

The Medium's great heart yearns over what is weak and the suffering animals.

She will have hundreds of animals—oh, yes, hundreds of them. The Medium is like an envelope, and I drop messages for you into it. Sometimes you think there is nothing there, but she knows, and can read the message.

You noticed about Kamchatka in the papers. I told you about that.∗

  • ∗ Pheneas had mentioned Kamchatka as one centre of seismic activity. Great upheaval there, February 15th, 1927,

You wouldn't believe how delicate the connections are between our worlds. Wireless is an elephantine line compared with that between the spirit world and yours.

You get through wonderfully.

Because I bring a great force. But only you can adjust the receiver.

Such a cloud of your dear ones are present.

Love from all!

They want me to tell you what they have prepared. Imagine in a beautiful circle, like that place in Greece you saw years ago, tiers of seats made of marble [only this is made of such a lovely opalescent, almost transparent marble], and there are roses about, smelling so deliciously, of all colours, and in the centre is a stage, raised, of marble. On it will stand all the great teachers who have on this earth really spread the love of God. To that spot will be brought those who arrive from the earth plane, bewildered, frightened, and they will go away strengthened. And that is one of the places you will be most fond of over here, where you will see the souls waking to their new life.

January 31st, 1925

[Pheneas speaks.]

To some extent we use planetary time. We will tell you bigger things soon. They want me to tell you.

Who are 'they'?

They are guides who have to do with the leadership of the advanced forces. It is extremely difficult to peel off the husk neatly of knowledge that we may give you time by time.

If you had to pare off each layer you would find it difficult, and so it is with me giving you a certain amount of knowledge always, and not being ahead with it.

It is like trying to get through clay. Get the atmosphere full of trust.

There is much I want to tell.

I have been anxious for four days to come through.

I have many messages.

I want to tell you that you have been chosen for some big work in the near future.

There is a great company here—all sending love.

Your friend, that man who belonged to the club, and was interested in the subject∗ — he. sends you greetings.

  • ∗ General Henderson, an old friend.

You light a beacon light when you sit, and it gets brighter all the time.

I will come very shortly, and will arrange that the telephone room shall be empty.

Sleep in peace!

[After a long pause Pheneas came through in great strength. He said:—]

The Medium has strong healing powers. There is a doctor who is anxious to work through her, and help humanity. He passed over many years ago. You also have great power, but you have enough to do without that. When the time comes it will be brought out.

February 1st, 1925

Pheneas said we must not repel any change as evil, but rather stretch out a welcome, for it was the end of all the rotten, shining, dark things, and the beginning of an age of peace and love.

Power would be round our people like the scent of the flowers.

When in doubt or trouble we should summon him. He would come. He had been with us in our morning walk.

All was going well.

The black cloud over the world would be rolled back and the sunshine pour through.

The word religion would not be used in the coming world. It was too associated with forms and cruelty and evil. They would talk simply of Love —God's Love.

The egotism of brain would pass, and the simple mind of the child would hold the truth.

Man disengaged from cruelty, etc., would cast off his weights which drag him down and would bound upwards.

He asked me not to question him, or to force his hand, for he would tell as he could.

He said: The veil grows thinner. It is so thin.

All troubles in our mission would be soon lifted from us. A particular band were looking after that.

The bookshop∗ was like a new spring of truth which had opened up in London. When the need came, it would be crowded with those who sought for knowledge. The spirits had entered it and arranged it long before we had done so.

[The Medium was very deep. Almost in trance. He alluded to her very affectionately.]

  • ∗ I had opened a depot for the sale of psychic books and as a library at Abbey House, Victoria Street, S.W.

The flowing spring from the bookshop would come when the land was parched, and most needed moisture.

Remember that the power of God is so great that nothing evil could live in the rays of it.

February 18th, 1925

[Pheneas speaks.]

I have been with you all day. I wanted to be with you on this last day before you finished your book.∗ I was in the shop too.

  • ∗ I was writing "The Land of Mist."

Great things are going on here. You would be amazed if you could see. The rest houses are being enlarged and increased all over the different vibratory spheres.

About your home here, all your friends are clamouring that I should tell you more about it. It is good that you know these things, for it sows little hope seeds in your mind. Your eyes have never seen any form or colour so lovely as your home—beauty, peace, sweetness, flowers, nature, sunshine, all vibrating with golden light. And it is full of the spirit of home. Peace is the keynote, and love its counterpart; inspiration is its body, and tenderness its heart, and joy its Spirit. Christ's spirit is its driving force.

[Here Pheneas seemed much moved—put out his arms with awe.]

You do not know who is so close to you.

[There followed some moving passages which I forbear to repeat.]

Angels of light and inspiration and power help and guard you, and keep you always in a channel unbroken with the above.

February 22nd, 1925

[The Medium had bad earache. Pheneas suddenly came through, and made energetic passes, with her own hand, greatly relieving the pain. The illness turned from that moment.]

Your address did great good. It pulled up the blinds, and let in light to many fine brains in the audience.

Mary's music is a God-given gift. She will win a name, and do some great work.

Your ship will sail in smooth and opalescent waters, until it reaches the golden sands.

Then I will meet you?

No, you can rather describe me as a fellow passenger.

March 5th, 1925

[Pheneas speaks.]

I have been reading of Kish.

My grandmother lived there. I visited there as a boy.

It seems to have been all of brick.

But they were glazed outside, so it did not look like brick. Yes, I saw the great pillars.

I should like to see that land.

You will take on no more work, and have a rest. Then you will be ready to prepare our book, and publish it when it is needed.

Blessed are those who, reaching down into the dark, clasp hands which are clutching upwards.

I will speak to you presently, and tell you—

i. About a great scientific discovery which will be reflected upon your plane.

ii. Upon the evolution of man.

What about the sphere immediately above the earth?

They are the cabbages who are not quite cauliflowers.

They are not wicked, but the dull, heavy people who mean no harm, and do no good. It is below the earth plane that the really wicked are.

The earthbound are really not yet judged. They are in suspended animation. When they break their bonds they will go up—or down.

There will come a cyclone in Jamaica, with loss of life.∗

  • ∗ This may refer to the great cyclones of 1926 which ravaged Cuba and are said to have devastated the Cayman Islands near Jamaica.

March 25th, 1925

[Pheneas said:—]

That six from the other side were working upon a certain detrimental factor, and that it would speedily be set right.

That my idea of giving publicity to these messages was so important that he would like to refer it to a council, and then to let us know. On their side they looked down on things, and therefore might not judge as well as we about things on our own level. That all was smooth before us now, and the golden sands in sight.

[Children present.]

God bless you all. May God's beautiful power descend upon all my dear earth family. I love you all. I am going to tell you children something. Your guides knew I was coming. They all asked me to tell you both that they are pleased, and to say that every effort made by you is registered. Also that they hope, in view of the small, small bridge that lies between you and our world, that you shall lose no time, no opportunity, in getting ready to meet your great and beloved Master so soon. Leave no stone unturned, so that, looking back, you will not have regrets. Each day He sends you a little love work to do for Him.

Do not fail Him. Prove yourselves worthy of His tender love and regard. God bless you, you have wonderful guides helping you. Keep the atmosphere clear round you, that they can get near and help you upward, holding your hands.

So soon you are to meet. You will have that privilege.

The more you strive for Him, the more you will be able to look upon His wonderful and tender countenance.

You know when the world is reborn we will not have these troubles of vibration. It is all like fog now. Just as you get smoke from the factories, so we get those grey mists from the evil of humanity.

God bless those on our plane or yours, who are bringing the new time nearer, and have done something to lift that pall from humanity. Great reward is theirs.

I have been in the East all day. We had some evil vibrations to dissipate, and we have done it.

Do not think of self. That is the Christ soul, helping everyone upward, everyone who has failed. Everyone is a beautiful child in Christ's eyes, and if He sees one stumbling and down, His heart rushes to him. He would have all humanity so. That is how He will greet you, with two hands held out, and only love on His exquisite face.

[Here I asked some question, but he said he could not answer small things while the vibration of the Christ was in the air.]

I will never allow one of my earth family to be in danger. I will leave my guards to see that all is well, and you are all together to do God's work, and help humanity.

Each has an allotted task, and each is now preparing to be worthy of it. A special work lies for each. Do it in such a way that He will say " Well done," and you will feel His hand on you, blessing you. Earn that. Do not fail Him.

In Christ's presence the other night, by a shaft of His exquisite light I was enriched so that I gained several steps of promotion. That is always so, and that is why there is such joy in the spheres when He passes through, because they know that from His heart, full of nothing but tenderness, they will all get upliftment.

[To the children.]

You have been greatly privileged in being allowed to live in this greatest period of the life of man, and being allowed to be helpers in this human change and upliftment.

You have been greatly blessed. Let that blessing radiate in your daily lives. It is not by chance. You have been carefully chosen, and you should be full of a deep thankfulness to God for His infinite goodness in selecting you.

The day is very near when you will each step on to the path God has made for you.

Your home is so sweet over here, so bright, so lovely. The sky is so beautifully blue, the air scented with wonderful flowers. It is the haven of love. Birds, butterflies, all living things, know they are loved, and come of their free will, because love is the welcome.

We have got a most beautiful—oh, beautiful—space of green grass, very open and large, where they have wonderful games, every game. The poor boys and men who have never had a game on the earth—it will be your joy to go among them and organise, and teach them to play. You will get beautiful teams of them. For the first time they will have happiness. That is what that ground is for.

I am going to some islands north of Australia. They will be greatly affected.∗

  • ∗ In 1926 the Dutch Islands north of Australia were shaken with earthquakes.

April 6th, 1925

[Pheneas came in great strength. He said:]

The Medium is used too much as a trellis work by other people, but they must learn to grow in their own way, and leave her free so that she can console those who come in her path.

I am going to Persia to-night where great preparations are being made. They want you to be told about them.

I wish I could go with you.

Well, later we will go over the ground together, and I will explain it all to you.

I said I would take you on an excursion one night, but all your strength is needed now upon this earth.

There had been a set back in France because in the South the gambling cities were centres of dark force, and these had gained the upper hand for a time. It is all right now, however.

[He assumed a very reverent attitude for some time, and made us understand that the Christ ray was near us.]

He said that he was working out his own advancement by working with us, but that this work was so pleasant that he did not feel that he deserved promotion for it.

I have been in the South Seas since I spoke last.

April 8th, 1925

[We had a beautiful sitting. The room seemed to be full of spirits, whom Pheneas kept addressing. The Medium seemed to be outside her body, and Pheneas addressed her also.]

He said that Malcolm was here, a dear, smiling spirit, and that he wanted to say that his godson was a fine fellow, and would do well.

He said the world would now be spiritualised. Just as successive gauze veils are lifted on the stage of a theatre.

He said that we could flow with the current now, instead of swimming against it, as we had done in the past.

He said the brave, good, solid folk of earth were like the strata of flint we saw among chalk and sand—a binding force for the whole.

He addressed the assembled spirits, and told them:—

Be gentle and tender and kind; be happy in the knowledge that a glorious life lies ahead of you. Cut away from the past. Live in the future.

April 12th, 1925

[Pheneas speaks.]

God bless all—even those who don't realise His shining love.

Conditions are excellent.

In Jerusalem a vibration descended recently which will be felt in many directions in a way that people are not aware of, but which will have a deep effect.

[To Denis.]

God prepare you for what lies ahead of you, that you may be worthy outposts.

I would like to—please I want to say this. The people are struggling against a force that is crushing them, and a pit of evil has been growing deeper and deeper in the world, and its forces have been dragging down humanity. So we have made a central battery to prevent the destruction of mankind. There are pits covered with beautiful green that seem safe to walk on, but they are fatal. That is why we must interfere, to cut out those dangers for mankind. You understand it is just like a microbe in the body —a little, wee thing, but centres grow and grow till the whole beautiful body is destroyed, and is not as God made it. So with the human race.

Much has to be swept away with the rubbish heap of humanity. It is like the ashes you put on soil to do it good. Those experiences will be a living memory of what to avoid in the newborn earth, where Love will prevail in days to come, tenderness, simplicity, and the fulfilment of all that God meant humanity to be.

It is like this. A man is on a rugged pathway on a mountain, and a mist comes down, and he is lost, and he is cold and afraid. Darkness comes on him. and his soul cries out: "O Lord, deliver me!" But the dawn comes—and such a dawn! There is no mist, but a golden sunshine. ahead, and a pink radiance, and he looks and sees down there—ah! so fair a thing, so wonderful a country! And as he looks he sees the face of one whom he loved greatly once in the valley whence he came, and he meets her there in that country, where the light is golden, and there is no cloud. He is walking with all those he loved, and had lost awhile, and someone may come to him and say: "Would you go back to that valley that you thought was everything," And he will. suddenly see that he has been blind, and that he now sees and lives for the first time—and thus will it be with all those who have made use of the talents God has given them, and have not buried them in the mire, but used them for the good of humanity. Therefore, the mist that seemed so dark is a glorious blessing—the tiny tunnel connecting black with white.

Do you know that great crowds are round you at the present moment? God's love is soon—so soon—to permeate the earth. It will be electrified with love, so that no evil cloying force can come near it.

All your dear ones are coming together in a group, and no nasty tunnels at all. Just a beautiful meeting, and hands held out from all who love you.

They will all draw you up. There is a conspiracy. They have made me promise not to tell you the beautiful secrets of their loving preparations for you.

[To Mary.]

She is to get something she once thought of—such a scheme as her heart will rejoice at.

Prepare! The time is so short, the reward so enormous. God wants you all in the place He has prepared for you. Love with sympathy and unselfishness is the key that opens the door to that glorious life. And all that is against His exquisite fatherhood of man is from now onwards going to be wiped from off His earth by those who have been set aside, His lieutenants of power.

We are at present meeting continually, first to discuss the reports from those who have certain tasks upon the earth, secondly to send out to the centres instructions respecting the latest developments in the chemical world from here to the earth plane. Our people have been to study the conditions in different parts of the world. They have readjusted every mechanism. This has been circulated round to those who deal with the various districts – this is done from our Central Committee. Then there are those who report on the evil forces on their plane; then there is above that the great power descending from a very high sphere, with instructions to all as to what each unit is to do, and prepare for. The receiving stations in the homeland have to be ready. Then above that are wonderful messages of inspiration, coming to revitalise all of us, so that we may be channels of His great light to descend upon earth, and to the intermediary spheres, like a battery of electricity.

[We were much interested at this time about the Crandon circle, in which Houdini, the famous conjurer, had been a disturbing element, and had, as many thought, not played fair by them.]

What about the Crandons?

They will be greatly blessed for their splendid work.

And their persecutors?

Houdini is doomed, doomed, doomed. He will not be allowed to stand in the way of God's progress.∗

  • ∗ This terrible prophecy was only too sadly fulfilled as Houdini died suddenly in October, 1926.

After a time dawn will come—a new sun will shine forth—a sun that has more warmth and health in it.

The earth will grow green once more. The flowers will appear. Humanity will awaken to a world reborn. The old things will have passed away, and the earth will know them no more.

God will have come into His own. The tangles will have been disentangled.

Each thread of humanity will be on its right reel, winding up to one Central thread. One pathway, the pathway of love, leading through all the coming ages of eternity.

The darker souls will be together, and the browns and greys and mauves, as in a paint-box. They will not be mixed as they are at present on the palette of the earth. Each to his own.

That is the dividing place—each to his own—so that all the contradictory forces will be neutralised, and only one vibration allowed upon the earth.

You mean that the lower go to primitive spheres the high to high spheres, and some are left on earth?


Then who will be left?

Those who have it in them to be better, and who will shed their husks during that great time.

It will be the world for those who are to have a second chance on this plane. There will eventually be no human left in the lower spheres. All will work upwards, for all are God's children, however evil. As the higher spheres are reinforced with power, so in proportion will be the rescuing operations descending to the lower spheres. We think in pictures over here very often. That is why we give them.

April 18th, 1925

[Pheneas came through, but I have no very exact record.]

He said there was a man with psychic gifts in the North-East of Scotland, in Aberdeenshire, who would soon come forward and have much influence.∗

  • ∗ This we traced.

He said there was someone present who wished to thank me for building a bridge between him and his mother, and she would write soon to tell me. When I asked him for dates he said:—

Our time measures are different, as your French and English measures are, and it is as hard for me to translate one into the other.

April 24th, 1925

[Pheneas came for a short time.]

He said there was an evil strong material influence in Central Africa, but they had built a wall round it to contain it, but this had taken away from their force.∗

  • ∗ There was an article next week in a weekly paper about the evil work of Bolshevist missionaries in Africa.

Otherwise all else had gone well.

April 25th, 1925

[Children present. Pheneas speaks.]

I was with you to-night, [at a cinema of Christ's life.] It was a good description of what has been very imperfectly handed down to humanity. We are progressing, and things will soon be shown so that your hearts will be glad, and you will know that your faith has been justified. Get a small red light to write by.

Yes, I will.

You know that Christ never said unjust things to anyone on this earth.∗

  • ∗ We had disliked his reference in the cinema to his mother.

Your folk are all here, and want to send you a heartening message.

Evil will soon pass away, and the world will know it no more.

This room is so full of people it is hard to keep control.

Say just "Pheneas" and I will come quicker than if you said a number on the telephone.

All is easier on our side than in this moth-eaten, muddy world. This is like a very hideous brown ghost-form of real life, which is much more solid. When we visit it, we say: "Surely I could not have liked that. Don't tell me there was ever a time when I wanted to stay in that. It is inconceivable.

We have all you have, without the shadows. All the best you have is intensified with us. All the beauty, but no ugly human elements. No selfishness, no anger, nothing ugly. Only beauty.

You will meet all who have love and sympathy for you.

If you do your simple duty as God means you to do it in your daily life, you will be in this beautiful place.

You can pay visits in the next world, and then return to your spirit home. We have beautiful golden sunlight, and there are sweet shadows and softening effects, pinks and greens and mauves' which give a contrast. Nothing is black, so we have no night in that sense.

You can have any earth condition you want over here if you go to the right place. You are living in a box at present.

[Malcolm said he liked voyages.]

Your boy wants to carry the coal and dust and seasickness into this world. If you want to go swiftly, the vibrations of love take you in a moment. If you want to dwell on a journey that also can be done.

What about sport?

You have not the necessary elements to develop many of our sports. Our lives are far fuller.

Our difficulties in sport are much the same as yours. If we did a game always well it would be very tame. The spirit of a game is the uncertainty. Everyone wins on their merits. You only have the husk of game elements with you.

You have to work for all this on the earth plane. Each has to write his own examination paper. We want the complete circle over here. All the rooms are ready. Don't leave a room empty.

It means daily effort.

We note. We have a recording journal.

It all depends On whether you are giving out to humanity, or whether you are passing them by.

There are a lot of poison centres in the world at present.

Have you see our new dog?

We sent him. The dog could see a little of us, but nothing to disturb him. Some dogs are more mediumistic than others.

May 6th, 1925

[Pheneas came through for a short time, He explained very graphically how the Medium was a bridge, holding out his left hand to show how she touched the spirit world, and his right to show how she touched humanity, her body being the central pillar of the bridge.]

We want our bridge in a place where her centre pier will be planted, not in marshy, stagnant water, but in firm ground. Look for such a place. We will impress you.

It is most important.

Do not make plans. Keep the slate clean. Then we can write upon it.

May 18th, 1925

[Pheneas speaks.]

God bless you! You do not open your front door to everyone, and show them in. So with us. Ask a sign first.

Do you believe in God?

I have known God's power ever since I was a little child in Ur. Was it you yesterday?

I was there, but the vibrations were very tired, and I was so immersed in earth conditions I was cross. I have been to those people, and begged their pardon.∗

  • ∗ He had spoken with some asperity to some spirits in the room.

It was not serious.

It brought a grey cloud. We must always wipe out grey clouds that we form. You see the keynote of life here is love and kindness. Therefore any smudge that we make must be wiped out.

I carried with me from this earth, earth-conditions, irritation, and that made me speak as I did.

They are here. They forgive me. You do, do you not?

They tell me that there is a place which is reserved for you on this earth plane. They have been for a long time working on it, and they say that there is in that particular place a source of psychic power which will form a pillar of strength to you, and to our bridge, when the bridge should be at its strongest.

God bless you! It is essential.

You should be circulating in an atmosphere irresponsive to earth conditions. We want your soul to know that. We are the torch-bearers to your party. You tread on ground you have never seen. We know it. We have been the prospectors.

There are practical human difficulties.

I can assure you that no human difficulties stand in the way of what will benefit humanity and the spirit world.

There will be a sign which you will at once understand, and you will never have one moment's uncertainty after that. Your whole soul will know that it is just right and beautiful when it comes. There will be no points to cross over. It will seem a continuation, it will be so clear.∗

  • ∗ This came to pass as predicted.

What is the sign for?

About the concrete foundations of our transmitting stations.

That our change is right?

When it comes.

So many Irish people are here who want to thank you for what you have done — bringing sunshine into so many grey lives.∗ They are going to do all they can to reinforce your conditions so long as you are on this grey, muddy horrible earth.

  • ∗ We had just returned from lecturing in Belfast.

He then went on to say that when he was on this plane he went to Galilee to refill his batteries. The mere fact that the Christ had been there made it a great centre of spirit power.

Finally he turned his back on me, and made a long, moving address to the spirits present, telling them to go onwards and upwards.

[I said I failed on individual cases.]

An admiral of the fleet is not down in the stokehole.

Any news?

Only that—— will suffer badly very shortly.

That is hard.

It would be harder for unborn generations if it were otherwise.

At certain seasons gardeners turn up the soil. They replant. They take up the weeds, and throw them away. Every bed needs it. Some more—some less. So with the world and England. It needs replanting for the spring and summer of the world's history which is now coming. It has in the past been the winter. Someone was present who had received light from me at a Queen's Hall meeting. He had died since and wished now to thank me. His name was Harry Ponsonby.

He wished me to divide up my work more. When you have sown a field of oats, put a good hedge round it before you go on to sow a field of grass.

I should be at present like a pillow, lying on a bed.

Please rest more.

May 31st, 1925

[Children present. Pheneas speaks.]

You know I've not been near my whole family round the camp fire for quite a long time.

Join hands for a while.

Denis's guide is here.

He wishes to say there are three lines of power coming down to him. The vibrations are very fine. Electricity is coarse beside them. They are easy to break.

[To Denis.]

I am very proud of you. You walk on a muddy road, but you are picking your steps, and we are proud of the effort you are making.

You have been told of the work you will do when you cross. Your present inclinations are helping, and you are very happy when you come across at night.

You had a great game with Kingsley the other night. You did not want to come back.

We have no clock.

Love reaches us at all hours. A cry reaches me at all times.

Only say: "Pheneas, I want you."

You need sleep because you live in an atmosphere that tires the spirit. We live in the sunlight, and the vibrations are light, and the spirit is happy. We do not tire. We get rest sitting among the flowers.

[To Malcolm.]

You have a great work set apart for you to do; it is a beautiful work, and once a discussion took place as to who should do it. They named you. If you do it, it will bring you enormous advancement of soul.

What work is it?

You will get great advancement in the other world through it.

That work wants special qualities.

Where shall it be done?

In this world—soon—but you must be ready for it. You are in many ways equipped for it. It was decided ages ago. You should know this that you may not fail us now. You were sent here for it.

It is a big work.

You are in a training college for it at present. Your real life lies ahead.

Develop the capacity, the strength, the self-command needed for this work. Try all you can to get the needful qualities. Giving out, and lifting up others is essential.

Billie has a wonderful place over here, with animals running about. She has such a most wonderful—[here the light spoiled the vibrations]. She comes over here at night with that brown dog of hers.

I fear that you do not welcome me unless I have a bulging knapsack of news. But I like to come just to be with you, and with no news in my knapsack.

You are always very welcome.

Oh! but you want news always. You are like a fish—not a tarpon —no, a whale, always gaping for news.

Presently you will have all you want—and more. Now I am going to help in a dark, dark place. God bless you all.

The conditions are very good to-night. The Medium stands close behind me as I speak, so that we can join up in an instant.

What about Lady Isobel?

She is a very high soul. It is not chance that she has been brought into this matter. We arranged it so, for she also has great work to do in those wonderful times which lie ahead of its. We are glad about the articles in 'The Morning Post.' They will influence hundreds of thousands. I only heard of them to-day from one who arranges these things.


Yes, it was he. He is the one who influences the Press. Yes, he has instructed Northcliffe, and is helping him. He was twittering with joy. He arranged all this before you knew anything of it.

Yes, I could materialise, and I will, but you must let it come naturally.

Yes, you may give forth my teaching, and call it "Pheneas Speaks." But you must deal only with the teaching, and take my advice as to what you say. Remember that I am not ashes to be brushed off the end of the pen, but it is I who hold the pen.

I am going now to Kamchatka.

That is a long way.

But I will be there long before you are in your bed.

I will come and see the house with you. We want God's vibrations.


Yes — God's vibrations, not man's. Then we can always reach you. You will both come excursions with me when you come over. Yes, I hear what you say about doctors, and obsession.∗ We have a college working upon it. They will be glad to hear this news.

  • ∗ I had been reading Dr. Wickland's remarkable book Thirty Years Among The Dead. [Excellent Book — JHH]

As to the Future, it is so big a thing that you can't count it to an hour or a day or a month.

What about that Indian control of Mrs. Barkel's? He put the time back.

An insect crawling on the clock does not alter the time. It is God's time.

Then it is not altered?

No, it is not.

You have been like people toiling across a desert, not quite sure of your road. This is an oasis. There will be just one more oasis, and then you will have arrived.

The Medium knows. We work through her. You must not overtire. You must be guided. She is like the spike in the front of your shield.

The power is not strong to-night.

You will walk through the desert with more hope now you have had the oasis. One more, and then you will see what lies before you.∗

  • ∗ By the "oasis" he meant that more definite information about the world, which cannot yet be printed, came through than was usual.

Every man as he comes upon earth is like an unexposed cinema film. He has his picture to make. If he makes it as it was ordained, then all is well with him. If he spoils his picture then he has to go and mend it on a lower sphere of existence.

July 3rd, 1925

[The Medium had been telephoning about an overworked horse. Pheneas came through in great strength.]

It is right. You must protect them. These animals belong to God. Everything that moves—one leg, two legs, three legs, four legs —all are the children of God. It is for you to protect them. Give nothing—receive nothing. With all my soul I believe in God. God bless all my dear ones—my special family.

I have been to many places since I last spoke to you. Don't trouble about little things. Have faith and never doubt us, for we love you too much to allow any evil to come near you.

Now I want to tell you. A man is here who knew you many years ago. His name was Johnson. He was a patient of yours. You played bowls with him. He says that a nephew of his has been helped by what you have taught.

You are badly needing a lift-up. Faith in the desert when you are very hungry does not satisfy your hunger.

I think of using your Script.

Yes, it will show the people what is to be gained and what a personal Spirit Communion means in the home.

"Spirit Communications in a Home Circle." That is your sub-title.

[He tried to materialise, but failed. Says there is hope later.]

The noise troubles me. It is not possible to keep the circle of power together.

Would another medium help?

I will tell you later.

What about Hampshire?

Send me a call, and I will come. Oh! you know, it is quickening up between you and the spirit world.

I would like to sit with that big boy of yours. He would see me. He is very psychic. A bridge which will be used greatly.

He will be your right hand.

Fifty per cent is taken off from anyone's debt after death. God allows them that much—when they come over. So that if anyone suffers, it means that a heavy debt was owing.

God is so good—He is like a mother forgiving a child up to a point. So all humans have a great deal deducted from what they owe.

How long does it take for a man to wipe off sin?

It depends upon his mentality. If his mentality was proud, arrogant and self-satisfied, and the eyes of his soul were not open to see the ugly pattern of his actions upon other human lives on the earth plane, then he must wait until they are open—until his soul does realise, and does grieve over the black shadows which he has left instead of the sunshine, the golden light, which he should have left in the lives of those with whom God brought him in contact on earth.

Do you ever see Northcliffe?

I saw him once when he was brought up to our sphere to be shown something which would open his soul wider.

He has done good work. He will do much bigger very shortly.

At the proper time he will control, or influence three big papers.

He feels that had he trained his own papers in his lifetime they could not have gone back as they have done, so to that extent he is responsible. He knows it, and that is his punishment.

What of the others?

They are like tadpoles, neither one thing nor the other. Northcliffe is true to what his Maker made him—a man.

The evil forces are running about in every direction distracted. They know now that we have begun an invincible advance. All is going wonderfully well.

Presently we shall meet you and all your little group, as people are met at a station at the end of a journey.

Always test a spirit whether it be of God when my medium is being used. It is like taking a ticket at a gate, or else you get the riff-raff in.

Is there much riff-raff?

The air is thick with it. Think of the countless generations who have passed on.

Surely they have risen?

Many have never tried. That is why the earth is so evil—on account of the thick cloud the enormous aura of humans who surround the earth.

That is what is going to be cleared away.

How can a change do that?

The vibrations. They will sweep them off.

Where to?

Their right place.

Away from the earth?

A place where they will work out their own progression, but have not the power to damage any other human life.

The vibrations to-night are good to a point. The bridge has been sagging a little.

You should see to that.

Yes, indeed. It is the horrible old earth, with its noisome vibrations. And she works too hard. We can't help that, you see, we are not down there. But it will be all right.

[Pointing to the dog.] There are several over here, so jealous. They feel that she [Billie] belongs to them. But they have to progress like humans, and learn that love is always beautiful. They are jealous because you can't see them, and can see Paddy.∗

The Irish terrier.

Lord Northcliffe has come here to see you.

What about——?∗

  • ∗ A rich man recently dead, of whom we have sad reports.

Lord N. says it is true.

Why is be so unhappy?

Lord N. says it is because money was his main and only idea in life. It was a craze, and he gave no attention to helping humanity. What use is the cheque book in the other world? The money was a trust, and he did not live up to it.

Any message?

Kingsley is one of Lord's N's chief helpers.∗

  • ∗ In Mr. Hannen Swaffer's "Return Of Northcliffe," my son is mentioned as having helped Northcliffe, whom I knew slightly, on the other side.

He said so himself.

People have to tell the truth over here.

Dr. Ellis Powell helps also, I suppose?

My work only lies with you and the homeland. It is only when people come up to you that I know something.

The dear Medium is like Father Christmas—all weighed down with packets, large and small. We marvel at her. When she drops one she lifts another.

Teaching is what people want. They have had so little first—hand information. They hunger for knowledge as to where they are going, their destination, and that of their dear ones—and as to the power of God in a real human living sense upon the lives of humanity. They want to know the junction of life which, on one line, leads to destruction, or, on the other, to peace, to happiness, to the fulfilment of all the soul desires. Give them that, and the stars will shine on their souls, even if they do not in the sky—the stars of hope. It has been night, night, night, in many a soul that will come and listen to you on Sunday. Give them the dawn of hope.

We hold a conference to-morrow as to the condition of Italy.

Who are "we"?

Those who have been deputed to organise, control, guide, and prepare the world.

Shall I give some of this to the world?

If you gave it to the world too soon it would be sowing valuable seed on stony ground. It would be blown away and the stones would not receive it, for the mentality and the soul capacity of the human race are shrivelled up. Therefore, the ground must be shaken up to allow the beautiful soil underneath to come up, in which to sow the seeds of truth, of knowledge and of a great awakening.

I should like to tell you something. It is about the welfare of the savage races. That vibration strikes a very strange stratum.

Their ignorance is not always diabolical, but it is a sign of the utter failure of the 'educated' human race in propagating the spirit of Christ. If religion had been a real living vital thing, and the true teaching of Christ had prevailed, and His tender love was radiated out, it would have penetrated in a few hundred years to the darkest parts, whereas such a lamp of theological egotism and power and pride has been lighted amidst humanity that it has been blinded, and the spirit of love, of tenderness, which should have been spread abroad in the hearts of humanity has died like a plant that has been starved of water.

That is one of the pictures on the film which has got to be rubbed out by those who are responsible.

Think of the churches, the golden images, the jewels, the pomp and ceremonies—think of the lives wasted in vain worship If that money had been spent in working among backward races and winning their love and respect—not teaching dogmas—then in two or three generations these would have been loving, beautiful people instead of savages.

It is one of the greatest reflections upon the Churches which have gone in for show and pomp. Their day is done. They have to account now. Every item of the bill has to be rendered in full.

Christ's bitterest tears have been shed over the misrepresentation which has been made of Him. His understanding of human frailty, his tender, all- enveloping love, has been represented as if He were a great, and terrible judge giving sentence to a prisoner. His guiding Hand to happiness has been twisted by priest-craft till it pointed to Hell. The Church which prates of Him thus is His worst enemy. The accountant is now ready for the account and all must render one.

You humans know so little of what goes on outside your own vibrations. You are like men standing in a wood surrounded by very dark trees, which are obstructing the sky and the surrounding country, and everything that counts, and you judge the outside world from that point of view. Humans are like little ants who poke out of their holes sometimes and think they see everything from their ant heap. You would laugh at the conceited ant, and so we, from our higher position, realise the great limitations of human soul sight.

July 26th, 1925

[A.C.D had given an address.]

Pheneas said that the earth-bound spirits, a vast audience, of different spheres, were listening. The poor earth-bound people realised for the first time what their position was, and about Christ and His wonderful love, and so they are going upwards from to-night. They are happy, with a new heart for endeavour.

The spirits seen by some in the audience were not the earth-bound but higher spirits.∗

  • ∗ Several of the audience deposed to seeing luminous figures upon the platform.

I want nothing changed. It [the address] was as I wish it.

God bless you! I love you! You never ask about your home over here. You are a non-conductor.

If you could expand your soul and mental interest into the other world it would give you a new vitality. It is another vein of life which would give you generating power here. The Bridge likes it. I can get across information, and it reinforces her spirit, which reinforces our power.

But I am interested.

We need a natural eagerness. You can't sham interest. There is no use being near the bell. You must press it.

I will tell you many things about this Restland. Another time you shall have it.

August 24th, 1925

Pheneas came through, but the power was not strong. He said that man's soul was eight-sided in its qualities. He would not give the eight sides, but Tenderness was the chief one, and then came Sympathy, Love, Unselfishness, and Humility.

He said that there was a Mountain of Hope which was always visible from the grey spheres, and that the sight of it cheered up the dark souls.∗

  • ∗ I find mention of this mountain in Judge Edmund's vision of the lower spheres and also in the Rev. Vale Owen's Paul and Albert.

September 4th, 1925

A spirit, whom we thought to be Pheneas, came and gave us some disturbing messages about our approaching journey to France, saying that there would be an accident on the line, but we should not be injured. He asked whether we could not go by motor and seemed much worried in his mind.∗

  • ∗ There was an accident But not to our train.

While we were discussing this Pheneas himself broke in, saying that the other was only his forerunner and spoke without authority.

Nothing can go wrong with our messenger, and you are both one. I will be with you every inch of the way. All will be well, and you will come back safely to your loved ones.

He said that the Medium had the mother love which was the most akin to God's love of all the forms of love.

And that Mother was a most unselfish, beautiful and wonderful spirit, and now she was radiant—radiant.

Mother then came through in great beauty and strength saying that she wished to be near her dear one who had always been such a help and comfort to her in life.

She said that she would come again when we reassembled at the flat after Paris.

She spoke of coming changes.

May I tell anyone?

No. We speak here as one speaks in families We do not speak to Fleet Street, God will speak to Fleet Street.

Will the change affect the Bookshop?

The Bookshop! It should be big indeed to meet the demand upon it. It will be like a great flare in a peasoup mist.

How is it with Innes?

He is happy. But he is, not quite adjusted to our conditions yet. But he is happy. He lives with a man whom he knew and liked in earlier life and whose mind is in the same state of development as his own. No, I cannot give earth names.

Mother said that Pheneas was called "The Star of Hope" over there, and that they rejoiced when he came near their spheres for he left a trail of joy behind him.

Pheneas said he wanted to speak to me about the development of the soul and the higher conditions beyond.

He said that he was not at our meeting because he had to be in Arabia, but that we had some very strong spirit forces there who dissipated the evil forces which had meant mischief.

At present all the nations are like so many rooms with the blinds down. Soon the blinds will be up and frightened faces at the windows.

Tell the Medium that you will all go home in safety. We do not break our promises.

[During our very remarkable week of spiritual work in Paris we hardly heard from Pheneas On our return, he came and said how pleased he was that we were all together again.]

September 16th-17th, 1925

We thought you had left us.

I will not leave you until the end of eternity.

Do not act on your own too much. We are three, the Bridge, you, and I. When you get loose on your own we are like a cart where one trace is loose and one is fastened.

You are really like a wheel of the cart, and someone else is driving. You will be well looked after.

He then spoke beautifully to each of the boys, and said of my own efforts that even in the greyest spheres my words had penetrated and had brought comfort.

Have you no news?

Whale! Soon you will have news enough. But I like to come with an empty knapsack just to see my dear earth family.

About a week ago in the Malay Archipelago∗ there were some strange happenings. But these things do not find their way into the papers. There will be a disturbance in the valley of the Rhone.†

  • ∗ This became a centre of seismic activity soon after.
  • † This was the case in the autumn of 1926.

All is well. You are well protected.

September 28th, 1925

Pheneas speaks.

Ask! Ask! Why don't you ask?

Do you believe in God?

With all my heart. But ask. You throw yourself open to any imposter. Also hold the Medium's hand as she returns, as tight as the rope is held which binds a ship to the quay when it reaches port. Let there be no division between my leaving her and your holding on to her.

All is going splendidly. There are forces of which I can give you no conception—great forces of good which are contending with great forces of evil. But light will always defeat darkness. All is well. There are new vibrations being released from the depths of the collective human aura which will become a positive force, and as such will defeat the negative forces and will play a great part in the events to come.

I trust you absolutely.

That is what makes me so strong. The rope which connects us could not be strong if it were sagging at your end.

October 3rd, 1925

[Pheneas speaks.]

You travel [the Medium] such a lot at night. A sweet band of loved ones come—giving teaching that has been sent from a high centre of knowledge.

In your record my expressions should be used. I do not like paraphrases. I wish you to go and lecture in a place where they sorely need you.

My Medium has a vision of a little spot in your homeland. It was like a long front of steps which lead to a lake side. There is a silvery light over the steps and the trees meet overhead. Just a little vista.

She is worried because she thinks the idea of steps in the other world ridiculous.

The steps represent the ladder of life up to the homeland. It is symbolical. It is a spot that others will be taken to, to show them and to encourage them.

It is so hot!

When I come down here I get into the old stagnant atmosphere. I can hardly breathe.

Sometimes when I have been with you for long while and I go back to my beloved land I have to rest. Loving dear ones surround me and bring me renewed power—so great is the draw, as it were, upon my vitality.

For each time that I come and help and guide you my soul vibrates out greater strength to those I meet with.

Now dear, dear brother, I would give you word of advice. It is this. Relax your vibrations when I come and do not send out quivering antennae for information. Be like a soft wax plate on which I can write.

Talk in a general way and keep the vibrations going.

The call for your lecture will come. Let us direct you to it.

I don't think I ever failed you.

No, God bless you! Never.

No evil shall ever come to your home.

There will soon be a tremendous oblivion of all the teachings of the past. They will be like trees struck by lightning, green one moment, but brown the next, withered and dead. And then a lovely exquisite light appears which draws out the spark of life in what appeared to be brown and dead. And that spark grows and blossoms out into wonderful flowers full of the scent of love that is symbolical of what will happen to the world.

You know I would like to tell you of your travels in this world at night. You don't ask enough questions on such points. You must start the vibration down the cord. I can't be at both ends at once.

I want to explain. We have many messages, and the power is not strong, and it is like pulling a cord which wobbles and gives way.

I will tell you this—the vibrations are not always very strong —I like sometimes to talk about your home in the higher life. Keep as many lines as possible open.

Only those who would add to your happiness will be on the other side.

October 4th, 1925

We had a communication from another Spirit source which was not entirely in agreement with Pheneas.]

[Pheneas speaks.]

I love to be with you. For you are the stepping stones of my own spiritual advancement. Referring to our informant, he said: That is a good young man —a fine young man, but he is in a preparatory school. What would it be thought if a Professor of Oxford should be contradicted by one who was in a preparatory school. He has put his own advancement back by this.

He meant no harm.

He has done harm. Anyone who takes upon himself to give spirit information when he is in truth ignorant does harm, for he misleads and confuses the world.

What he has done is as if an ignorant man was to try to uproot a fine and rare plant, long tended and reared, so as to put a buttercup in its place.

[He then gave a beautiful and wonderful address to some spirits present, telling them to cease brooding over their failures, and to have confidence in the wonderful love of Christ which would help them if they would only look up.]

October 14th, 1925

I asked Pheneas whether I might go over in my sleep and bring back some remembrance of what I saw. He said he would ask leave. That night I had a very vivid dream. I found myself in an enormous city. It was built on rolling hills, and you could see it extending away to a great distance. I saw no end. Here and there were raised hills with large buildings on the top. At one time I had an impression of New York, and at another of Rome.

There was one very old ruined building which I saw very clearly. The road wound past it. This certainly was not New York.

I saw some rather fine isolated villas, rather like the kind of house you get in Edinburgh suburbs. I can remember no people at that point, but there were some very fine paintings on the wall.

I remember also being in a sort of club—a large room, finely built, with pictures. There were several men. I did not recognise them, but saw them so clearly that I would know them again. One was dressed as Romeo a gorgeous mediaeval dress. I remember joking him about it. His face was dull, heavy and rather sinister.

I had at the end a feeling of being, lost and of hurry. Altogether it was a very curious experience.

October 13th.

[A strange spirit came, We had some doubt about him, but finally allowed him to write.]

You are well guarded and guided. I only came because I might help you. If you were to go to a place where the vibrations are free from humanity, then it would increase your powers and therefore your message would be strengthened to the people.

I am one of those who love you and therefore I would greatly like to advise you in any way.

Pheneas does advise us.

He said I might come.

Do you know our other friend?

I know whom you mean. You have a world full of friends here.

Were you an Englishman?

Yes, I lived in the West Country.


Time is like a fleeting shadow over here.

Were you in the low spheres when you passed on?

I was very low, but I have come up through the agency of dear ones who loved me enough, to seek me in the dark. I am now with them in the light of God's smile, the golden light of love.

Are you happy now?

More so that I could ever express to you.

What was that town I saw in my dream?

It was what we call the probationary sphere.

My work over here at present is to report the progress made by a certain centre of activity.

What do they work at?

The way of truth—the opening of the eyes of humanity to what pertains to their future life. You do this yourselves.

We do what we can.

Did you live one hundred years ago?

Less, by far. Good-night, and thank you both for allowing me to come to your beloved home.

October 21st, 1925

[Pheneas came at night. He said:]

Many of us are eager that you should have some completely quiet place in which the Medium would have clearer vibrations.

If you were there you would also be impressed with a message, a volume, which would stir humanity very deeply.

I am the vibrant link between you and God.

You know I never will leave you. Forget that thought which has pressed into your brains.

The vibrations of love are the cause of God's universe, binding it together. There is much teaching waiting to be given to you for the human race—folios of it.

The light is better. Do not break the conditions.

Pheneas then said that he would like a room of his own—mauve colouring—in the cottage.∗

  • ∗ This was the cottage we had just bought in the New Forest.]

Power would vibrate out from such a room.

Do you remember that I told you that they had a Place for you. This is it. The world there is as God made it. We will bring volunteers to spring-clean its psychic atmosphere as soon as you arc ready for it. Also one or two beautiful guards. When you come down for refreshment of soul the battery will be filled. Sunshine is written over it—Soul's Sunshine. [pause] My power ran down. There is a crowd all pressing to come. The light is shining from this centre, beating up through the spheres of darkness into the sphere of light. Crowds gather at each shining stage, anxious, clamouring, beseeching, imploring admittance to the vein of light and life between spiritual humanity and the spirit world. And so when the pressure is great, my message becomes weakened. Do you understand? Great power, great help—

Oh, my God, I thank You for it! — is going out to these poor souls who clamour at the different stages of the lift of Life.

God bless the sleeping world — [it was midnight] — sleeping in darkness, in ignorance, in evil. God save it and uplift it. God bless all!

What about your own life on earth?

I do not care to talk of it much, for so long has passed and so much greater experience, that it is like looking with a telescope through the wrong end.

I carry the impression of much love and sorrow and trial.

The Churches, are now much exercised over the Spiritualist advance, and they are holding council what to do. Their present idea is to adopt it, but under some other form or name which will save their faces.

November 14th, 1925

[Pheneas came. The clock struck eleven.]

We have no horrible noises like that with us. Everything is sweet and musical.

They have the other sort in lower spheres, I presume?

No, no, they would welcome it there. It is deadly silent. And dark. The conditions are indeed terrible. There are many Ecclesiastics there. They are shown pictures of the lives of those whom they have influenced for evil by getting in the way of God's message. That is among their punishments.

You will help these poor people when you come over. Love is the ladder which leads down to the lowest hell. Pray for and pity those who are in trouble,

I am thinking of the poor fellows in that submarine.∗

  • ∗ A submarine had just sunk in the Channel.

Do not pity them. All is well with them. God has blessed them. God has welcomed them. It is for their poor loved ones that you may send out a wave of pity.

I fear it was a hard death.

No, no, it was not. There came very rapidly a psychic state, and all earth conditions were submerged. They are now through all their troubles. But God send balm to the wounded hearts of their people—the mother hearts who loved them!

[He then turned to the dark side of the room and gave a wonderful sermon to some, Spirits. The Medium's tears were pouring down her face, for she took on the grey conditions.]

Mother came earlier in the evening. She intimated that the difference of the spheres were differences of vibrations rather than of distance.

November 20th, 1925

[An artist guide came.]

Do you like our cottage?

Yes, it is wonderful. I should like to draw there. The vibrations are wonderful. I do wish you could see me and know how real I am. You will be able to see vast crowds of spirits in time. You have all the power undeveloped.

Things will be arranged for you as required by the spirit world.

You see, any troubles you have, have a purpose, though at the time it seems undiscoverable. Under every difficulty there is golden love and light —the germ of immortal happiness.

You have a man helping who is greatly honoured over here.

Try and get that name.

Names are extraordinary. They are like a bubble that is burst. You cannot get the parts together again, because they are not.

I see a very beautiful tower in the East which is near a famous well mentioned in the Bible, and that conveys the name of the helper who is round this beloved star of light.∗

  • ∗ We could make nothing of this.

We never want the wrong vibrations to come near us or our Channel. It is far more important than people realise yet, the good or evil of vibrations, which are attracted to all and everything they come near.

It will be a real pleasure to me to show you over my gallery. Every artist has one. Nothing is wasted. Each gift is as a gem from God, shining with its own particular light and colour, making up the vibratory cord of God which is an all-embracing power coining from the Divine Centre.

There will be a great cyclone in America before long.∗

  • ∗ Miami was destroyed, 1926.

December 20th, 1925

[We were sitting (tenth time) for the voice. Pheneas came.]

You will get phenomena. [This was so.] The mantle of power descends. The Medium is like the high pole of the wireless—without her your wires would all be on the ground.

Your similes are wonderful.

I have lived long. My brain has been sharpened.

Dr. Lamond is a great vibrant soul. Tell him from me that the long lane is near its turning.

You need not ask for miracles all the time. We cannot build a house with a few bricks. All we could do was to collect and store the bricks. The Medium is the brick factory.

Guard your health in view of the work soon to come upon you. God is descending upon mankind and upon all the strata of His creation.

I will tell you one little thing more—another picture.

Your home in the other world is ready for you. The human forces which are to make it a perfect creation have been selected. There is a round, small building in the grounds which is filled with exquisite coloured vibrations into which you go when you want soul's rejuvenation. It stands amid trees. There is a lovely terrace outside that home with flowers everywhere. Flowers and creepers are all round the home—and there is an oblong pond round which coloured birds will come to drink. It is quite close – opposite.

All is going well.

You are like travellers in the last few hours of a railway journey, who are weary, hungry, and dirty. The time seems very long. But you have just to reach the black tunnel ahead of you. Then you will run in to the most beautiful of all lands.

I suppose you see things in pictures?

I see them as one in an aeroplane would look down and see a train and the various stations which it would pass. The stations are the events which we foretell to you.

We wait for the day when we shall meet upon the threshold of infinite peace, progress and immortality. And the Crown of Life Immortal is peace.

January 10th, 1926

[A new spirit came.]

God bless you.

Then you believe in God?

I do. I did not, but I do since I have been in the lower grey spheres.

A friend of yours brought me here who has been very good to me.

His name is Raymond.



I can see the light shining through the gateway of life eternal.

The room is very dark.

Not as dark as it is here.

Are you in the city I saw?


It was grey.

Terribly grey.

Is it on rolling hills?

Inaccessible hills.

You will soon win out.

That is what Raymond tells me, too. He comes here from time to time.

January 26th, 1926

[Pheneas speaks.]

God bless you!

I turned off the lamp.

What a relief. The light hurts. It is like a weight.

Where have you been?

I have been very far away.

We felt that.

My connection with the earth plane was broken.

Not our fault, I hope.

It was like a snapped wire joined.

Love is always between us, but I have to have my material landing place, and that is effected by the vibrations that you two supply. I must have those right.

My bridge has been up—like your roads. I can't get across when it is up.

We have been much pre-occupied from Christmas.

You see my Medium knows, and she finds it difficult, because I want to say that impressions that we imprint on her are vital.

[He complained of the smell from the candle.]

We had sweet oil lamps in my day.

Don't let my roadway be blocked. The enemy is always at the gate. Keep a lookout like a man who watches at night lest a thief enter. Be wise.

Any word of dear Auntie?∗

  • ∗ This dear lady had died a week or two before.

I have a message for you both whom she loved.

It is this: She is so full of joy—so full thanks to God for His infinite goodness in bringing her to this wonderful world, and she begs me to tell you that she is happy beyond any human description. She implores me to say that in spite of her heart's fulfilment the bond of love, and of closeness to you and her beloved niece is greater, not less, and that she is going to petition that her work may be on this side of the veil, with the guidance, the protecting care, the home love over you all until you physically meet again in our lovely world.

Any word to——?

He would not understand. It is too sacred for an appeal to the mind of a human who has the blinds down to God's truth, or to knock at the door for admittance when the bolt is shot.

We have wept over her loss.

Every tear is a flower of love round her, and already a new garden of flowers has grown.

You see it is the amount of love within you which regulates the spiritual development on this side of the veil.

I want to keep very close for the next short lap of the way.

We will do all we can.

I don't want shut windows in my Medium. I want every window open – no shutters. So that I can come and give the message.

God bless all!

What about the direct voice? Do you approve?

I've been so very far off I do not know about your direct voice. I will find out and let you know.

You must be a better gate keeper. You must keep the bridge for the messengers of God only.

I don't want to go—it is so long since I have been. You are like a plant with the roots a little dry. I stay to put in sap. I will come again to do it soon. Then my beautiful plant will have many flowers, and humanity will feel and sense them. We must get the sap so that the flowers blossom.

It is a very muddy earth at present, and very hard for us to breathe in it. There is not much spiritual oxygen. I realise how deeply grateful we must be to you and your beloved one in the work that you are doing in so stifling an atmosphere.

There is no death. There is a lovely portal with "Welcome" written over it.

All is well. God bless you.

February 12th, 1926

[A friend came.]

God bless you! The vibrations are very thin at present.

Where is Auntie?

She is resting. But she was told that you were communicating, and sent you a message of her dear love. She wished me to say that she realised now how much she might have learned from you had she only responded upon this subject.

She is intensely happy. Love is everywhere round her. She has a home which is only a little way off. We can meet continually.

[Pheneas speaks.]

My dear Medium was not at all comfortable because others came to use her. She is not a main road, but a private way. These subtle human elements smother the connecting cord, and we have to bring great forces to check those evil vibrations which intervene between you and the beautiful spirit world.

God bless you.

A lantern has been lighted, and a wick has gone out. You must light the other. The light is dimmer than it should be.∗

  • ∗ This referred to the psychic bookshop.

May greater power descend upon you and those other lamps which are shining on the waters of tribulation.

But you do not always understand the ground on which you put your feet. I mean that you walk among vibrations that you are not aware of.

And now listen. You must remember that the signal that goes out from our representative is from our higher knowledge. When people pass by in gorgeous colours, but are black beneath, her eyes penetrate the outer covering.

February 15th, 1926

[Pheneas came in the dark, and could not be reported verbatim.]

He gave us a good deal of advice upon business matters, and made a prophecy and a promise. "Leave it to me. I will arrange everything."

[He did.]

I asked if the Cleophas script was that of which he spoke two years ago?

I have not been in close touch, but I think it is. I will make enquiry among the messengers of the outer circle, who have charge of such things. He said that he had been with a wonderful man in the East. The earth now is like a kaleidoscope. The same old pieces, but in different combination.

I will come soon with a special message about something you have to do.

Should I give forth the Northcliffe message?∗

  • ∗ A message of warning had come purporting to be from Lord Northcliffe.

When people are in the sunshine there is no use telling them to put on their mackintoshes. They will not listen. Wait until the first drops begin to fall.

The bridge which crosses the stream of death, should have six planks. They are Faith, Hope, Charity, Forgiveness, Kindness, and Humility. Everything is going on exactly as God would wish it.

I see this circle as light amid the dark, muddy colours of earth. Soon something very happy is coming to you all.

In this country?

I may not say.

Your sittings for the voice are each useful. When you make a wireless here you have to put up a pole, aerials, etc. It is the same with us.

When I come, each of your guides gives me an account of what goes on.

Do not worry at all about things, for you are very near the end of your tiresome stumbling road, and it clears soon, and all will then be easy, and you will live at your fullest.

It is ordained.

[Tommy came.∗]

  • ∗ A young officer killed in the war.

Do you like your home?

It is a paradise, not upon earth, but upon Heaven's foundations. No greyness enters that sphere. Kingsley and I are chums in the same teams. Lily has found her affinity.

[A new spirit came.]

Do you believe in God?

I believe in Him because I see His glory every minute of my life.

I am Holman. You knew me in South Africa. I was a lieutenant in a mounted corps.

Were you in our hospital?∗

  • ∗ I served in the Langman Hospital in the Boer war.

For one month, and you saved me. But not for long. I died of influenza. It was promotion for me. You have such a cloud of people round you that it is hard to distinguish them. Frank Holman. My home was in the North. An orphan.

Shall we get wireless with you?

A great discovery is shortly to be made in that direction. A machine is being made in secret. A bridge is being made.

[Another spirit. He hesitated to say he believed in God.]

I was a rotter upon earth, but I see now a little light before me. What it means I do not know. Perhaps it means there is a God, and in that case I do believe in Him.

Are you in a grey place?

Fearfully so.

[We spoke to him and consoled him.]

[Pheneas speaks.]

We have been very busy in Dalmatia to-day. All these preparations are like the scaffold poles one fixes up all round some building which one is erecting. I am going this afternoon to the Euphrates. We did not call it that of old. We had an Arab word for that land which meant "The Garden of Flowers."

March 25th, 1926

In a little time there will be a great discovery of an electric nature made by spirit power by a man who knows nothing of electricity. It will mean seeing and hearing by means of electricity.

This spiritual knowledge is coming into your world in little rills all from a source which is inexhaustible. Soon these rills will unite and form pools and lakes, which will submerge everything. Conditions are mixed to-night. There have been workmen and others in this room who have mixed the atmosphere.

You must understand the difficulties. Electricity is as coarse as lead compared to these fine psychic vibrations.

All is well. There is a very great man on our side who will inspire you at your address to-morrow.

Humanity will soon be staggered at the enormous power shown from on high. The result will be to lower all the bridges of thought in the direction of the spirit world. You Spiritualists will have to get busy, all of you, in helping to lower those bridges, and giving the tickets of entrance to those who would pass over to a greater conception of faith, thought, and knowledge.

A gardener in a conservatory, when he sees a life-killing fly destroying the plants that he lovingly cultured and tended, will spray those plants with an anti-death toxin. So will the great Gardener when He sees His beloved flowers being destroyed by noxious growths. God bless you!

Let your mind be very open to us—to our directions—in the next twenty-four hours. Don't shut the doors and windows. Let us in. Don't get it too tight. You understand.

April 10th, 1926

[Pheneas came — begged us to be very careful that no one personate him.]

Put a double lock on the door.

Your lectures of the last week have roused up several who will be captains and leaders in the future.

It is very important that I keep the line open now. It will be so important soon.

Now I go to the Hebrides. There is a development of power which will eventually show itself there. I am being shown it because I am one of those who are in touch with the central wells of power.

Why don't you test me?

You are rather like a ticket collector who never takes the tickets.

Do you believe in God?

With all I am I believe in Him.

My Medium has been made clairaudient to our powers lately. The veils of sound are being lifted between us and her.

It will not be long before you see my face. You have seen it many times at night. You know me well. It is always blotted out when you return to the earth plane.

What a pity!

Because all that comes to you on the earth plane is so vital that you must have no after glow around your daily life. It must be free of the vibrations of the spirit world, so that you can concentrate your human energy entirely upon what you have daily to perform upon the earth plane for God, humanity and the various spheres.

Mark that last! You are not only preaching to the very narrow earth stratum, but to the intermediary ones all the time, every day. Your work is repeated through each stratum unseen by you of those who crowd to listen, and to learn.

I'll tell you something. It is like this. Take it all down. I don't like telegraphic forms. I want to talk to the heart of men, not dot, dot, dash.

All is well. Wherever there is a shadow there is sunshine ahead. All is well. On entering into the spirit world there will be a wonderful golden pathway of love, of sweetness, of joy indescribable, and of lightness of soul, for her and for all those whom she harbours within her heart – for what she has done for your mission, and for those dark shadows of humans who have crossed her path, for the arms that have held up, for the heart' that has loved, for the soul that has gone out to all those creatures of suffering.

[The Medium partly regained consciousness, but Pheneas again took control.]

The forces of God are descending rapidly upon the world, and they are encompassing it. Then will come the conflict between black and white, but white, as always, will win.

Those in the movement are being judged one by one.

[Here the Medium went through the action of picking up one after the other, some replaced, some thrown down.]

April 26th, 1926

[Denis present. Pheneas speaks.]

This Medium is concerned about her piccaninny getting cold. Light the fire.

Am I "de trop"?

No, indeed.

They say you [Denis] must try to develop on a very high sphere in a way that will be given you, because there is going to be an upliftment of psychic force in your direction which will have most beneficial results upon you in every way. Give us the key-note. We look to you. We watch you. Tender loving eyes are on you.

He volunteered for work upon the earth plane. He was told before he left that wonderful sphere the road would be rough, that the rocks would cut his feet—the difficulties of life. He answered "The Glory of Christ reigns in my soul and my heart and my being. I have courage. I can succeed." And Christ's blessing was on him as he left the spirit world, and the Angel forces blessed him as he passed on to the earth that needed him. Soon the call will come. The memories, dim memories, of the life immortal, linger at the back of his soul, with the blind down—a Venetian blind, as you would say, which lets the light in.

What form will the call take?

It is like the tuning up of wireless, and then the inspiration can come through. If it is switched on to earth only earth can come.

What about the work?

He has work to do with the regeneration of certain souls that walk, as it were, on a tight wire, balanced. He is to meet those people, and by his own influence he will pull them up and keep them from falling into the abyss. Those people will in turn do enormous work, and all on account of his help to them. Great will he the glory—the glory of life immortal, Love is joy, Love is Happiness. Love vibrates out in all directions.

You are put a little through the fire so that you may make the effort —and you make it, mark you.—It is ordained. Trim your wick a little, and soon the wick will not require trimming.

All is well with you. All is beautiful. All is holy. All is as it should be. Tremendous power will descend from wonderful sources to you before long, which will bring a light, a happiness, an upliftment, a joy past all understanding. I mean the beautiful life which is to emanate from Him to those around him, and which will react on him in a way which will fill his very being with happiness which he has never imagined.

In the next world?

No, here, and there also.

Do not pity the so-called dead. They are the lucky people. If you saw a place that had been stricken with disease, would you say "poor people," because they were going to a land where there was no suffering? Where all had enough and more than enough, and where joy filled the heart instead of sorrow. You would say "lucky people." So it is with those who have given out kindness and unselfishness and who have tried their best in doing their every-day work in the earth plane. That is the flower of religion.

We don't have meat here. We love all living creatures because God made them, and He loves all that He has created, for in each there is a spark of God, and that is love—for their mates, their little ones, for something. I get troubled when I see the creatures sacrificed to the appetite of man. But their days are numbered. Comparatively few more will be sacrificed, because in the new world humanity will have awakened to the sense of the enormity of the action which they take when they absorb a life that God has not done with—I mean when they kill creatures to fill their own bodies.∗

  • ∗ We are none of us vegetarians.

Your hearts are full of love for the animal world, and you will be glad at the memory that you had sympathy on the dark earth plane. We see the difficulties of dietetic change—soon you start a new era—you begin life instead of existence. Now you come up to the top story when, for the first time, you will see things as they are. Humanity will be like the worms when they come up to the surface.

You have wandered away.

I have my own way of getting at my subject.

We will do what we can. I can't promise anything.

When I come and manifest, I bring a communicating cord with me so that the power I use from you is replenished at night by a revitalising spiritual and physical power, so you are the gainer.

The balance is always in your favour when I use you, you are the gainer.

I uplift the soul and strength of the Medium when I come. I build up the vital force to carry on in the path she treads, carrying the banner of light, and holding out the hand to those who need it, on the little path of life that is left.

May your circle all realise the Angel world that surrounds and envelops them. May they realise the blessings that come from it and ever look upwards.

[Another came.]

I am your guide [the Medium's]. I believe in God with all my soul. All that I am, all that I ever shall be, is founded and created by Him.

I am Julius — yes, her guide.

God bless you, my dear one.

What about the future?

I leave all that to Pheneas. It is his province.

You will do an enormous work in that dear home in the Forest. It will have most far-reaching effects.

We are eager now that you should get there.

Where is dear Pheneas?

He is in the darker spheres, suppressing evil forces.

It is intermediate, between the lower spheres and this earth.

He was most anxious that I should come in his stead.

[Another came.]

I never knew you on earth, but I love you both very much.


Because you have shown me the light.

Who are you?

I was a Norwegian.

How long dead?

A century.

Were you in the dark?

Yes, I was a materialist.

And are you happy now?

I am a well-spring of joy.

Were you an artist?

I was a singer—first a doctor, until I found I had a paying voice.

I was at your Leeds lecture. There was a crowd of us. We all came away new men.

May 8th, 1926

[Pheneas spoke of the strike.]

He said: England is our chosen land. We are lighting a light there, but when you light a light you get smoke from the wick. This is the little smoke, but it will soon clear, and then you will get the light.

The world is very black, but East and West there is more attention to the ideas which you have preached, and that will be a help to them in the days to come.

The world will now come out of the kindergarten and into the grade one class. This fourth dimension which is spoken of so mysteriously, is only one more step in the ladder of evolution.

May I ask a question?


Do I understand that when the climax comes, some folk will pass over spontaneously, and a large number will carry on, and the rubbish all be destroyed?

That is correct. Ask me more if you like.

If we pass on spontaneously and our bodies lie behind, how does it differ from death?

It will come when your psychic senses are open, and you can see us around you. You will drop your body as a man with many coats might drop one without knowing.

When you look back and see the old worn coat, and find you are in a better one, you will not regret it.

Will many other Spiritualists pass on?

Yes, many.

[There followed prophecies as to the fate of individuals.]

We must have another meeting soon. We have some important orders from on high for you.

Could you give them now?

Across them is written — "the time is not yet come." When that writing disappears we will give them.

He then spoke of our home in the spirit land. Built by loving hands and loving hearts.

[A very clear and remarkable sitting.]

May 16th, 1926

Pheneas said that he would presently send a healer to give us both more strength. He was a very sweet soul. He was studying the root of all diseases so that microbes might be extirpated in the new earth world. He had been taken by my mother and others recently to see our beautiful home. The scent of the flowers was a living thing, for those flowers represented help that we had given to various people in life.

I will come soon in the flat. I will not come in the cottage until you are alone there.

Several of the opponents of the movement are beginning to feel very uncomfortable about their position.

We address unseen mortals here, those who ruined their opportunities on earth—would not see or hear—who turned a deaf ear to humanity's cry for help—and now their hearts are full of bitterness, the bitterness of regret. They have come to this bright home like drowning souls clinging to any plank of hope. Now I would tell you a little thing about your home. The little whales like it.

Give me more air. Air has many vibrations which come from nature, and so some is vital, and some all dried up. Open the window. Things are going wonderfully well in the East—far better than we had contemplated. There is also a strong vein of power being created in the Eastern hemisphere, which will greatly affect Central Europe in an unexpected way.

For good?

All is for good eventually. It is being created by our side against the evil forces prevailing in that part.

The rubbish heap is ready for them. The world is in the state of a honeycomb. The holes are filled in some places, and seem solid, but there is nothing at the back of them, and when the pressure is put they all collapse. My power runs low. I wanted to come on the eve of your birthday.

I'll come soon again.

Why do we get so few messages about the future?

They have been told by the higher powers that it will be better for them now to leave what they have told you to sink into your minds. Do not be afraid that they have deserted you. That is out of the question. Whenever you need their help in any way just call to them, and they will be there.

And you?

Always until the end, or rather the beginning of life eternal.

June 26th, 1926

I should like to say, don't think I am not with you because I don't come often. The reason is that there is great pressure over here at this moment, and we depute our representative to guard and watch over those who we are intimately responsible for, and when the need comes for our presence, they signal and we come, So our line is always in touch with your conditions.

The whale has been hungry. There are tid-bits for the whale.

I could do with more.

I have a sack-load, but the time of delivery is not yet.

All is as God has planned it.

There are tunnels, but you come out into the sun.

Only a wee while, and the door will open into a world so sunny and beautiful that you will almost be blinded by it. It is Life written in big letters. The other, the prelude written in grey.

It is all right. It is all right. Our bridge is the link over which much valuable traffic must cross. Therefore we look after our bridge, and angelic power shall be felt, to revitalise the vein of life, which is thin at present.

All God's blessings surround you, and make you realise that the day is at hand when we shall all meet and say "God be with you."

You will put the nasty old journey away into the background when you arrive home.

August 5th, 1926

[Pheneas, after a long absence, came through for a short time. He said that the Medium had been busy and this had hindered him.]

How is everything?


I shall come soon for a long talk. I have an invisible room in this house where my helpers always are, and I will come sometimes, and give you all strength. I have more than a knapsack of news for you. I have a whole cart full. This Forest home was marked down for you as long as twenty years ago.

August 16th, 1926

[We waited in vain. Finally someone came.]

Do you believe in God?

I do. Upon my word I do.

Why do you come?

Because I wanted to.

What brought you here?

Your light.

Can we help you?

Many thanks for the kind wish. Not at present.

Are you happy?

Very — now. I only came to say "God bless you."

Do you know Pheneas?


August 17th, 1926

[Pheneas speaks.]

I am here. I do believe in God, my Maker, my Inspirer, all that I am, all that I shall ever be. God guard and bless you, my two dear ones. Your thoughts reached me far away. I came at once. I knew I was needed. His Angels' wings surround you with all power. Fear not. All is well. Great care is round you.

We always know the conditions prevailing on earth.

The time is approaching when the flood gates will be opened to spirit power, for God's message to descend to a very troubled earth.

You have not long to wait, even from your point of view.

I shall very soon want you to take down a message in cipher for me, which will be very evidential.

There is a man coming into your life who will be a tremendous aid to you in many ways.

[Later Pheneas came again with cheerful words.]

All is well, he repeated, but would give nothing definite. He said he was needed at once at a place where the dark forces were in growing strength.

You can pack up your things. It won't be very long now. The Medium does not want to be bothered by any more boxes. But it will be easy now. Spirit robes don't crush.

Friday, August 27th, 1926

[At last Pheneas came back in full force. He began by writing.]

God bless you, my dear ones. I will tell you something. It is this. When I was a child I had a horror of God, because I was taught to fear Him. Then I passed through the river of Life, and I saw all the rocks of religion, which were marked "God," and I hated Him. Then I came here, and I saw the love of God prevailing everywhere, the glorious happiness radiating out through that love, and then I knew God's love, and I realised that the Theological wolves in sheep's clothing had deliberately led me down the by paths away from Him, and His tenderness. Arthur, will you tell the world people this, that on earth at this time there is a force which will transform the earth. That there will be an upheaval [a change] of unprecedented force which will transfigure the earth's surface, so that it will be as God originally intended it to be.

[Pheneas then began to speak.]

You should be more careful in testing who comes to you. You should first ask. "Do you believe in God?" And then ask: "Are you Pheneas?" Remembering what is said in the Bible. Test the Spirits.

I will be more careful.

I have told you this before. It is very important. You expose the Medium to harm.

I would not do that.

It is good to be here.

We feared you had left us.

Never. You need never fear that. But am like a captain who has to visit the ramparts continually, though he can always be recalled. Do not ask too many questions. Let me give my own message else you make my landing stage more bumpy than it needs to be.

This house is splendid, and the place wonderful. We have got it now as we want it. The great trees of this Forest∗ shed out a power, an aura, which man has not yet recognised.

  • ∗ We were in our forest cottage.

A beneficent power?

Yes, entirely so. You will get a fountain of power built up in this house which will affect everyone of you, and strengthen your spiritual powers and vibrations.

How are things going?

All is well. The dark forces have set a movement going in order to check God's power, which they see approaching the earth. They will fail.

These forces are evil, and must go. You will be approached soon by letter by another, who will claim to be a Spiritualist, but who plots evil. Be on your guard. We have our eye on him.

There will come much good from a spirit source, a medium, who has been regarded with some suspicion.

Tell the Medium when she wakes that the matter she is wondering about will be all right.

I will tell her.

She will be wonderful. She has God's great work to do. Tear-dimmed eyes will look up at her, and they will lighten in joy as they see the power that God has given her. So long as she uses those powers no harm can touch any of you.

What shall I do about the book I am preparing on your teaching?∗

  • ∗ The present volume.

We shall always let you know (through) the Medium.

Very good. It is delicate work.

You will be instructed. Much must be withheld, for the world is not ready yet. I shall come back soon, for I have a message for someone near here, who needs it badly.

May God's blessing rest upon you all in this house, and upon all whom you love.

September 1st, 1926

[Children present.]

It is I, Innes. We shall soon be very close.

Have you news of the future?

We in our sphere are never told what to happen in detail and time. We only have a general knowledge. Never press matters. Let things come about naturally. Do not be ahead of the coach. Be on it.

We should like you to observe the following directions

1. To be ready in health.

2. To be ready in knowledge, accumulated.

Then we would have you understand this, that you must all realise that at present there is a very vital force surrounding you all, to determine which is capable and worthy of the work Christ may send to your group to do. This is the testing time. You are all unconsciously putting on your armour now. Be ready. In God's name, in Christ's name, be ready. Do not wait till the bugle sounds from on high. Then it will be too late.

Be prepared. In all our names we beg, we implore you to do this, for upon your present efforts our great united meeting depends. Do not fail. All else is as the sands of the sea, unseen, unknown, of a great uselessness. We are tremendously excited, and hopeful, and our hearts reverberate at the thought of the great assembly of all our beloved ones. God is in His Heaven, and all is well. Never fear, however the dark clouds of opposition surround you. The circle is God-sent, God-preserved. God be with you all, my dear earth people.

[Pheneas speaks.]

I do, God bless you, I do.

I have seen His glory.

I am your guide.

Have you been with me long?

Yes, for many years, watching your development along the line ordained.

Do you like this house?

We have found it for you. It is the ideal place for much power to be transmitted through it. It will be a receiving station for much knowledge.

God bless you in all peace.

September 17th, 1926

[Children present. Pheneas speaks. After the usual tests.]

Was that message right about a delay?

Yes, in a way it was right.

But all is well.

I will come soon and tell more.

You seem to have left us.

You have this idea of your book in your mind, and it blocks me. We are like two people meeting on a plank. One or other has to give away.

Well, it is your book, not mine.

You have been the pen. I, the writer.

Exactly, but I have to arrange all about when to publish and so on.

It will all arrange itself. Wait until it is really needed. I will read it and let you know.

But it takes three months in the press.

Well, you could have it printed, and then hold back the edition.

Very good, I will do so.

Do not trouble. All will be easy.

If you make the sign of the cross on your foreheads when you lie down to sleep you help the good spirits.

You seem to have some very R.C. ideas.

Yes, they know the signs, but not always the spirit.

[He then gave Denis some advice.]

Why do we get nothing at our voice sittings?

It is not yet ready. You can't get an apple dumpling till you have the apples. You might say that we have the crust ready now.

September 28th, 1926

It is like this. When the vibrations are low, then you tighten them up by another cord which is created by the earth's vibrations. Some day I will tell you how to get the most sensitive vibration on earth, so that we can almost see each other.

We thought you had gone. We have been lonely.

Do not ever feel lonely, for I am always within call.

I wonder if a Dictaphone would not be desirable to save you writing.

I will consider that.

As to my absence you must realise that it is difficult sometimes for me to penetrate the barrier which gathers round you. In this place there was an entity who was a very strong materialist when on earth. He brought others of the same sort to foregather in his old home. We have now banished him to his right place. We wanted a battery of human power here to release those who had originally owned the spot. We have the right vibrations now.

We have also entire control of the Forest House—entire control. It is what your very practical wife would call 'spring-cleaned.' God's mark is in every room.

Our sentinels are replenished with power—I mean our leafy sentinels. Those who protect Nature in our sphere have been busy spring- cleaning them also.

You have had long sight by which you can visualise the Coming Country towards which you and humanity have been walking. You have told them, and they have jeered, because they could only see the stones at their feet. But many are looking up now, and can see dimly an outline, and these are handing on what they see. Before long they will see what is now the horizon close up, and will acclaim you.

I want no acclaiming.

My power is running down.

I wish you to throw out your vibrations to the Homeland, as it makes a double cord. You must take a real interest in your future home. Otherwise those preparing it lose heart.

I do take interest, but I am very busy here.

September 29th, 1926

[In the evening Pheneas's guard spoke to us. He then seems to have called Pheneas, who came very cheerily. After the usual password, he said:]

I now can come down with great ease. You have made me a good landing place. This whole forest may be called our landing place upon earth, an unspotted place. You cannot think how I am pulled to pieces by human vibrations when I have to come to you amid crowds.

We look on you as a standard for our aerial. That standard must be plumb. It must be held up by supports. These are humility, bravery, knowledge, tenderness, open-mindedness. If the standard is out of plumb our message won't get through.

I have a room in this house. From the window I look out on the great tree sentinels.

We are greatly honoured.

You must think more of what we are doing for you in our home.

How can I, with so much before us?

All is going on well—more than well.

All beautiful things down to the smallest berry or flower are from God, and act as God's servant.

There is one here who was earnest and good in life, but now that he has passed over he realises that he really missed everything. He is horrified to find it so, and his one desire now is to make good by helping you. He has attached himself to your forces.

Yes, get a Dictaphone. Use it for all purposes. For above all, it is needful to get an exact record of what we say when we consider its importance in the days to come.

October 10th, 1926

God bless you. I wanted to come to-night especially,

Yes, I believe in God, because I have seen, His glory. No, I am not Pheneas. I am an Arabian. I go with him always to the East.

Any news of the future?

Only this. That we are very expectant.

[Another spirit came.]

Are you happy over there?

I am, and have been for some time since my dear wife came over here, and helped me to join her.

Did we know your wife?

No, but you helped her greatly when she was distressed over my passing, so I have come to thank you and bless you with all my heart.

Perhaps you can help our children.

I will do all I can with all my heart.

[Pheneas came.]

I will try to write direct. It is strange for me to write. When I was on earth we used to write through pieces of leafy stuff. This is quite different.

[The writing became very rough.]

You know that I am coming with you all the way until we meet at last in the great beyond.

[Pheneas then began to talk. He said that the conditions were always very thin because I would not show interest enough in the other world, but only in the future of this world.]

Seeing that I was rather hurt by what seemed to me to be unnecessary criticism, Pheneas came back and spoke very beautifully. He said he was very eager to get through some teaching about the spheres which had never before been given to humanity. It was this which he was anxious to give me.

[Further messages carry down to November 16. He said:]

If trouble comes it is not a case of 'poor people.' Those who are even a little good will come into what is a little better. As to those who have misled others and stood in the way of God's light they will be removed. There is no one, however humble, who has not a special guidance from above, one little ray shooting down to him, and to all living things, from the centre of love. No one is neglected. There is a glowing cord of love.

All these disturbances of Nature are like the sirens which in your world would summon the workmen to their work.

November 26th, 1926

[A spirit came.]

Do you believe in God?

I do, because ever since I came to this wonderful world I have seen His love everywhere. I am an Arabian.

A friend of Pheneas?

Yes, his cousin. Pheneas has a great band round him.

Did you also live at Ur?

No, I lived many miles apart from him.

Was he a King or Chief?

He was a leader among the people, respected and beloved.

Was he a warrior?

He won a great battle against odds. That was what first drew the people's attention to him. Then it was his glorious character. Humanity lives in a closed box at present, knowing nothing of the great spirit world outside, so full of radiant vibrations.

What shall we call you?

You can call me Josephus.

These are Eastern, but hardly Arab names.

We care nothing for our old earth names.

I suppose it is thousands of years since your earth life.

Time is as a puff of wind over here. It is not. Your own time will very soon be the same.

[Pheneas came.]

Have you any message?

Just this. It is the great fight of good against evil. What we want is not that folks should be frightened, but that they should begin to change themselves and to develop on more spiritual lines. We are not trying to make people nervous but to prepare them while there is time. The world could not go on as it has done. It would destroy itself if it did.

For the sake of unborn generations a new right understanding of God, the great, tender Father of all, must be given to humanity, and the old theological misconceptions of God as a judge must be swept away. Love, not fear, must reign in each heart. Humanity must know the kind of existence they will lead in the lower greyer spheres if their lives are selfish and evil in the earth plane. Knowledge of where a man's actions are leading him will help and inspire him to live at his highest and what to avoid. The knowledge of the real and human happiness in the higher worlds ahead will give a man courage in facing sorrows and difficulties on this earth. The hope and joy of great happiness and the fulfilment of all his heart's ideals will make life here so much easier to bear and so much more radiant. When beloved ones have their promotion to the Higher life, Death will have lost all its sting, all its tragic sorrow, when those left on earth know that through infinite love and goodness of God a bridge of communication has been made and that dear ones have not been cut off, but can still make their presence known and can help and guide and influence by their newly gained knowledge of the Higher life. Humanity's tears will thus be dried and a new hope and anticipation of a greater life will inspire men and women to greater love and understanding of each other and to Him, the great Father of every thing. The world will then be as He meant it to be. The shadows will flee away and God's love will radiate through all.

Those who have stood in the way of God's truth are being swept aside. Soon, very soon, the light will be seen in the sky, God's untainted sky, and great will be the fear. Great also the rejoicing of those who have kept their lamps burning against the coming of the bridegroom. Tell the people this that they will be for forced to realise God and life immortal. The autumn leaves of the world's history have fallen, the winter frosts are approaching; Then the dawn; Then the spring of eternity. And above all, then the sunshine of love—God—Just that, God!

A Last Word

I would now add one or two comments upon the teaching of Pheneas.

First of all, I would ask any Roman Catholic or Plymouth Brother or Bible student, or other ultra-orthodox critics whether any traces of diabolical origin can be seen in the teachings or influences of Pheneas I would also ask agnostic critics whether the script bears out their oft repeated assertion that nothing but rubbish comes through. Finally, I would beg those who accuse Spiritualists and Spirits of being inimical to Jesus of Nazareth, whether the conception of the Cosmic Christ, and of Him as being one of the representatives of it, does not make His wonderful career and influence more intelligible and more universal. This view of the matter, with Pheneas's assertion that the same or a similar great Spirit is about to manifest itself once more in the world's history, is a matter which is utterly foreign to our own minds. So, too, is that conception of coming events which is dimly outlined here—the time has not yet come for fuller detail—and which has been corroborated by not less than a hundred independent communications from all parts of the world. To speak of such revelations as coming from our own sub-conscious minds is a mere playing with words, since we are at once faced with the question as to what inspires the sub-conscious mind with such definite information and original ideas.

No sub-conscious theory touches the fact that so much correct information has come through which was beyond our knowledge.

Let me sum up in a short epitome the teaching which we have received under the general guidance of Pheneas, supported, as will be seen, by many other less exalted beings. His whole message breathes intense reverence for the Christ Spirit, which he realises as a sort of spiritual prism which focuses the Divine rays upon the world. He proclaims that the world must prepare itself for great changes, physical and spiritual, all leading to a higher level of human existence, which would seem, so far as we can trace it, to imply a more equal distribution of wealth, greater simplicity of life, far greater humanity both to fellow creatures and to animals, abstinence from flesh diet, and the end of all dogmatic religions, forms, and rituals, inspiration coming direct from constant contact with the spirit world, so that the two spheres will act in close harmony and cooperation. Such is the future as Pheneas foresees it.

As to the general tendency of the teaching, the removal of the fear of death, the mitigation of sorrow on the death of others, the addition of knowledge upon vital subjects, the increased reality of our spiritual life, the help and beauty of this angelic contact—all this must be left to the discernment of the reader.

A small meeting was held at our flat on Feb. 8th, when a few friends were taken into our confidence over the Pheneas revelations. From this meeting Mrs. St. Clair Stobart went straight to a séance which she had fixed with the well known medium Mrs. Barkel, at the Psychic College. Pheneas at once came through to her, said that he had come on account of a meeting just held, and that he wished to confirm all that I had said. He added that "it∗ could be averted if people would become more spiritual."

  • ∗ Second world war? J.H.H.

This message from Pheneas is entirely independent of us, for no one at Psychic College knew of our meeting nor was there time for anyone to have carried news of it. It was a definite proof that Pheneas is an independent entity and a powerful confirmation of the weighty messages and warnings which he has given to the world.


Whilst this book was in the press two great disturbances were reported from Dalmatia and Kamchatka. Both these out-of-the-way places have been mentioned in the Script as centres of coming trouble.