Portsmouth v. Southampton

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Portsmouth v. Southampton is a cricket result published in the The Hampshire Independent on 15 june 1889.

The result was a draw.

Portsmouth v. Southampton

Hampshire Telegraph and Sussex Chronicle (15 june 1889, p. 8)

This match, in the first round in the competition for the Hants County Challenge Cup, took place to-day at the Hilsea Ground, and the home team won the toss and batted first. At the luncheon interval, at two o'clock, the "telegraph" stood at 160 for the loss of six wicket. With the score in this state at four o'clock, the home team declares their innings at an end, and the Southampton men commenced their innings, batting with Young and Wild. The first wicket fell for 6, 2 for 7, 3 for 37, 4 for 45, and 5 for 61. Pinnick and Foxwell so improved the condition, that 100 went up at ten minutes before six. The finish was most exciting, as though the match was prolonged until seven o'clock (half-an-hour after the usual time) the careful play of Foxwell and Bishop brought about a draw, their successful endeavour being to keep their wickets up rather than obtain runs. The score was as under:—

PORTSMOUTH.Dr. Doyle, c Pinnock, b Rufell, 40; Smith, b Ruffell, 12; H. A. Hornby, c Gubbins, b Young, 65; F. C. Jeffkins, c Ruffell, b Batchelor, 10; L. G. Bonham-Carter, b Ruffell, 14; E. H. Andrews, b Young, 1; Captain Lipscomb, c Young, b Webb, 12; H. Macdonald, not out, 38; Dr. Hind, b Read, 26; Rev. F. C. Stebbing, not out, 12; L. G. Allan, did not bat, 0; extras, 26; total, 276.

SOUTHAMPTON. — T. Wild, b Hornby, 16; Young, c Andrews, b Hinde, 5; R. Ruffell, b Hinde, 1; E. Annett, c Jeffkins, b Hinde, 10; M. Batchelor, b Hinde, 8; G. Pinnick, b Hornby, 33; J. Foxwell, not out, 46; W. J. Gubbins, b Hinde, 5; G. Read, b Hornby, 7; J. Bishop, not out, 19; extras, 20; total, 170.


Portsmouth — First innings.

Ovrs. Mdns. Runs Wkts.
Young 30 7 41 2
Ruffell 27 5 85 3
Annett 8 3 17 0
Webb 9 1 18 1
Foxwell 6 0 26 0
M. Batchelor 6 0 27 1
Read 4 1 16 1

Young and Foxwell each bowled two wides.

The bowling for Portsmouth was performed by Hinde, Hornby, Jeffkins, Doyle, Stebbing, and Smith.