Postcard to H. S. Hodges (11 january 1920)

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Postcard (verso)
Postcard (recto)

This postcard was written by Arthur Conan Doyle on 11 january 1920 from Windlesham, Crowborough, to H. S. Hodges of the Western Chronicle, Yeovil, UK.


Dear Sir

The article seems to be the usual ignorant abuse. What is this gentleman's opinion worth compared to that of Lodge, Crookes, Lombroso and Flammarion, to mention four only out of an army of expert investigators. And what is the use of challenging me to show things which I have already written two books: "The New Revelation" and the "Vital Message" to show. The mere use of the word 'spooks' for the spirits of our beloved dead is offensive and odious.

A. Conan Doyle